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[Picture Update] Last Day Down Under: William and Kate Make Surprise Appearance at Dawn ANZAC Service in Canberra

Thursday, April 24, 2014

William and Kate probably felt very briefly this morning like they were back in college. Partying it up in the evening and dragging themselves out of bed literally before the crack of dawn. The two arrived discreetly at the dawn ANZAC service at 5am, so do the math on what time Kate had to be up to be ready this morning.

I am sure they both felt it was worth it, as this was a very special event. The dawn service commemorates the ANZAC (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps) dawn landing at the Battle of Gallipoli.

If you are not familiar with this campaign, History has details:

The Gallipoli Campaign of 1915-16, also known as the Battle of Gallipoli or the Dardanelles Campaign, was an unsuccessful attempt by the Allied Powers to control the sea route from Europe to Russia during World War I. The campaign began with a failed naval attack by British and French ships on the Dardanelles Straits in February-March 1915 and continued with a major land invasion of the Gallipoli Peninsula on April 25, involving British and French troops as well as divisions of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC). Lack of sufficient intelligence and knowledge of the terrain, along with a fierce Turkish resistance, hampered the success of the invasion. By mid-October, Allied forces had suffered heavy casualties and had made little headway from their initial landing sites. Evacuation began in December 1915, and was completed early the following January.

And more notes of this particular day and the impressive efforts on the ANZAC troops:

On April 25, 1915, the Allies launched their invasion of the Gallipoli Peninsula. Despite suffering heavy casualties, they managed to establish two beachheads: at Helles on the peninsula’s southern tip, and at Gaba Tepe on the Aegean coast. (The latter site was later dubbed Anzac Cove, in honor of the Australian and New Zealand troops who fought so valiantly against determined Turkish defenders to establish the beachhead there.)
I was very moved by how large the crowd clearly was, and also interested to see that all over Australia and New Zealand, various towns were having these dawn services with healthy crowds turning out to honor their fallen heroes. 

In Canberra:

Raw Clip Form Dawn Service

It is frankly impossible to tell what Kate was wearing in the darkness, but possibly better photos and/or footage will emerge. The Royals will be at a mid-morning service later today.

Kate chose to recycle her Temperley coat from Remebrance Day 2013, which seems a pretty solid choice. One of my readers, who is a little shy and will only be known anonymously, was very adamant that this was Temperley. You were absolutely correct! Fashion telepathy!

It is nice to at last get a full view:

The military events are some of my favorite royal events. Pointing the spotlight on the courage and sacrifice of a nation's armed forces is both admirable and noble, and benefits the entire community. 

Remember the fallen...


  1. Wow, so very very cool. For once, their clothes are insignificant to the fact that they did not have to be at this cerimony but chose to partake in something of such unified significance between NZ and Australia. It is always such a moving occasion with the last post and the Ode of Remembrance. Kiwis and Aussies are not overtly emotional or outwardly patriotic as some other countries but this is the day that you do see it, especially at the Dawn service.

    If I may Jane - Dawn service is so very special to ANZACS. A very moving cerimony of remembrance in which many of the men who served in past wars, including WW2. You hear their footfalls coming out of the darkness in a haunting reminder of those who have not returned in these terribles wars, and when they come into the light, we can acknowledge the survivors and the sacrifices they have made too. We are lucky in that the Turks recognise the huge loss of our men and boys and treat them as though they are theirs
    "You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country. There is no difference between us, therefore, rest in peace. Mothers, who sent your sons from faraway countries, wipe away your tears; your sons are now lying in our bosom, are in peace, and have become our sons as well."

    - We will remember them -

    Kiwi Nic

    1. This was moving, thank you so much for sharing.

    2. Wow, as a mom with a son serving in the military I am tearing up. Thank you Kiwi Nic for such a moving comment and thank you Jane for such a moving post.

    3. "You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country. There is no difference between us, therefore, rest in peace. Mothers, who sent your sons from faraway countries, wipe away your tears; your sons are now lying in our bosom, are in peace, and have become our sons as well."
      Where's the Like button? So beautiful! May they rest in peace!

    4. What a lovely way to honor those who have served... very touching.
      Thanks for sharing your insight Kiwi Nic.

      It is nice to see Will and Kate were a part of this ceremony.

    5. May the rest in peace! Thank you for the insight and the history lesson, it was really nice for the to attend.A.

    6. Lauri--thank you for your family's sacrifice for our country! We love and appreciate our serving men and women, faceless as they often are to us.
      Nic, I hope you didn't mind that I shared your comment in the next post. It was so very beautiful. God bless the Australian and New Zealand forces--all militaries that sacrifice for freedom around the world.

  2. I wonder where Mr Security was? Tucked up in his wee bed?

    1. Oooh, no. :) That guy is hard core. If William and Kate were there, he was there somewhere, shrouded in the darkness...wary, and alert. :)


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