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Down Under Tour Day 1: Cambridge Family Receives a Wellington Welcome

Monday, April 7, 2014

Royals' Plane Taxiing in Weelington 

The plane landed in grey fog and we waited with eager anticipation as the military jet taxied and maneuvered into place, the stairs were wheeled up and secured, and at last the door opened. Kate emerged, William by her side, and George bouncing on her hip. It was certainly a wow moment. There was a lot going on here, so let me take this one at a time.

The dress! Kate was wearing a stunning, red, military style, Catherine Walker coat and matching dress underneath. I loved it! Kate wears these military styles so, so beautifully. You probably remember that Kate wore two Catherine Walkers in Canada in 2011. A lovely dove grey:

And on their final day in Canada before flying to Los Angeles, a red dress very similar to today's:

Both have flattering a-line skirts and although I liked the first one very much, I love this new one even more! As the wind whipped at the longer outer coat, blowing it back to show the shorter hemline of the skirt, it gave the outfit an allusion of multiple layers and dimensions. It was so lovely!

The hat. Kate chose a Gina Foster pillbox hat in a matching red, which was absolutely striking. I love structured hats to begin with, and this one made a statement without having to shout. The style is so, so timelessly elegant. A lot of people have been discussing what this looks reminds them of, and many are saying Jackie Kenendy…

Others have suggested it is very reminiscent of Diana...

But, when I was looking at Kate today, do you know who her ensemble made me think of? Audrey Hepburn! Audrey Hepburn running around Paris in How to Steal a Million or Charade...ok, mostly just Charade.

George was squirming and swiveling as Kate carried him down the stairs, and at one point William even reached over to try and quiet his kicking legs. He is certainly an alert, active, and seemingly very good natured little boy. And, it also seems that his daddy's wish expressed the front steps of the Lindo Wing is beginning to come true. George appears to be quite handsome indeed, in a decidedly solid Middleton fashion. Kate had dressed him in very classic looking baby clothes, and I particularly liked how his light creamy tones contrasted so nicely with her red and William's blue. 

Standing off to the side as the royals took center stage, was Rebecca Deacon and Nanny Maria, smiling and watching the excitement. 

@SPerryPeopleMag on Twitter
The entourage then proceeded to Government House where there was a formal greeting and welcome ceremony. George didn't get to come along for the fun. Although, interestingly enough, he was supposed to travel ahead to the location at which the Cambridges will be resting and relaxing tomorrow, but instead he stayed at Government House with Nanny Maria and "watched" from an upstairs window, according to Richard Palmer. If he was watching he would have certainly been interested to know what exactly Mommy and Daddy were put to. There was this:

And this:

And yes, that happened, too:

Tours truly are the best...I better be off to bed! The Cambridges are resting tomorrow, as previously mentioned, but time differences, they will be back before you know it! Today wasn’t just about the clothes. Seeing the Cambridges as a family in this much detail is a new chapter for royal watchers. getting to know George is a new chapter for history. This tour truly kicks off a new era. It isn’t William and Kate anymore, it isn’t just even the Cambridge couple, they are a family, a new, little royal family. Three weeks from now, we will all have fallen in love with this story all over again!

P.S. Those pumps were Emmy Shoes, again. I think we may have a new royal favorite...


  1. As much I like her wearing red she looked like a stewardess, she should find her own style not replicas that were worn either by Diana or other famous person. She had a Marilyn moment too, again, how many airports has she already visited? Come on! I am simply disappointed again! She is lucky that PG is with them, takes emphasis away from her.A.

    1. Have you ever thought that this is HER style? No matter how she dresses, she will always be compared to some other famous person. As for the Marilyn moment.. Seriously, who cares? It was windy. It's not like she was drunk out on the town and flashed her hoo ha for everyone to see. I bet if she'd worn pants then people would be in an uproar over that too!

    2. Anon 10:21
      Your comment says more about you than it does the Duchess.

    3. Would you say the same thing if you have seen her hoo ha? Because one day you will. What I am saying is wearing appropriate clothes in a windy condition is too much to ask? Yes, it is. You referred to a paper where you can see 3-4 pics with flying skirts. Unprofessional!

    4. Love the longer skirts length, very princess-y for a change. But again, almost a granny pants vs thongs moment. This woman NEEDS a dresser, at least part time.

  2. Beautiful coat, dress, and above all, baby! Not sure of the hat in both color and fit.

    1. Love the hat, very tiara-ish in a great way. Doesn't make up for no tiara events, but still just great.

  3. Thank you so much for all you do! I love the way yo treat this family with warmth and affection, even as you give us the goods all in one place.

  4. George is so beautiful! And that dress was so regal, elegant, classy but very vivid and eye catching at the same time. I didnt expect her to wear a hat but was delighted she did. Red really is amazing on her wow!

  5. Kate looks so beautiful but George! Oh gosh he is so damn cute! There was a picture of them on Daily Mail and William is watching her feet as they walk down the stairs, I suppose in case she trips. I think it's the little things like this that show how much he really cares for her. I'm looking forward to all your posts covering this NZ/AU trip :D

  6. Our kate the Duchess is truly a beautiful woman my God.....And what makes it so, is the touch of elegance and royal class that has enhance her. It's notable too, seeing the pictures of Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn both of them came from European aristrocratic backgrounds. Anyone who knows these things can tell. I dunno why but I thought of Julie Christie in Dr Zhivago for a moment.

    Baby George is so handsome, and oh so those bonny cheeks. Awwww..!!!.. And the Tin-Tin curl sooooo cool. :) :):) . Our Kate looks great in red. What a bold colour the effect . Also William needs to sort out his suit. A white shirt with a silk silver tie, with a cravet in the top pocket would have been nice to round off the dark suit. C'mon Wills we ain't forgetting u too.

    Great blog Jane.

  7. Loved Catherine's outfit---she looked elegant and pretty. The hat was superb--itt had to deal with all the rubbing noses!
    They obviously realized that the photos everyone wanted was of the three of them together, Dealing with steps whilst in high heels; a wind wishing to blow away her hat and a bonny; bouncing boy to carry, she did superbly well.
    George is gorgeous and so bright after such a journey---is it my imagination, but he looks very tall for his age
    What a lovely family---they should make Britain proud.

  8. What an exciting tour opening!! I'm a huge fan of 60's fashion. So I loved her classy outfit! I agree with Rina. This is HER style. She always dressed in a timeless way and years before official engagements. And you can find similar outfits to every outfit if you search long enough (maybe except if you are Lady Gaga ;-) )
    And jane, I absolutely agree with you: What an adorable family! So great to see them together!! Makes me even prouder of my own little family - how weird is this ??! ;-)
    I'm looking forward to three exciting weeks with you!!


    P.S.: Thanks, Jane, for your great job!!! I like your blog best. In the meantime I have read all your posts - hard work but I enjoyed it very much!

  9. Hey Jane,

    Love your blog! Can't wait to read more. Just thought you would be interested but on the following site There's a video of the official welcoming ceremony. It's not the best quality because it's so windy but thought it was interesting! Can't wait for more

  10. Hi Jane,
    Thanks for the great post!! I love seeing Kate in red, with her coloring she can certainly pull off this regal color. However, this military style is just not my favorite, but I do love the cut and swing of the skirt and coat. In regards to the wind, I imagine that this outfit was chosen as her arrival outfit some time ago and it might not have been that easy to prepare another outfit that wouldn't have blown up in the wind. If I had legs like hers I wouldn't be bothered by a little wind. :)

    George is such a handsome little fellow! It looks to me like he has the Spencer ginger hair, but definitely has the Middleton eyes. I can't wait to see more of him in the next 3 weeks.

  11. I think Kate is a beautiful young woman who married her lifetime love and became a princess, always under the spotlight.. She is elegant and simple, down-to-earth but stylish at the same time... but she colud never be loved by everyone.. every step she takes she will always be criticized for something. Despite her royal life I do not envy her in these situations...
    Today she and her husband were so happy and proud with their cute baby.. but everybody talks about "the Marylin Monroe moment"...

    1. You are right, we should talk about them as a family, but I cant walk past this issue because it says sth about the duchess and her awareness in this world! Sorry for being a negative here but she is not a saint but people think she is.A.

    2. I know she's not a saint.. of course.. but I think she tries to do the best she can..
      Talking about yesterday, I think that wind was really strong.. she had to struggle with that, her hair (her hairdresser didn't do a great job with the updo..), a (I suppose) quite heavy and fussy baby, her heels, the stairs, the dress, and of course she had to smile and be happy.. I think William colud take himself little George, but maybe he wanted to say with Kate.. I could blame at least the entourage.. that's their job to prevent or fix bad things in these occasions...

  12. Hi Jane! I always agree with your fashion assessments and definitely do for this post. This certainly was A MOMENT with her new son and her husband and she certainly brought the wow power and sophistication..but when does she not? She needed to knock it out of the park on this one and she did! I noted the length of the coat-dress was slightly longer than her typical hemlines -though we do occassionally see the longer..St. Paddy's Day this year being an example. The red was a fabulous choice but what I may love equally as much is the pillbox hat. It is such a departure for her I feel like, and was a different style which is both interesting and a change for her. Maybe this tour will bring other fun changes that are still "her" and staying true to who she is, but also giving us new styles you could say, to look forward to..I hope so! Looking forward to following along on this tour as always!


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