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Wrap-Up Day 6: Waikato: Cambridge and Hamilton

Saturday, April 12, 2014

It is the wrap-up post for Down Under Day 6, which was Saturday, April 12th in Hamilton and Cambridge, New Zealand.

Another gift for George...

As I mentioned in the main post on yesterday's activities, I liked this coat! But, a lot of you in comments didn't seem to think it was so great. As you may already know, someone else wasn't all that taken with it, either. When chatting with a woman during the walkabout, Kate responded to a compliment saying she quite liked the dress, but that William thought it a bit bright. It is no brighter than many other dresses the Duchess has worn on countless occasions, which makes me think that William probably wasn't a fan for other reasons, such as fit or style, as voiced by some readers here. Certainly, it does come down to taste. When hunting for something unusual to change up my wardrobe, I am very attracted to these types of details, like zippers and boxy shape, but clearly it didn't garner a win from everyone!

William begins the race with small starting gun
Governor-General of New Zealand Flickr

It is interesting to note that Kate solo engagement yesterday at the Rainbow Place hospice is not only her first solo engagement in New Zealand, but her solo engagement on an overseas tour ever. I think it highlights her growth as a royal. William is very protective and thoughtful of Kate's comfort on these big trips, but she has her sea legs well enough now to strike out on her own a little bit. It also allows the two to maximize their time and interests.

Kate has tea with Bailey Rupe at Rainbow Place in Hamilton, New Zealand

This is also a sign of Kate's involvement in planning the tour, too. She fit in projects and initiatives that are important to her and connected to her charities. I was particularly touched by this story, reported by the Telegraph
Bailey Rupe, aged six, showed the Duchess how she uses hand puppets to talk about how she is feeling during sessions with a counsellor at the Rainbow Place... Her mother Jennifer Doolabh, 27, was given six weeks to live when she was pregnant with Bailey's little brother, Matthias, now aged three months, and was advised to abort her baby but refused.

The Duchess sat down at a child's tea party table with Bailey and asked: "Are you having
tea? Can I sit with you? How is mummy doing?

"Do you find it difficult sometimes? Yes, I'm sure you do, but you're a very brave little girl."

Bailey said afterwards: "I was excited to meet a real princess and it made me feel like a princess for the day too."

As heartbreaking as their situations are, it certainly is beautiful to see these children have a day of fun and excitement with someone as lovely and charismatic as Kate. 

I have been enjoying looking through some of these videos on the Sky News site here, and you may find you enjoy some of them, too. Also, 3News has fun video recaps as well, a little on the raw side, compared to Sky, but great as well.

I was very excited to hear from some of you who live in New Zealand and Australia, and those of you who were actually at recent events! It must be very exciting to have this happening so near, and very cool to have met the Duke and Duchess in person! Thanks for sharing your experiences!!

Today is Sunday, April 13th and we will be busy, busy. The day gets started earlier than usual, 10am local and 3pm PST, not to mention it will be earlier if you fellow the whole airport fun as they leave Wellington. I think this is the night they will not return to Wellington, so George is on his own today....with Nanny maria. :) See you all soon!


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    1. I think it is a beautiful coat! I can see why some people weren't excited and it does seem to come down to personal preference on the boxy and detailing aspects.


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