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Wrap-Up Day 11: Blue Mountains

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pro-tip: The way to keep your blowout looking beautiful overnight is to put it in a ponytail right at the base of your head, where skull comes to a small bump and that indentation of the neck is formed. It is easier to show than explain in words... :) For magical hair reasons I do not know, you will not have the ponytail crease in the morning and your hair won't be all pillow-crazy. This same method works if you travel by helicopter. Put that lovely hair in a low pony so you are looking polished on both ends of the trip. Kate arrived in Winmalee and departed by helicopter, and although she spent the day with her hair gloriously loose, she had it pulled low on the chopper.

Also on yesterday's itinerary, although coverage was slow to trickle in, was the couple's brief stop at Narrow Neck Lookout to view absailing. (My computer keeps auto-correcting absailing to assailing and I continue to refuse the help. Full disclosure if it sneaks past me!)  Absailing is another name for repelling.

Kate wisely stayed a little back from the edge, a good plan when wearing those teetering wedges. I am a little dizzy just looking. Kate: "Get back here, buddy! I'm not raising rambunctious George by myself!"

"Having fun? Just checking..."

After their return to Sydney, William met privately with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. 

This is a fun recap of the day with audio of William and Kate chatting with personnel in Winmalee. Also, some cute girl guides discussing their feelings about meeting a princess. Not on this video, but somewhere floating in all the coverage, was the story of a five-year old girl who got to meet Kate. When asked what her thoughts were she said, "She had a very lovely she was from another country."  Funny how that works, eh? :)

It is another busy day today (tomorrow by Sydney standards) on the royal tour.  I'll be back later this evening to while away the hours with you all! Missed yesterday's post? Pop over and read it!


  1. I didn't like the dress so much when I saw links to it on twitter, prior to seeing it on Kate. Wow was I surprised! I absolutely love the blue and white color combo these days and this dress is just gorgeous on Kate! It really pops and Will looks great in his semi-matching outfit. Great fashion day for both of them imho. :)

  2. Hi Jane! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with your blog. I love reading your comments. I liked Kate's wrap dress, I just wished the fabric would have been jersey, so it draped better. Also, the shoes are a bit too much to perched on the side of that cliff. I shudder at the thought of her stumbling like she did at the vineyard. I do admire Kate for sticking with what works for her like wearing blue blazers, wrap dresses, skinny jeans...if it ain't broke why fix it, right? Except when it can prevent a broken ankle.

  3. Lack of time, I haven't seen so many photos from the mountains. Seeing the two pictures above I understand the discussion. She's a brave girl wearing these wedges... I never would.
    Thanks, jane, for the ponytail tip. Isn't it interesting to see her with a low ponytail? I can't remember seeing her with one. Thanks to Jane I know why she used it here.

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