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Prince George's Week with Granny

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Where in the world is little Prince George? That has been the question since his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, were spotted arriving in the Maldives for a a romantic get-away at a very exclusive island resort. First of all, we knew he wasn't with them because not a single report from the locals mentioned him. It was all, "William and Kate, William and Kate." If George had been there, he probably would have been the headline. So, right off the bat, it was fairly apparent that le petit prince did not get to go away on holiday. Again, it makes sense. He is 7 1/2 months old now, and although it is a big first for Kate to be separated from him for so long, she is probably not entirely adverse to a little quiet time with William--no interruptions allowed.

Carole and Mike Middleton Arrive at the Lindo Wing to See Baby George
It didn't take a rocket scientist, either, to hypothesize who might have charge of the most prized little royal on the planet. Given Kate's close, close connection with her family, and how tightly she has guarded her first-born, the only conclusion was that Kate left George with Carole and Mike. 

The Manor--the Middletons' Home in Bucklebury
The only final question would be, did George travel to Berkshire to stay with Granny, or did Granny come into London to watch George at Kensington Palace? Again, I think a little common sense here makes the choice fairly obvious: Berkshire.

Photos listed of the Middleton Home When On the Market
Remember that the Middletons sold the house in which they were living when Kate got engaged, and moved to a larger and more secluded home, called The Manor. The new home was large enough to provide ample privacy for William and Kate whenever they might choose to visit. The Middletons also renovated their new digs to make them fully secure and able to accommodate the protection detail that comes with senior members of the Royal Family.

Middleton Home Before Sale: Presumably They Have Redecorated
When William and Kate left the hospital after George was born, they immediately packed up and drove to Berkshire to spend almost two weeks with Michael and Carole, proving that the renovations were more than successful in providing the Cambridges with enough space and security to feel fully comfortable.

The Manor: Middleton Garden View
Carole would obviously prefer the comfort of her own home to moving into KP. It is more convenient, more relaxed, and more secluded. The Middleton home in the country is a far different situation from Kensington Palace in the heart of London. The only reason that they would not choose to stay in Berkshire would be security, and that was taken into consideration before George was born. His stay with his grandparents, of course, includes his full security detail.

Before Renovations: The Middletons' Home
Where in the world is Prince George while Mom and Dad sun in the Maldives? Why, exactly where you would expect him to be! 


  1. wowza! the backyard of The Manor.. magnificent. omygoodness so badly want!

  2. Their house is beautiful! I want it too lol. I think it's wonderful that George will spend a week with granny Carole. I hope he has a good time and william and kate too. Looking forward to march the 17th for their next appearance. I do love it when they appear together!

  3. I like them. But another tropical holiday in less than a month??mmmmm....

  4. According to which claims to have inside information, they have only gone for 3 or 4 nights.

  5. It is nice Prince George will have a happy and close relationship with his Grandparents. Princess Diana was more isolated from her parents and this must have been difficult for her, especially when she was young and first moved into the palace.

    I remember reading, but who knows if this was true, her father had trouble getting through to her on the phone and setting up times to see her. I think William and Kate sent an early message to all; her parents were important and would regularly continue to be a part of their lives. Christmas 2012, spending the early weeks after Prince George and Duchess Catherine left the hospital and now staying with the Grandparents.

    What a lovely garden to play for the coming years and build many happy memories with important family members.

  6. kate is too dependant on her mum, doesnt she have any friends george will be surrounded by adults is not healthy, kate need to have friends with kids so george can play and interract with!


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