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Down Under Day 11: Kate Wears Blue & White DVF for Visit to the Blue Mountains

Thursday, April 17, 2014

William and Kate are in the Blue Mountains today--not to be confused with the Misty Mountains, those guys are back in New Zealand. The picture below is a dawn shot of the Three Sisters rock formation which Kate and William will view later in...this post. Truly spectacular scenery on the agenda today:

Random Twitter shots of the location by hikers:

Due to host the royal couple at their headquarters, the girl guides spent the morning busily preparing   for their sausage sizzle. I actually was a little at a loss as to what a sausage sizzle was, but that fount of all knowledge, Wikipedia, enlightened me.
Sausage sizzles are a common Australian and New Zealand charity fundraising and community event.

The food was prepped and ready for the royal arrival:

William and Kate arrived by helicopter in Winmalee, where they first met with survivors of the bushfire last year. The only live feed available was a blurry one from the air. The residents had requested that no live cameras roll on the ground in an attempt to guard their privacy. The town is still very crushed from the fires of only six short months ago, with some homes yet to be rebuilt.

The Duke and Duchess met locals and toured a street particularly ravaged by the fire before continuing on to the Girl Guides building for lunch. This is an event that is no doubt close to Kate's heart. She is an avid supporter of GirlGuides/GirlsScouts. It emerged sometime last year that Kate had been volunteering with UK chapters as a Scout leader, and was photographed at a scout training camp when pregnant with George. A lucky break for those of us who are big fans of Kate wearing le Chameau and Barbour. 

Kate delighted fashionistas everywhere by wearing a DVF wrap dress in a white and blue print. I love it. Although this is not her first DVF wear, it certainly is one of the more classic DVF styles than  some of the pieces she has worn in the past.

The green, silk frock she debuted at a reception in Los Angeles and recycled to a pre-wedding party for Zara later in the same month was DVF. Since it is a very similar green to the Erdem from Cambridge, NZ, we can only assume William thought it "a bit bright." ;)

The coat that she wore when leaving Edward VII was DVF and is one of my favorite Kate coats of all time. I know I say that a lot, but this time I really mean it! It had such a beautiful pattern, lovely a-line skirt, and ruffling along the shoulders and cuffs. It was perfect subdued sophistication. That pop of yellow probably doesn't hurt.

And don't forget the black DVF she wore for Remembrance Sunday two years in a row, 2011 and 2012:

Obviously, this beautiful wrap is also a throw back to Kate's fashion comfort zone.  Wrap dresses were certainly a staple of her wardrobe as a single girl, in no small part thanks to her addiction to Issa. Even so, this dress has a twist. Kate usually gravitates toward jersey knits, but this one is 100% cotton and you can see the effect in the way it holds a certain structure that say, her engagement dress, did not. 

A lot of you have been asking me to write about William more and it isn't that I don't like him, I just don't often have that much to say. But, I will make an exception today because it seems that the French fashion thing is catching. We had Kate running about in more of her Breton tops (Woot, woot, la Bretagne) and now William is debuting a pair of very suspiciously French looking trousers. I. LOVE. it. There seem to be few things stronger than the Frenchman's loyalty to his closet full of multiple colored trousers. And here we have a pair of his own. 

I don't really think the ensemble entirely works for William, to be frank. Those clunky dark shoes with the light blue pants? Every good Frenchman knows these should be paired with leathery boat shoes and a light Saint James sweater. The rivalry between England and France is strong, but take the gold out of Egypt, Will, or in this case, the fashion tip from the French. I like trajectory, though, and hope he continues to tweak the look. He was nicely complementing Kate's color palette, too, so major props for that.

Kate wore her Stuart Weitzman Corkswoons, my favorite sapphire drops, and her Mappin & Webb pendant. Everything worked together very well for her today. It was certainly a win in my book, and I think a hit with most everyone else as well. She has been wearing her hair in that oh-so-flattering half-do these past fews days, but she reverted to the classic "Kate Middleton loose" for today. I still love it. When she has it beautifully blown out, as it has been today, it is hard to beat.

Kate chatted with service personnel and families alike, and could be heard on the live feed asking about their experiences on the day of the fire, had they been at home, etc. She certainly is a good listener. After lunch, the duo met the girl guides on the lawn and planted a tree.

Nexstop was Echo Point over looking the breathtaking Blue Mountains.  Rebecca English tweeted a shot of the Three Sisters rock formation.

At Echo Point, William and Kate enjoyed the sweeping views and and undertook a walkabout. But, perhaps the better fun was had by those of us watching the live feed. Our camera man was rather at the back of the pack, and I began to enjoy the behind the scenes melée of jostling and pushing almost as much as the royal action. It is a competitive business, I will say that. It was friendly, and it was funny. And I say that respectfully. 

Am I the only one who thinks William looks uncomfortable? He is wondering if he pulled off the blue trousers...

Their color coordination with each other and the Blue Mountains truly is one of my favorite parts and highlights yet again how much detailed thought went into every single aspect of this tour! At the end of the afternoon, the two boarded their helicopter and were flown back to Sydney. Later today, William will meet with Australian PM Tony Abbott and we should have pictures from that by morning, I would think. 

Good night!!


  1. I absolutely LOVE this look. Definitely one of my favourites of this tour so far. The pattern, the cut, the hair, the wedges, accessory, perfect!

    1. Vicky, I couldn't agree with you more. :)

  2. Great post Jane. The Mappin and Webb necklace worn today seems to be the current favorite. Bit hard to see if Kate is wearing it every day on this tour as she wore several high necked coats in NZ but looking back over the tour photos it appears to have been there on every occasion there is a lower neckline, except the JP evening reception dress. A simple and elegant piece of jewelry which I would love - except for the price....... can but dream!

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      I agree with you about Kate's Mappin and Webb necklace. Kate has several pieces of jewelry that I covet and this necklace is certainly one of them. It seems that she received the new watch, that necklace and the eternity ring between Christmas and Valentine's Day, since that is when we starting seeing them. While I really like the new watch, the thought of spending $6000 on a watch is a little absurd to me. However, Kate appears to take good care of her things so she should get many years of wear out of it.

  3. Hi Jane, thanks for all the hard work you've been doing lately, you are the best!!

    I really like this look today. The pattern of this dress is beautiful and is very appropriate to the awesome and wild scenery that the couple enjoyed today. Looking at a few pictures of the royal couple getting off the helicopter it looked like Kate might have been worried about the dress unwrapping, fortunately that didn't happen.

    Jane, I am confused about your comments on Williams trousers, what make them French? I never thought much about his fashion, but I thought he looked nice today. I've commented before about how he wears the same casual outfit quite often, so it was great to see him in a new outfit.

  4. I love this dress it has a nice relaxed vibe to it. She has been wearing some lovely new clothes and I liked her hair today.

  5. Thanks for the post. I love the print and DVF dresses pretty much. I cant tell the same about the wedges. I wonder if she is EVER going to wear a pair of decent appropriate shoes for the appropriate occassion? A.

  6. Wearing those shoes on that mountain, that's ridiculous !!

  7. Don't you think she should put away those horrible wedges? :-(

  8. Sorry I mean:
    She looked very pretty even if the dress is nothing special IMO. It reminds me of this Erdem she wore during her pregnancy.I don't know why though:

    Kate Middleton Photos - Kate Middleton Visits a Primary School - Zimbio

    The only thing that bothers me : Why is STILL wearing those horrible wedges? Sorry but there's an occasion for everything and it wasn't ideal to were such shoes high on a mountains! At the vinyard she almost slipped and today she didn't have a go because of her shoes. She said the same thing when she didn't try badmington in October at Sportsaid and she specifically said itwas due to her shoes.

    1. I think she simply loves them. For wearing such shoes for hiking or a sport event, I havent got a clue. If somebody can please educate us?! A.

  9. The shoes seem to be a great debate :)
    (as much as the hemlines and the hairdo...)
    For a woman who likes high heels, it's not only a matter of beauty. It's also a matter of self-confidence.
    Kate wears high heels and a dress when she wants to be pretty and elegant, and she wears flat shoes and jeans when she wants to be at ease.
    One can hardly be elegant with a dress and flat shoes... And, as the Queen Mother did, Kate wants to be elegant when meeting people.
    She wears flat shoes when going to the supermarket, not when doing her royal job :)

    As for those wedges (you may not love them, it's your personal taste), they're less formal and more comfortable than the pumps, so it's in-between...

    1. I can relate to your points, she wears high heels because of her confidence, absolutely true. And when she is at ease she wears ballerinas etc. But lets take the sport event that was not a typical royal job, she still wears wedges? Even William lets his hair(!:-) down and sports jeans like yesterday. I just wish she would be a little bit more reasonable I think...But I think I must accept the fact she loves certain things and they are in her comfort zone, that's why she doesnt change them. Lastly she could regain or rather gain more confidence by going back to work. This is not a critisim simply a statement here:-) Thanks for reading. A.

    2. I understand what you mean, Rosaline, but then again wearing the almost exact outfit you wear when you go grocery shopping and to meet and greet military families :s ?
      (I was so annoyed by that outfit)

    3. Let me try to explain my understanding of Kate's choices of outfits :
      (and first of all, excuse my mistakes due to English not being my native language)
      I think she can't/doesn't want to change her shoes or clothes three times a day... The sporty event needed a casual outfit. William's one is : trousers/shirt/sweater. Kate's one is : a pair of skinny jeans/anything else depending on the occasion :)
      She wore a skinny pair of jeans three times, I guess. At the rugby event with a new jumper and flat shoes (relaxed and sporty), at the vinery with a new shirt, a blazer and high wedges (casual but elegant), and at the boat race with flat shoes and her striped "breton" sweater (laid back and nautical).
      So, the only time she wears flat shoes is for sporty events. For the vinery (where she almost fell in the vineyard and fortunately didn't), I guess she choose high heels because it was a casual event, not a sporty one. Even if she knew she would visit the vineyard, I think she's confident enough with heels to wear them everywhere (today she wore here heels on the beach, would you do that ?). Also she may have confused the rough terrain of a vineyard with the flat terrain of the beautiful English lawns :D
      For the cricket, I guess she was not supposed to try the game :) (but anyway she choose that red gown to honor Christchurch, and would not have change only for ten minutes of cricket - and you CAN'T wear flat shoes with a dress :D ). And so she ended up with playing cricket in high heels...
      As for the mountain, it's the same thing: most of the day was meeting people, and only a few part of the day was "the mountain" (and she was not supposed to climb the mountain, so she choose a dress and high heels... and ended up with her heels at the top of the cliff :) )
      About the casual outfit that you don't like Beatrix: I think she likes it, but she didn't wear it the same way as she does when going to the grocery... I mean she had her heels, her hair done, a make-up, and that's not the way she looks at the market. But mostly, it had been announced as a casual event (on an already casual tour), and Kate is always careful not to surpass the people she is going to meet ("ordinary" military wives - as she was for three years).
      So I understand that it may be shocking to you, but I think it's Kate's way to say "I'm one of yours".

      And lastly, regarding going back to work, it seems she has told someone that her maternity leave was over and that she was going to take more engagements now that George has grown a bit... Remember she had a baby and two news houses to set up... and remember how tired she looked every time we saw her since George's birth. As for me, I once had a new house and a baby, it ended up with a divorce :D

  10. Beatrix in New YorkApril 17, 2014 at 7:28 PM

    I loved this outfit. I really like the wrap dress, the print, the colors :) her hair hasn't looked this good in a long time (I hate the sausage curls, I can handle them every now and then, but for the most part I dislike them), she has gotten a nice trim, love the lawyers and the straighter look.

    The only thing wrong, for me, are the shoes. I hate them with a passion :p I find them ridiculous. I also have a hard time imaging they are comfortable... they also make me think of Lady Gaga :/
    I thought after the scare in the vineyard we wouldn't see them again and now IN THE MOUNTAINS ?!?!

    I think
    1) she loves them (unlike me)
    2) she finds them daring/fashionable
    3) she definitely feels more confident feeling taller

    For the most part, her shoes tend to be boring... always the nude LK B... normal plain pumps (in navy, in black, in brown).
    Her boots add a little something, a little of "single Kate fashion" and I feel the same thing happens with these wedges.
    (by "single Kate fashion" I mean her sense of style when she was much younger, more playful and youthful... I kind of miss the old "single Kate fashion")


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