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Wrap-Up Day 5: Day on the Auckland Harbour

Friday, April 11, 2014

This is the Wrap-Up post for Day 5, Friday, April 12th, which was Thursday evening for many of us. It was boating in Auckland, and if you missed it, zip over to that post and get caught up. It was a fun day with William and Kate. 

This rain is really providing fun interactions between our two stars. While on the scheduled walkabout before lunch, it started drizzling and after Kate joined William under his umbrella and they concluded the walkabout, William had trouble keeping up with Kate. He was trying!

The live feed died before the race, so I followed it, as presented to you on the blog post, via live tweets from royal reporters and people standing by on location. This wonderful video will give you a flavor for the race, as well as the moment we all want to see: when Kate greets William on land after she defeated him twice in the yacht race. (Many thanks to RoyalKateDebate and awesome reader Alex H!)

I mentioned this on Facebook, but I don't think that Kate has worn Ray-Ban before. Most recently she has favored Givenchy, she has sported Dior, and back in the early days she was a fan of Coach, but I can't remember her having worn Ray-Ban ever--when in an identifiable picture. @AnnieElizabethN has ID'd this pair as the Ray-Ban RB4105 Folding Wayfarer. I don't expect her to wear these often, but they were appropriately sporty for the event. 

A video from the Telegraph has a very brief recap of every "event" of the day: walkabout, race, and SeaLegs ride. You can find it right here.

One comment on the Sebago shoes Kate wore and that she is pictured (above) wearing in Canada in 2011. One of my readers has provided a word of caution: 
I bought them earlier this year, but sent them back because the workmanship was nowhere near what I expected (I'm talking uneven seams, flimsy insoles, pretty terrible). Talked to Sebago customer service and learned that the style and color HRH wears is now being made in China. Most of their other styles (and even other colors in the same style) are still made in the US, but the white/tan combo is made in China now. So the quality is not as good as it used to be. Something to keep in mind if that kind of thing is important to you…it is to me, but I know it's not for everyone.
I (Jane) called Sebago myself just now and asked them about the Duchess's "Bala" shoes. The woman I spoke to said that the Bala were never made in the U.S. Although, when I pressed her about other products, she said that some Sebago products are made in the USA, so apparently it is a mix at Sebago. So, it is hard to say, but something to keep in mind. As mentioned by my thoughtful reader, she may have received a faulty pair, and it may be something that comes down to personal taste, but I thought this was a story that should be mentioned for you all to consider on your own. Also of note, another reader weighed in saying she loved her pair recently gifted to her in the last year. Anyway, food for thought! 

Today (Saturday in New Zealand) is another full day. The royals will visit Hamilton and Cambridge in Waikato. Events kick off at 11:15am, and it looks like the Duke and Duchess will split up for the first time-slot of the morning, but come together for the two afternoon events.  

Time zone conversions:

11:15am local is 5:15pm PST--8:15pm EST--1:15am in London--2:15am in Paris. If you wonder why I never convert for the rest of you, it's because I can't! These are the only timezones I deal with regularly, and trust me you do not want me trying my skills at numbers. I hope that you all can make the calculation leap from the times I am able to confidently provide. 

When available for those who are interested in tuning in, the live feed will be here

Lastly, a note on the tour. The hardest thing about the tour is just keeping up. The pace is grueling for bloggers and readers alike. You can't take a breath or you have missed things and can't navigate where in the whole process you are, or Kate is, or anything. It can get wild, hello South East Asia Tour! Ouf. SO, quickly, here are the posts of the past week in case you are feeling a little at sea--pun entirely intended--after this post:

Monday Funday:  Royals arrived Down Under
Tuesday: Cambridges were resting this day (It was Monday for most of us)
Wednesday: Plunket Playdate (this was Tuesday for some)
Post Wrap-up for Plunket Playdate (Day3 counting Tuesday)
Thursday: Blenheim
Friday: Auckland Harbour Day 5
And this is the wrap up for Friday

Today is Friday in the US and Europe and it is Saturday in New Zealand. We are keeping with the Cmabridges!


  1. I love that video! The thing that strikes me about these two is that they have such a genuine deep affection for each other. If you look at pictures of their joint engagements, they are always smiling and laughing with each other, as if sharing a private, intimate joke. They are a complete delight to watch together. No wonder the whole world(including me can you tell?) Is obsessed with them. They are such a beautiful couple and work so well together. Loved this post.

    1. Hey Simmy! I loved it, too! I was really hoping we would get some footage. Yay, NZ Americas Cup team! William and Kate's relationship is to be envied and emulated. :) I agree, too, that they have a chemistry in a crowd that really stands out. Glad you enjoyed the post!!

  2. I love your blog and am an avid reader. I must admit I log in more times that I like to admit these days just to check if there are any new tour posts. My own little pet peeve ... could you correct the spelling of Auckland in the current post. Thanks!


    1. Sharon, why are you the first person to tell me this? :) Auckland has been about as bad for me as Nizam of Hyderabad! I have fixed it and will be more careful in the future!
      Thanks for following the tour with me!!

    2. I was waiting for someone else to speak up, but as the hours progressed I decided that I would just have to do it myself ... I knew you'd want to know. I grew up as part of a Canadian family who had a real interest in "our" Royal Family. My mother spent her childhood playing with Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret Rose dolls during the war years. We couldn't open our presents on Christmas morning until we had listened to Queen Elizabeth's message to the Commonwealth. It was torture as a girl, but I must admit that I have now become an avid Royal watcher. Your blog is wonderful. As well as your event coverage, I particularly like your essays on the life of the Royals and I share your point of view. It is easy to be critical, but putting ourselves in their shoes is important. How they navigate through the life they have been born/married into, with all of it's historical significance, cannot be easy. William and Kate are a wonderful team and carry out their jobs with a grace that is to be celebrated.

    3. Well, it was certainly appreciated! Your story is very cool! Traditions are so important, and I think you sort of "cash in" on them later in life. I always watch the Queen's message, (since I started following Kate) but I open my presents first. :) Her address is my afternoon treat.
      Thank you for your kind words about the blog!! It is always such a real pleasure to hear from people who enjoy it. I will try to proofread a little better in the future...;)


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