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Down Under Tour Day 1: Kate in MaxMara from London to Sydney

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Today, William and Kate touched down in Sydney, Australia after their commercial flight from London aboard a Qantas jetliner. As it was a commercial flight, and so no outside walk along the tarmac, we did not get any photos in London. However, the royal family took an RAFNZ (i.e. an air force plane) from Sydney to New Zealand, so we got to some fun distance snaps once they landed in Australia. The road was closed by the private jet path and the royals were escorted by Jeep to the RAF plane. Sydney was having some yucky weather and it had been raining on and off, but thankfully let up long enough for the trio to comfortable board.

Kate was wearing her grey MaxMara jersey dress that she debuted in February of 2013 on her first public appearance actually showing a little with George! 

Great move on Kate's part. This dress is formal enough for the first leg of the trip, albeit not an official part of the tour, and comfortable enough for the 21 hour long flight it takes to cover the over 10,000 miles from London to Sydney...with an infant less than twelves months! 

William helped pull out three carry-on cases and took them up the stairs to the plane. It appeared to be a little case for each of them: a square, masculine looking briefcase, a Longchamp--which we already know Kate loves to use when traveling and at home--and a very cute little Kangaroo pack for Georgie. 

Prince George's Kangaroo Carry Pack Down Under

Kate is spotted with Longchamp far too often for me to bring up every occasion, but it has been a preferred label for many years.  Below, Kate Middleton by her London home carrying a Longchamp bag:

This was not Kate's first time in Australia. She touched down briefly in Brisbane on her way home from the South East Asia Tour, and was also spotted toting Longchamp on that occasion as well. I particularly love this look from Kate. Effortless travel glamour: her skinnies and heels, cozy yet sharp sweater top, and beautifully tied scarf...not to mention the famous Middleton hair. Longchamp is a perfect brand for Kate. It is sophisticated and expensive, but understated. 

Kate in Brisbane Tour 2012

At the top of the stairs, they paused to greet the stewardess, and always thoughtful Kate visibly leaned down to introduce a very bouncing and rambunctious George. Obviously, I assume that Kate will be changing in flight for her arrival in Wellington, and Rebecca Deacon was seen getting out of the car by the plane with a hat box and a dress bag, so we know that we are getting a chapeau--hopefully one that can handle precipitation.

Rebecca Deacon 

The flight to New Zealand was not without excitement. The fog was so bad in Wellington that it was announced the royal flight might divert to Aukland if two passes were unsuccessful. I decided it was not the time to bring up a piece that ran in Town & Country in the past six months detailing how the flights of the rich and famous that crash are often due to pressure on the pilot to perform an unsafe maneuver to get his clients to their destination on-time, and/or without having to divert. Thankfully, despite delays, they landed in Wellington safely, and so we begin the tour properly...

I apologize for the delay in this post. With my usual careful forethought, I ended up at an airport myself--far from Australia--where I had little to no internet connectivity--right at the start of the tour!! So, there were hitches on both ends to start what will be a very exciting three weeks! Next post up soon!


  1. That olive overnight is not longchamp. It's a Tusting Explorer Holdall from pre-engagement era. Sorry to correct, but much more expensive than her current LC totes.

    1. Hey there! Always correct! It has been a little hectic around here and this poor post was particularly hurried in favor of the Catherine Walker main attraction. I think you will find the updated version has the correct bag. :)

  2. Hi Jane, please do not apologize for late post it's amazing that your covering the tour in such detail and I'm sure we are all very grateful for your hard work.
    I feel like I need to do my own post to take everything in! First of all George is so cute! And kate looks the perfect mix of stylish and comfortable. Yay! I'm beyond excited for the next three weeks!

    1. Thanks Simmy! Isn't he a cutie? Wow, I am really looking forward to seeing him grow. She looked so great--really smart choice for the flight! This is going to be fun, fun, fun!

  3. Love your blog,but you have a spelling mix up. I think you mean heels-not heals-. Unless her shoes have magic medicinal power.

    1. I doubt at the height we wears them that her heels heal. More likely the reverse. :) Thank you...

  4. You are welcome :)


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