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Day 4 Wrap-Up: Blenheim and State Reception

Thursday, April 10, 2014

It's the wrap up post. Odds and ends and pictures that have oh so slowly finally trickled onto my picture service. It's grab some coffee and review the past day with a little more leisure than perhaps we had when rushing from event to event. This is wrap up for day 4, which was Thursday in New Zealand, although for most of us, it was Wednesday: Blenheim. If you missed it, the full report on  the daytime events is here, and the evening reception here.

When the royal couple reached Blenheim it had been showering sporadically. The rain held off for the wreath laying ceremony and the walkabout, but it did sprinkle while the royals were exploring the planes in the afternoon, which gave us our little "fellow with an umbrella" moment. Do you know that song? It is one of my favorite scenes from the movie, Easter Parade. Peter Lawford, who apparently was a bit of a jerk in real life, but a total hottie in make-believe, sings a very lyrical and sweet song to Judy Garland about how the rain brought them together for a little romance under the umbrella:

While William was crawling about in the plane, Kate held the umbrella, and when he finally scrambled down she still stood there smiling holding it while he adjusted his suit.

And then, (are you taking notes George?) William reached out and like the chivalrous prince that he is, he took that umbrella from his wife:

And they had their umbrella date and we all were reminded, just in case we had forgotten, that this is the cutest couple on earth. 

Fun quotes from the walkabout always surface. The Mirror reported a few of my favorites:
Pippa Sowman, five, gave Kate a posy picked from her own garden, from which another bouquet was picked for the Queen Mother when she visited in 1958.
The Duchess asked her name and said: "My sister is called Pippa too!"
Pippa said: "She was really nice, really pretty."
At another point, Kate reinforced how much she likes to spend time with baby George:
Lilah, from Blenheim, said: "We asked her about Prince George and she said she would have taken him everywhere but he would have been a bit noisy."
Apparently, Blenheim is right smack in the middle of New Zealand wine country. So, it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that William and Kate's private lunch was at a nearby winery: Wither Hills.

Wither announced on their Facebook that the Duke and Duchess enjoyed a buffet lunch:

Wither Winery Facebook 

None of this is in order, but here we have some video of the walkabout:

I have written my analysis of Kate's hemline, as promised, but I have made it a separate post, which you can find here.

Gear up, we have the entire day (Friday for NZ) of engagements ahead of us.  It all kicks off at 11:20am NZ time, which is 5:20pm PST.


  1. Hi Jane, thanks for these round up posts! It's so nice to see William and Kate together again, they look very happy and relaxed in each other's company. I had a feeling that they might have had a bit of a wobble after George was born, sleepless nights, fussy baby, etc. At some of the events after his birth they just didn't look too happy to me, more like they were trying to make an effort, especially Kate. And now hearing that they had quite a time getting George settled after he was born, hungry, cranky boy, it makes much more sense. This was around the time when we were all talking about her hair (not so good) and number of engagements (not many). While I wasn't a fan of their pretour trip to the Maldives, now I can understand that they probably needed that time alone together to reconnect as a couple.

    On another note, this time difference is killing me, I don't know how you do it Jane! I am so enjoying your blog and the people that comment have some awesome things to say, thanks so much for all your hard work!

    1. Well put, Lauri. I guess it just goes to show that we can never really know what goes on behind closed doors.
      It's easy to make assumptions and judgments but unless you're there we simply do not know. It has given me a greater understanding of their pre-tour holiday to the Maldives as well and I think it's done them the world of good.

      Kind regards,


    2. Hello Lauri and Nerida! Certainly every marriage goes through rough patches, and Kate mentioned William was gone a lot and that George was difficult in the beginning, I agree that it makes the poppy day event a little more understandable. I think given how much pressure it on them constantly, they will always need more opportunities to find that bonding time. Even if people think they don't need it, I hope they continue to do what they feel they need.

      The time difference is the worst part of the tour, but I think we are all so jazzed with the adrenaline that all will be well. I am really enjoying this tour, and all of you make it so much more fun! Love hearing from you!!


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