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Wrap-Up Day 12: These Wedges Were Made for Running...

Friday, April 18, 2014

Hello and Happy Friday for some! It is already Saturday in Australia and the royal couple will be undertaking another full day of engagements. This is the wrap-up for Day 12: Sydney Easter Show and the Manly area events. I am going to work backwards and start with the beach, which was the last engagement. If you missed the full post, you can read it here.  

A few notes on Kate's shoes for this event. While Rebecca Deacon kicked her heels off, wearing wedges with a flat bottom enabled Kate to navigate the sand quite well, and these particular wedges were the only ones she could have done that in.  They are quite snug, but more importantly they are firmly held in place with that strap. Although I have expressed my opinion on these wedges and the strap, in fact if these didn't have a strap it is unlikely she could have kept them on her feet at all, let alone hustled across the beach during that little sprint. 

Kate is pretty comfortable running in these wedges. Nevertheless, she didn't seemed thrilled to get sand in them when she bumped up against a mound:

As an olive branch to those of you who either like these shoes or even own them yourself, I present a series of photos with the Minx wedges for your viewing pleasure. Kate was photographed at a 2012 polo event running about in her Minxes. This way, that way....

"Wait up, William!"

All caught up and happy...

The end. :) 

Quick wrap-up on the hospice visit. This is a video that covers every event of the day, including the Bear Cottage and some of Kate's remarks:

Kate's speech was very good. She is improving markedly. I have felt with most of her speeches that she was still finding her public speaking persona, and I was pleased to hear her remarks in Manly at Bear Cottage. She sounded far more relaxed and natural than when she first began. 

Kate's remarks in full:
"It really is wonderful to be here today - having the chance to meet you all and to see the incredible work of Bear Cottage.
"First class delivery of children's palliative care is life changing.
"When families are confronted with the shattering news that their children have a life limiting condition, their world can fall apart. It is at those times that professional support is imperative.
"I first saw this through East Anglia's Children's Hospices and have since been fortunate to see similar work in Malaysia, then last week at Rainbow Place in New Zealand, and now here today.
"William and I are strong believers in collaborative work. The sharing of best practice is transformational for organisations.
"The needs of families requiring children's palliative care across the world are varied. Circumstances and environment can differ - but the aim of those supporting them is the same - to offer the best and most loving care possible.
"I am delighted that Bear Cottage and EACH are planning to be part of a 'community of best practice'.
"The haven that you have created here is inspirational, and there is so much that you can share with each other as you continue to support and nurture those in your care.
"If I may, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has welcomed me and George so incredibly warmly on our first visit.
"To be here together as a family has been very special and we will always remember it with fond and happy memories.
"Thank you for inviting us here and for such a generous welcome."
I particularly loved her ending. "To be here together as a family has been very special...." Kate's emphasis on her family is what is so very special about this tour. We see the Cambridges now, not as the couple we knew before, but with the addition of George, as a new family unit. It has fundamentally changed who they are individually and as couple. She obviously knows that and now we get to see it for the first time. It is exciting and it is beautiful.


  1. I am loving her longer length outfits on this tour - so much much more flattering and chic her than shorter skirts in the past.

  2. Ah... this post answers my question/comment about wedge heels from your last post. Thanks! You are amazing!

    Victoria, Oregon

  3. Why does the kid have dark brown eyes, while the mother has lightish green and the father blue eyes? And why so huge for his age?


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