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[Pictures of George's New Nanny] Where in the World is George? Not Where I Thought...

Sunday, March 9, 2014

I am pretty confident in my predictions, but it seems that this is one case where I have been...wrong. Fallibility hurts. :) I actually am genuinely pretty astounded. Baby George, contrary to my very, very strong opinion that he would have gone to Berkshire, is in fact home at Kensington Palace. 

Iconic Gates of Kensington Palace

Although, Carole is watching him, she has come to London rather than have her grandson at her own home. He has been spotted getting a walk in the park by the new nanny and his royal protection officer, which simultaneously confirmed the new nanny story, while disproving my carefully worked out opinion of George's whereabouts. You win some, you lose some, eh? I am very, very surprised, but there could be  number of factors that would make sense to me. As I turn over various reasons, these are the chief ones I have come up with in order likelihood...
  • The new nanny may need to learn the ropes at the primary residence. She is going to have pretty constant care of George for the Down Under tour, and the sooner they get used to one another in familiar surroundings, the better. 
  • It could be that as secure as Bucklebury is, the Cambridges may have felt that security was simpler to control in the capitol than in a more remote village. Plus, it is less disruptive to George to stay at home when his mother is suddenly taken from him. Less of a double-whammy that way.
  • Very distant third running through my mind is also the most annoying, but our world is a little topsy-turvy. PR. Just like Carole was never going to be the nanny for the tour, they may feel that the public and the press aren't ready for the little heir to be way off in Bucklebury in the sole custody of his grandparents. The sad truth is that there is an entire group of people who would take offense at it... 
Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace
So. That's the breaking news, kids. A bit of a shake-up here, but I guess it keeps me on my toes. Actually, it has been one of those days. This morning as I was leaving church, the zipper on my skirt unzipped and I almost had a major wardrobe malfunction. I kid you not. I stopped it before it got too far, but it was making a definite run for the floor.  So, I should have seen this coming. :)

Big thank-you to reader Jackie C for passing along this article with pictures of George's new nanny. See all the photos here. Jessie Webb is purportedly helping with the transition, and I believe that this is the ultimate reason they are all in London. This is something of a large change-over, and frankly, this nanny has a lot to learn before Jessie hands over the reigns entirely. 

It is not clear yet whether William and Kate will be home tomorrow--i.e. long weekend vacation--or if they will stay in the Maldives for the week. I am just going to keep my powder dry on this one. 

'Till the next time! 


  1. Just curious, how do we know that is in fact George and not just some random couple? Is that man frequently spotted guarding the family? I am just questioning the source of this article.

    1. The behavior of the man in the pictures is definitely NOT that of a parent or relative, facing outward and surveying the area. Doubt there'd be police cars circling for a run of the mill parent. And lastly, even in KP, a roughly $4,000 pram isn't usual, and it matches the one seen in pics with Kate..

    2. I think we can be almost entirely certain that it is George. The protection officer, as noted above, is acting like security, the nanny matches the general description, same pram, and frankly, my bet is that the photographer saw them come out of KP. You would kind of chill waiting for these photo ops as close to the source as possible. I have no doubts it is George with his nanny.

  2. Thank you for the update. It is what I assumed so I am not a bit surprised! Going on a long oversea trip and leaving PG with the nanny needs preparation! Well done and I hope they enjoy every minute of their getaway...
    I really feel it fun that in other comments people talk about whether this vacation is bad PR or a bad move or whatsoever. It has nothing to do with PR!! PR is the official part and as if they would have released a statement about their holiday. It is just that everyone in the world spoting them is commenting! They were unfortunately seen disembarking an aircraft - no one even saw them entering it here. It is what we make of it and to be honest it is none of our business as it is a private decision and vacation! Okay - I like to ready about them and am a close follower and it brightens my day to hear some news - despite I am easily ready to split between public engagements, PR statements and private things.
    Jane - amazing work in keeping us posted!

    1. After all the rumors around Jecca Craig, and all the celebs that have had affairs with the nanny, and Prince Charles' history, this woman's attractiveness spells trouble, at least in the rumor dept if not in the reality dept.

    2. Agree entirely, anonymous 1. They have every right to vacation when they choose. Unfortunately, due to their high profile status, they can never entirely discount PR. I am not saying it is fair, but it is what it is.

      Anonymous 2. I do not think there have been rumors about Jecca since William was connected with her almost a decade ago. I wouldn't let this keep you up at night... If William goes for the nanny over Kate, he is certifiably mental.

    3. Hi Jane,

      Thanks so much for the update...I was going through W&K withdrawals with all of the hoopla over them going on vacay without George. Personally, I don't mind them not taking George, my only tiff was that I think 2 vacations in less than 3 months seems a bit much -- but let's hope that there is alot of behind the scenes work going on in prep for all of the stops in OZ and NZ and thus the need for a break.

      "If William goes for the nanny over Kate, he is certifiably mental" Thank you SO much for this. LOL, too right! I was nervous when I heard they were getting a 20-something non-British nanny, but she isn't much of a looker, is she? Then again, neither was Camilla. But I would drop dead of shock if Will ever did anything like that with Kate. He seems absolutely smitten with Kate and that is just a beautiful thing.

    4. There have already been many rumors about Jecca joining him on the hunting trip to Spain, and I believe he's going to a family gathering on their Kenyan ranch later this year. And the photos at PopSugar, although not the best, certainly don't show any lack of attractiveness on the nanny's part. Vetted by all the right agencies I'm sure, but also by William. Just sayin'.

    5. No, and I am going to have to be a little tough on this point, because "rumors" can be damaging. There have been no rumors. It has been factually reported that William and Jecca are still friends, still in the same exclusive social set, and still therefore socialize together. In addition to the events you have mentioned, she was also invited to the Royal Wedding. The word "Rumor" holds an element of uncertainty--an aspect of a story that is unsubstantiated--a hypothesis that is not confirmed. So when you say there have been rumors, you really are suggesting that there are stories about infidelity circulating, and that is incorrect. The fact that William keeps up with Jecca is reported, but rumors that he is cheating on his wife have not circulated above the level of chatroom gossip. Nor should they be granted any kind of attention! It is damaging to William, to Kate, to Jecca, and to this new nanny to pass along and enable entirely unfounded stories. If William is photographed arriving on a chauffeur driven moped at Jecca's place late in the evening and spends the night, then we can revisit this, but until then we have no right to give public voice to these musings.

  3. Now that is interesting! I have been suprised I didn't think kate would leave george for a week and I didn't think she would have left him with his new nanny! I thought it would have definitely been carole. But after reading your post jane I now conclude that it makes sense for George to get to know his new nanny and for her to get to know his routine. This will make everybody feel more at ease and will make kate feel more secure about taking George on tour.

    Now I want to know all the juicy details like how much does she get paid? How did they find her? Is she going to live with them at Kensington palace? I expect we will find some of those details out later! Now I'm thinking maybe it is just a long weekend break but I have been very suprised. Thanks for the update jane.

  4. kate is a duchjess and future queen she has a career and image to uphold but has failed miserably, she shouldnt have married in the RF to pllay a very expensive housewife!

    1. Wrong. Kate married a man she fell in love with who has a career as a royal. She took his name and his title, as is and has been the way of the world for generations. She isn't inheriting the throne, she would lose her seniority as a royal were William to die today, she has every right to focus on her family if she WANTS to.

      What if I married a wealthy doctor? I take his name, we merge our banks accounts, we are invited to the same parties, we vacation together--we are married!! Maybe I am a successful attorney on the other side of town and I don't want to give that up. So I continue to work and cultivate my practice. or, maybe my husband makes plenty and I decide I want to garden, and decorate my house, play with my kids, be a super involved and hands on mom. I can do that, too!

      Choice. It's a beautiful thing, eh? Kate didn't sign an indentured servitude contract when she married William. He is the royal per se, she is the royal per accidens. Royalness flows from him to her. His career is to be a royal, that is HIS job. Her life choice is to be William's wife. In that capacity she can choose the extent to which she wishes to share his work, create her own niche, or lavish her children with her time and attention.

      Kate has failed at nothing.

    2. Jane, that really does put it into perspective, doesn't it? Thank you for that.

      It reminds me of a movie scene from William and Kate, where Kate's mother and Kate are shopping and being hounded by paparazzi. Kate's mother turns to Kate and asks, "Is this really the life that you want?", to which Kate replies, "I want William and this is HIS life."

      This is of course total fabrication for the movies as far as we know, but what you said reminded me of this. And I like to think that it is true. She hung in there because she really loved William. If she didn't, why put up with any of it?

      Like you said, her life choice is to be William's wife. However, I do see others' perspectives in which they would like to see Kate doing more, but at the end of the day it's up to the RF, not us.

    3. Thanks, Lynn! I had forgotten that part of the movie, but you are absolutely right. Although fiction, I think it is the choice that Kate had to make. Obviously, if she couldn't handle public attention or public appearances, it might have been a signal that she wasn't meant to be with him, and if she were to entirely disappear that would be rather disastrous for the BRF, but I guess my argument is that she is doing plenty for her time and place in life. Her focus right now is building her family, frankly. I think we will see another pregnancy before we see a major increase in her public outings. We have to accept it, and accept that she has the right to do that. Anyway, we agree! :) Thanks for weighing in!!

  5. she has the title of duchess and later queen , that comes with huge responsibility because these titles have enormous privileges that is why they are funded by uk taxpayers, it is not up to her to decide whether toi work or not, her marriage is to support her husband and that is to WORK; not just shopping and vacays, she cant avoid it!!!


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