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Straight Story: Last Piece in the George Saga

Monday, March 10, 2014

If you are feeling a little whiplashed by the conflicting reports on this blog in the past few days, you are not alone. I am feeling a little crazy myself. Hopefully, and I mean hopefully, this will be the last update. I initially hypothesized that George was with his grandparents in Berkshire. That piece is here. I was very surprised to be wrong, I should have stuck to my initial gut feeling, but it is hard to argue with pictures proving the contrary. The pictures were presented in the form of this Daily Star article. The article was a little vague and failed to mention one very important point. The pictures were taken on March 4th! That is two full days before William and Kate landed in the Maldives on the 6th. 

I think we are all a little tired at this point, so the short story? George is with Carole and Michael, in Bucklebury, as I initially hypothesized. Existential crisis solved, phew.

Quick facts as being reported now on the nanny. She is in her thirties, Spanish, and reportedly is married to her job. William and Kate found her through other high-profile families for whom she has worked in the past. Craig's List was not utilized--I saw that story, I am not joking. That's about all the info we have on her, but she seems a pretty solid choice. Not the naive twenty-year old that was first rumored. This woman seems a thorough professional and entirely vetted by other demanding and trustworthy families. 

Happy news is that we will see Kate one week from today for the St. Patrick's Day parade. Now that is a cheerful thought! 


  1. I was pretty sure he was with the Middletons. I am sure the nanny is getting some quality time with him as well. You're doing a great job & have actually gotten it right!

  2. Great post Jane. You can only due your job by what is out there so it is not your fault. Keep up the great work.

  3. You can bet the nanny was beyond vetted and investigated by Scotland Yard and Palace alike!

    1. Anyone in the UK caring for children (other than their own) has to have a police check.

  4. Excellent reporting, Jane! I would love to see the nanny's credentials. They must be impeccable! ☺

  5. Thank you for your updates on this!


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