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Wrap-up: Plunket Playdate

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hello and welcome back to Royal Tour 2014 coverage. It is about 5am (tomorrow) in Wellington, so between 10am and 1pm in the US, and 6pm-7pm in the UK & France. William and Kate are hopefully still asleep--who knows about naughty George--and so we all have some time to run and around and be super productive in our real lives before a very busy day on the tour a little later. If you didn't see the post from late last night/early this morning, catch up here. That's the full report. This post is adding a few promised videos and photos of Prince George's very cute first public engagement.

Governor-General of New Zealand Flickr

Some fun video here. (P.S. if you missed watching the livestream don't regret it. It was awful. It stalled constantly, and the camera man kept focusing on William instead of Kate and George... It was frustrating.)

A really nice picture and video recap from Sky can be found at this link. they always do such great reports. You have to click the link and then click the video button in the right sidebar. Pretty intuitive.

I don't think we will be seeing George again really until Australia. He still is Wills and Kate's precious and private little treasure, and we all have had our time for the moment.  The pictures below give you a few close ups of Kate dress, but more importantly, this is pretty much how I imagine this little meeting going between the youngsters:

"Hey guys, watch me put some princely moves on this little lady."

"Uuuhhh, was it the description of Balmoral? Don't worry, my mom will redecorate before we inherit it!"

"Ouf, Uncle Harry warned me that sometimes even princes strike out..."

Haha, ah George. You are already such a hit. :) And this little girl will have these photos framed someday...

So, intrepid royal watchers, I will be seeing you all in a few hours. William and Kate kick today off at 11am local time in Blenheim in a wreath laying ceremony. That is 4pm PST and 7pm EST. That is 12 midnight in the UK and it is 1am in beautiful, sparkling, and always romantic Paris. They have a pretty packed schedule throughout the day:

  • 11am: Wreath laying ceremony at War Memorial, Seymour Square (Blenheim)
  • 11:30am Walkabout
  • 1:15pm Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre 
  • "Evening" State reception at Government House (Wellington) Are you reading what I am reading into this engagement? Cross your fashion fingers! [NB: no one expects a tiara, no tour events are formal enough to warrant that much bling, but I am obviously hoping for a very lovely dress.]

It is going to be a long night and/or an early morning. Note to self: pick up more highly caffeinated k-cups before this evening.

Later, y'all.


  1. Hi Jane this was a really fun post I loved your imagined captions of George made me laugh! And your last comment about the little girl is so true! Funny to think of George as an adult. So excited for the next engagements I will be checking in first thing in the morning. It's so weird becuase I'm in Birmingham, England and I keep thinking it's the day here so it's night there and I cant imagine having my time zones messed up like that, I would not be smiling and looking beautiful like kate always does! Excited a bit too much this tour has become an obsession for me!

  2. Hi Jane, thanks for the great catch-up post. The time differance is driving me crazy, waiting all day for the engagement then having to get some sleep and read about it in the morning. I can't imagine how rough it is for you!

    I was struck by how lovely the Duchess really is. Everyone else seems a little plain in comparison. Do you think that the sun shines only on her? :) And wow, isn't George a cutie! That outfit is so cute on him, I wish I knew a little boy so I could dress him just like George. William looks like such a proud father, but I wish he would wear differant casual clothes, it's always blue for him. I don't mind seeing him in casual pants and shirts, it's just that they seem to always be the same ones. I think Kate needs to shop more for him. lol

  3. William is probably like most men. He hates shopping for clothes, and that includes me. I wear whatever someone buys me, cos I really hate going in crowded shops and all those crazy women. It's a guy thing.

    Kate looks a dream, and baby George is just too funny. He looks like really a happy little chap, all mischeiveous, and naughty. Haha (Good lad). :))))) Wills needs to get him a pair football boots soon, so he can have a kick-a-about with dad. England needs a striker for the world cup.

    I'm loving this Royal tour/ It's good to see the young royal family. Some people were going nuts about kate abusing her and calling her lazy/ So sad. I said all the time people have to be patient, especially in this instant social media age. The monarchy is a gradual thing, and not instant celebrity. She is finding her feet in duty and family. Everything has its place and its time, and this is the new gradual changing monarchy. On this overseas trip alone she has around 40 engagements. The worlds media right now is spotlighting New Zealand. That kind of exposure alone, is priceless for their country their charities and their economy.

    The trolls will still bitch away about her as if they've always swallowed a bitter-pill all their no doubt. It just shows their own insecurities and has nothing to do with our kate. She is a dream. A lovely girl genuine and happy. It's fabulous to see her and her lifestyle.

    Love your work Jane,

    All the best

  4. This may sound like a really silly question, but I am not from the UK so I am unaware of these things.....I noticed in some of the videos George grabbing for other kid's toys while in Catherine's arms. He was never corrected or encouraged not to grab other's toys. Is this because he is the future king and nothing is supposed to be said or what? I know where I am from if a child took another child's toy the parent would said "no-no" or encourage the child to share. Like I said, I know this is a silly question, but I really don't know about the protocol for royal babies.


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