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Update On Prince George/Phone Hacking Stories

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Prince George Presented to the Press...and the World
This morning at Buckingham Palace, Prince William made Sir Marcus Setchell a Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order. Setchell was, of course, the doctor who delivered Prince George and has served as the Queen's surgeon-gynecologist for 24 years. 

You would think that the surgeon-gynacologist to Her Majetsy, and the doctor who delivered the Duchess of Cambridge's child, would need to have a certain tact and discretion. Clearly he is an old hat at royal discretion when maintained privacy perfectly today while also politely answering the press. The Telegraph reported:
The Queen's former gynaecologist joked about his conversation with the Duke: "I think there's a code that you never report what's been said to you but he did make some remarks about what a bouncing baby George is now."
Just yesterday at Aldershot barracks, William and Kate gave an update on George, saying he has learned to crawl, is weaning well, and his first tooth is starting to come through. Not stated, but assumed, is that he must be fairly fussy if he is just starting to teethe. 

William also joked that "one baby was enough for the moment" in answer to the swirling and rather ludicrous tabloid rumors that Kate is pregnant again. I was even asked over the weekend if Kate was indeed pregnant with twins. That was not a hard answer to provide. 


The Birthday Girl Snapped Leaving Her Apartment in London, Closley Followed by Carole

Meanwhile, the hacking trials continue in London, with the royals the center of focus today. Former royal-reporter, Clive Goodman (now jailed for hacking in 2007) was apparently giving lots of details on "Project Alexander" the NOTW's name for the phone-hacking of royal aides. Obviously, it was all very hush-hush, and there was difficulty at times keeping their "source" secret. Goodman said that some stories were changed slightly so as not to endanger sources and presumably to make it a little less obvious that full-scale hacking was underway. One story was deemed "too precise to go unnoticed" and so inaccurate information was added to hide the hacking. Obviously, hacking into the aids' phones wasn't a sure-fire way of finding a story, but it enabled the paper to keep better tabs on the royals, their whereabouts, and tid-bits of information that could be made into a story without giving away their illegal activity. With William and Kate in particular, it was useful to know when and where they might be to get a good photo op and a story scoop. Today, Goodman revealed that Dyer, an equerry to Prince William, Helen Asprey, and even Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton were victims of hacking. Stories emerged, many of which are long familiar. Discussed was a secret farewell party Kate threw for William complete with a champagne reception and toasts on January 5, 2006. NOTW was able to report that William charmingly toasted Kate:
William, 23, talked of "my adorable Kate" who would "always" be in his thoughts. It was the prince's second public declaration of love for Kate, also 23, within two days.
The trial continues, but it certainly puts some stories into perspective. Royal news sells, and there are many different ways that these stories are generated. It was--and probably remains--common to salt a crowd with lip-readers to determine what the royals are saying at various events. Often, when we see a headline that is particularly detailed we think, how could they possible know? Well...they just might. 


  1. GREAT post. I love stuff like this!

  2. I know when your are royal you can expect people being highly interested in your life, but phone hacking is a very shady buisness and a complete invasion of privacy. No wonder William and Harry are so suspicous and weary of the press, they hounded his mother all her life and even on then night she died and now they are listening to his private messages. I would be completely angry. I think all of the people who have critised them over the past few days for having fabulous holidays should consider the details of this post and try to imagine what it must be like to live under the immense media glare and to have your private life specualted on all the time! Especially Kate, who has not been born into this world and is still finding her feet in all of this.

    Great news on baby george I cant wait to see him when they go on tour, hopefully they will take him on a few events. Excited!

  3. Disgusting! Can you imagine finding that your most private conversations had been hacked. Little wonder they do not trust the media.
    Many celebrities who had their phones hacked received large damages---I hope William and Catherine did too.

  4. Diane from BostonMarch 19, 2014 at 1:39 PM

    I am so disturbed by the fact that so many personal details are being revealed at the trials. It's like victimizing the victims all over again.


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