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Will the Cambridges Come to the United States After Down Under Tour?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A most interesting royal whisper was circulating just before this tour began over the weekend. Guy Pelly as many of you know, is marrying an American! And as you also know, people generally tend to marry in the place from which the bride was raised... So, you guessed it, Mr. Pelly is getting married in America. Memphis, Tennessee to be precise.


Guy Pelly is a close friend of William's and also Harry's. If you followed the royals back in the clubbing days, you are quite familiar with his name. Guy operated both Whiskey Mist and Mahiki--regular watering holes of the young royals, and so very familiar locations to dedicated fans of Kate Middleton. He was certainly a member of the main cast in our Royal Drama.

William often acts as an usher fro close friends, pictured here in Arosa in 2013

The Pelly wedding is to take place on the 3rd of May, and although I have seem some reports that suggest William and Kate will wait around for the wedding after their tour, that is entirely unbelievable. The royal couple will fly home from tour to Britain with George and it remains to be seen if either of them then head to America. Reports (which can certainly be wrong) are claiming that Guy has asked Wills and Harry to be ushers. Could be false, but is obviously very likely given how close they are.

Guy Pelly and Fiancée Lizzy Wilson

Will they or won't they? I would love if they got to the UK and were a total jet-setting couple and just turned around and crossed the ocean to America. My guess, however, is that William will return and Kate will stay at home with George, resting and readjusting him and herself, to normal routine. Furthermore, although I don't think there is bad blood, I have always felt like Guy never really became Kate's friend, too. In William and Kate's dating days, Guy was quite the wild-man (and remains an occasional headline grabber) and he influenced William in that direction, which Kate did not like. While still at St. Andrews, William and Kate had a tense summer when they actually underwent a bit of a trial separation, partly manifested by a boys-only holiday cruise around Greece, which was partially instigated by Guy. I'll just say you didn't get the sense Kate loved Guy. The push for freedom and wild parties, etc, factored into the terrible break-up in 2007. Kate hit Mahiki after the break-up, and there is a story that Guy--manager of the club--sat with Kate that evening and encouraged her not to give up hope. I think that their current friendship today rests on the veracity of that story. IF Guy stood by Kate during the 2007 break-up that would count for quite a lot in Kate's mind. IF it is untrue and he did not approach her to offer moral support, well...Kate has ultimately won out and is now the princess, so I am sure most of that is water under the bridge, but some things you don't forget.

Kate Middleton Sparkles at Mahiki
SplashNews Photos
Whatever Kate's opinion of Guy deep down, keep in mind that other than her brief stay in Los Angeles on their first tour, Kate has not been to the United States. And as this blog and my readers can attest, Kate-mania is sky-high here. It would be a much different matter for the little royal family to come here than for them to pop into the parish down the street from Amner Hall or something. The frenzy would be substantial. I think Americans would have a (marvelous) meltdown and it would make headlines worthy of a royal tour.

Touchdown Los Angeles: Kate's First Trip to the United States-- 2011
Splash news
Conclusion: I have no idea. My guess based on no more and no less than my gut feeling and the comments I have presented to you is that Kate and George will not come to America for the wedding, and that only William will slip in and slip out. I could be wrong. They may all make a surprise showing and cross their fingers that the uproar of excitement doesn't make too much noise, but the timing is not ideal so soon after the Tour. We will know in May, eh?

Wharekauhau Facebook

Meanwhile, it is around 2:30am in Wellington on Wednesday, April 9th. William, Kate and George will be undertaking engagements today. They have been secluded at Wharekauhau Lodge in Palliser Bay, southeast of Wellington, which looks to have stunning coastline views. The Mirror has a great write-up on the luxurious accommodations here. We will be back later this evening--which will be early afternoon in New Zealand. (Stay strong, we will not be beaten by the time-zones.)

Wharekauhau Facebook


  1. Good Morning Jane I do not see either one of them coming to the wedding. For one I don't think William like's being away from his wife & son. And it is to far to come to come in & go back. And if I was Kate I would not want my husband leaving me for a wedding miles away from home, but that is just me.

    I can't wait to read your posts on this tour. Hope you ger some rest.

    1. Hi Pauline! Well, with air travel the way it is, I don't think William would be put off by the flight--it's nothing compared to a flight to NZ :), but I think the larger concern is that it is America. Americans are very excitable people and I having Prince William in the heart of the country could make for quite the Wild West. BUT, Guy is a very close friend of William's. They go way back and it is very hard for me to see William skipping such a momentous occasion in one of his best friend's lives. I really think he will come, and I think Kate will stay home with George. I think Kate would encourage him to go. She can rest and baby George who will be craving mommy-time, and William can go stand up for his friend. The huge coup would be if Kate came, which I just can't really see happening, but would be thrilled if it did.

  2. Hi Jane! It might be possible that Wills and Kate will attend the wedding by making it a quick trip here and back, while leaving George at home to rest and recover from the jet lag. If the date of wedding wasn't known in advance, I could see them doing this but since it's well known it's hard to say. I hope they do, but only time will tell. Like you, I guess I just don't know.

    I am hoping that this tour will mark the beginning of more engagements for William and Kate, especially together, they make such a great team.

    1. If Kate comes to America, madness will ensue, I can guarantee you that. I agree that if there had been no advance reports on the wedding it would be more likely she would have slipped over, but the timing of the tour still makes it very inconvenient. I also think George will really need his time with mom after he spends so much of the next three weeks with the nanny. I think Kate will prioritize him once they get home and probably urge William to slip over since he is so close to Guy. I would love to be wrong. Having Kate in the US would be super awesome!

  3. It is the weekend of the May Bank Holiday, so I suppose it's a possibility. I hope they do go as Catherine has seen very little of the USA, but I'm afraid the critics might have a field day, claiming it's "another holiday". Can't you just see the"Daily Mail" headlines?

  4. Hi Jane, this was a very interesting post. I knew William and Harry are close friends him but didnt consider his possible role in Williams behavior during the break up. I don't think kate will go but I think William will make the effort to go because they are very close. But kate wouldn't because of the extra attention it would bring and I suspect she will have had enough of being in the limelight after 3 weeks on tour! I think your right Jane she will rest at home with george and maybe prepare for next engagement? Can't wait to see them at their next engagement will check in later yay! Thank you jane

  5. Could not blame Catherine for staying home with Prince George after 3 weeks on tour. Three weeks is a long time for a little boy under a year old.
    I have never had the pleasure of visiting New Zealand and Australia, but the photos make me relish the dream of one day having the opportunity to see both countries. Friends who have visited say the people are extremely warm, caring and friendly.

  6. Hello. Love your blog. Count me as another American obsessed with the British royals. Just wanted to note that, aside from the trip to Los Angeles William and Catherine visited either Wyoming or Colorado and attended a rodeo. I remember the photos and stories. Look forward to reading more on your blog - I just bookmarked it. Oh...we're not all "very excitable people" but it's interesting to note you think that.


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