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Down Under Day 14: George Meets the Bilbies

Sunday, April 20, 2014

In what will doubtless be the highlight of this tour, the Cambridges brought George to the Taronga Zoo to visit The Prince George Bibly Exhibit, an honor bestowed on HRH George last year at the time of his birth. Gosh, was he ready to do battle with meet the bilby:

Bilbies look to be a mix between a mouse and rabbit. Wombats, bilbies... SO many new animals in my repertoire. A little more searching and it turns out that some people would rather have an Easter Bilby than an Easter Bunny. The First Fleet--we are back to those guys--brought rabbits to Australia, and they have been a bit of a pest ever since. There are chocolate companies that still make chocolate Easter biblies. Unfortunately for George he won't be getting either. His mother told someone this morning he isn't allowed chocolate. No eggs, no bilbies... 

Daaad! What the HECK happened to Lupo?!

Get that Bilby!

This might be my favorite picture of the day. We haven't gotten to see a lot of interaction between William and George, but this sweet family photo couldn't be more perfect if they had staged it. 

George was on hand for the unveiling of bilby statues at the exhibit named in his honor. When gifted a stuffed bilby he seemed very excited...and then promptly cast it aside. Cute video well worth the watch:

Kate briefly stroking George's cheek is my favorite photo of the day:

Kate recycled her yellow eyelet from South East Asia and her Stuart Weitzman wedges.  With today's photos we get a chance to see it a little better. It is lovelier than I remembered! 

This close-up gives a better view of the yellow and white pattern:

I thought it hit the perfect note for an afternoon at the zoo on Easter Sunday. I am really loving all these recycles. Kate seems to be wearing everything better each time! 

Mom and Dad passed George off to Nanny Maria and toured the rest of the zoo without the rambunctious youngster. It was a photo-op dream. The two stood and fed the giraffes, my favorite, and the zoo keeper handed them a seemingly endless supply of carrots. Kate would hand her giraffe his treat quickly, but William seemed to enjoy being a bit of a tease. 

They both seemed to be having a wonderful time, but I felt like William was really in his element. He couldn't wipe the grin from his face. It was actually quite fun to see. Obviously, one of his areas of interest is animal conservation and I think his genuine passion really was apparent today.

There wasn't much to say about this day. The pictures and video do all the talking. A darling family on a beautiful day doing fun things! The Cambridges flew to Canberra in the evening and Kate deplaned recycling her blue Stella McCartney. No pictures are in at this time and so I am going to politely make my excuses and head to bed.  I will be back with that post sometime tomorrow. :)


  1. I am glad she recycled this it is beautiful! :)

  2. I also love your comment "what the heck happened to lupo " that made me laugh! :)

  3. Wow, George is such a wiggly, wild little boy!! The interaction between the three of them is so wonderful to see, they are a very close knit little family. Little George seems quite willful and it will be interesting to watch him as he grows up. Kate and Will certainly have their hands full with him, I can see why they aren't ready to have another baby quite yet.

    I thought they all looked wonderful today, great outfits for a zoo tour. The only thing I would have changed would have been Kate's hair style. I wish she had kept the half up/half down style from earlier in the day or maybe in a ponytail, which I think would have been more appropriate for this visit. Also, having it back and away from her face keeps her from fidgeting with it all the time.

    I think tomorrow is a day off for the couple, so I guess I'll just have to revisit pictures of Kate in that lovely McQueen coat from earlier today. I feel quite spoiled getting to see them every day, what are we going to do after the tour is over?

    1. Hi Lauri,

      I like what you wrote about her hair-do. Never would have thought of it myself but I agree, with a ponytail the look would have been perfect.

      I also wondered about what I will do after the tour. I'm already hoping for some shopping trips of Kate. But what about George?! We probably won't see him for a long time :-(

      Kind regards

    2. Thank you, Jane, for the wonderful picture and video choices.
      George reminds me of my little daughter. She is as rambunctious as he is.
      I enjoy seeing them together as a family. They are so natural and lovely. Absolutely the most wonderful event of the tour.

      I like her recycle. I was a little bit surprised because of the similarity to the Zimmermann dress. Her own creation is not one of my favourites but I like it much more than the Zimmernmann. Thank you for the detail. I didn't recognize the two colours and like it much more with that knowledge. It's so summerly and easy. Great choice again, Kate!


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