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Idle Chat As We Wait For The Tour: Ralph & Russo to Design for Kate?

Friday, April 4, 2014

Well, lords and ladies of the realm, and humble foreigners--that's a lot of us--the tour is only days away. We are in that last minute waiting stage, so before the tour kicks off, I have a few fun items to bide the time...and keep you calm. I came across an original piece in Us Weekly which I certainly enjoyed, even if I am not sure of the veracity. You can, and should, read the whole story here:

But, the quick skim...some guy flies to Africa looking for a unique scent for his new perfume. While browsing through various sweet smelling varieties he is told a particular yellow rose is a favorite of Kate's. Supposedly she has them sent to friends as gifts... He snags some of the scent and is now going to make a fortune off his Kate Middleton perfume. Those are the highlights, but really he makes it a little more magical than I do. You should read it. It was fun. 

Ralph & Russo Facebook

This week, Grazia is reporting that Kate has commissioned Ralph & Russo to create some tour pieces. I would be thrilled if this turns out to be true, although the story does include references to the largely debunked idea that the Queen is demanding wardrobe changes. You know my thoughts on that. The article does claim, however, that Kate actually visited the boutique looking for inspiration, and they are of Australian origin. Anyway, I briefly covered Ralph & Russo in my Paris Fashion Week favorites earlier this year. In France, haute couture is a legally protected name and only those labels that apply to the chambre syndicale de la haute couture, the regulatory committee, and are accepted may use the term to brand their product. So to me, Ralph & Russo is a particularly cool label, to arrogantly quote myself:
Ralph & Russo is the only British label to be admitted by the French to Paris Haute Couture fashion week, “We expect savoir faire, which is being lost, and they [Ralph & Russo] have it.” the committee commented. The French didn’t make a mistake when they spotted this talent. I am very excited to see what they present on the runway!
Their entire collection was visually arresting with sophisticated detailing.  They described the dress pictured below as, "Intricate hand-embroidery inspired by the romance of an archetypical French garden - Jardin à la Française" an idea I am the first to embrace, but I can't help but also feel this collection has a certain My Fair Lady vibe. I love it. Kate would look stunning in anything these people designed, so cross your fingers.  

Ralph & Russo Facebook
Remember that although the tour starts on Monday the 7th, for many of us, that will actually be Sunday the 6th because of the time difference. William, Kate, and George are due to land in Wellington, New Zealand around 11:45am or so local time after 25 hours of flight! They will head straight to the home of the Governor General for a ceremonial welcome. 

Governor-General of New Zealand Facebook Page

There was a bit of a dust-up after the routes the royals will take were released to the public so the public can find the best vantage points to see the royals. Critics complained this was tantamount to a "manual for terrorists." The royal household has defended the decision to release the information, saying it is in keeping with protocol and that William and Kate want to see as many New Zealanders as possible. I have a certain sympathy for both sides. We do want to keep the Cambridges safe, but the definition of terrorism is to instill fear that fundamentally changes our lives and actions, which obviously is not something to which any of us want to submit. The routes are only released a week in advance and I am sure they will be fully protected in a secure convoy. This does remind us all, though, of the many concerns that must be dealt with on these major outings.


  1. These Ralph & Russo dresses do remind me of My Fair Lady. Kate has all the class of the beautiful Audrey Hepburn, so she would look sp perfect. :) Thanks for the update as we wait.

  2. Yet another danger of the job. Remember that we all live our lives in relative safety, while the royals truly can be specific targets of terror. Those protection officers aren't just there as an ego boost.

  3. I really, really hope she is going to wear something of this brand. Everything they make is so glamourous, elegant and sophisticated. This is exactly what I want her to wear. I can't wait!

  4. Your closing comment reminds me that we Kate-watchers could all say some prayers for their safety. I will be including them in my intentions when I say my daily rosary. Our Lady, watch over them as cared for your infant son, Jesus.

  5. Hi jane thanks for reminding us of the time difference I was a bit confused with dates! So that means they will be flying tonight (April 4th) I'm thinking there will be a stopover somewhere in between. Isn't that what normally happens when people fly to Australia or New Zealand? Does anybody know how long it takes to get there?

    I hope george copes with the change to his schedule! I am beyond excited and so happy I will be following the tour using this blog. I also love the white dress kate would look stunning in it. I have a feeling she wouldn't wear it though.
    Great post jane thank you for providing something to calm the excitement and butterflies! Yay!

  6. Hi Jane, thank you for this last pretour post, it's just the thing to get us through the next two days. :) The Duchess has so many wonderful wardrobe options, I can't wait to see what she will choose. I think the Ralph & Russo dresses are gorgeous, but wow they are eye watering expensive! The white gown would look stunning on Kate, although maybe with a shorter hem.

    Like everyone else, I am so looking forward to 3 weeks of Wills and Kate and especially George!!! I don't want you to get too overwhelmed by all the engagements and outfit changes, so don't forget to take care of yourself, maybe enjoy a little (or a lot) champagne!


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