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Anmer Hall Nears Completion, George's First Meeting With Mia

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Slow, slow, slow. Royal news is slow as molasses in winter. Prince Charles and Camilla are in Canada on a quick tour (did you know that in French, the name Camilla is Camille? It is...); Harry is in Italy, and no, he has not gotten back together with Cressida as of the last breaking report; the Queen was just at the Chelsea Flower Show... Kate has been essentially invisible, but no doubt busy. Anmer Hall is coming along pretty quickly and Kate, as we have discussed before, is very present in the interior design aspects of the project. Renovations have included a room for Nanny Maria. People has reported on the project: 
Vital work has been done on the so-called "garden room," 16'x16' glass-fronted room, with windows raised within the roof. On its parkland side, the couple will eventually erect a pergola, to allow enable the growth of vines or something similar to provide shade and privacy.

The new room spans a gap between the main house and some old wood stores, which are to be converted into rooms, including kitchen and lounge and bedroom. It has been suggested that this will be for nanny Maria Borrallo.
If you ignore the Daily Mail's rather snarky headline, they have some fabulous photos that will get you all up-to-speed on Kate's country pile. It's a beauty!

Mike Tindall was at a charity golf game this past weekend and he spoke about everyone's favorite little hellion. Apparently, George met his two month old second cousin, Mia, at Highgrove in March where he behaved just like a boy. Throwing his food everywhere. The Mirror reports:
“George was eating at the time.
“He’d got to that stage where more food goes on the table than in his mouth.
“Mia was just chilling and sleeping, she sleeps a lot, she’s quite relaxed.”
Now, had he thrown the food at her, that would have been quite interesting. Fun story for the later years. You probably remember William and Kate at Zara and Mike's wedding not long after their own in 2011. I love this picture. Kate looks gorgeous while Harry and Andrew look like they expect a Scottish uprising any second. That is pretty intense stuff there. In fact, all the men around her look distressed. Kate: "Keep calm boys, keep calm. I am here and I am perfect." Love it. That's your laugh for the afternoon. 

Living in the Slipstream is out, and as was reported some time ago, Kate has written the forward to the book in which she briefly reflects on her worries when William would fly:
Having been an RAF wife myself, albeit for a short time compared to many of the authors of these stories, it is interesting to read about some of these situations reflecting all aspects of RAF life over the last 50 years. I loved my time in Anglesey when William was serving with RAF Search and Rescue. I cannot pretend that I didn’t feel anxious at times when William was on shift in howling gales, knowing that he was out flying in extremely challenging conditions, but he loved doing it and I always felt incredibly proud of him. I also knew that I was not alone and that there were many supportive Search and Rescue wives on Anglesey and at other bases across the country.
Tomorrow, the Queen hosts her first garden party of the year at Buckingham Palace. I am really hoping that Kate will attend at least one this year. We haven't much longer to wait before William and Kate pop up to Scotland! Stay strong... 


  1. I'm sorry to correct but... Prince Edward is in the wedding photo, not Prince Andrew. ☺️

    1. Andrew right behind William, Edward left behind Harry

  2. Oh wait! I looked again and see they are both there and, yes, you are correct, it is Prince Andrew with the intense expression. My apologies.

  3. Excuse me, but I wish I could say somenting: the nanny´s name is MARIÍA TERESA TURRIÓN , It´s very common in Spain thar first name was that, althoug we say both or only the second, it´s kind of a double name and Borrallo is Mª Teresas´s mother surname, in Spain we use 2 surnames , father´s and mother´s...............Therefore: Mª Teresa Turrión Borrallo.

    Thanks for your amazing job.

  4. What a wonderful "country house"!!!! I would love to visit it even for half an hour not to mention live there! I would like to see the inside and the furniture but I know it will never happen!hihi I just love the "turret" in the front (maybe a lift or the stairs?) and the contrast between the front and the back! It seems to be pretty isolated that is not something I usually like but I'm sure it's appreciated by them! Beautiful countryside..I'm trying to figure out what's behind those windows, which rooms,..! Very useful the marvellous garden room and the separate area for the nanny! Not totally convinced by the pool ( maybe the view from above is not the best and it has not yet been cleaned!)..

    Thank you for your work with all these posts..always interesting and funny!

    1. I agree with you, this is close to my dream estate. It's so nice with the nearby church. I love an isolated hideaway, perfect to regenerate. The garden looks quite boring to me. They probably have a nice view and it doesn't have to be baroque but only lawn.... very lowly. Well, I can see Kate planting vegetables in a nice Cottage Garden :-)

  5. Interested CanadianMay 21, 2014 at 10:16 PM

    I have seen a few photos of the house interior, altho I can't remember where, nor was any date of said photos given. The rooms shown--three, as I recall--were empty. The top floor, facing the backyard, the one with the small dormer windows, was painted in an off-white, probably to pick up the light, and the wall-to-wall carpeting looked new and was a soft grey. The room was huge, and I immediately thought that it would make a great family room. Stick in a pool table, a dart board. a large-screen TV, a couple of sofas, tables and lamps, et voila. It had a modern feel, as if it had been recently renovated, and these pics may have been part of a real estate parcel, when the Queen was looking for a tenant.

    The second pic was of a small bedroom. Altho clean, it had a dated look. It was done up in peach, and the carpet looked as tho it had seen wear.

    The third pic was of a decent-sized room, I assume on the main floor. The same tired peach carpeting was visible, but the real eyesore was the fireplace and surrounds. It looked like something out of the stone age. Rough-hewn thick wood. Incredibly ugly.

    Given the above, I suspect that most of the interior of the main house is in desperate need of a major overhaul.

    As far as the exterior of the house goes, the grounds look great, there has been a significant improvement here, at least. Nor do I have a problem with the colour of the roof tiles or with the garden room. However, the pool strikes me as rather small. Such a shame, given that both William and Kate are so fond of swimming.--I once read that, when a teenager at Eton, William was ranked in the top 100 UK swimmers. If true, given his lack of professional lessons, he had the makings of an Olympian. If true, too bad that someone in his family didn't encourage his natural talent. Instead, they handed him a shotgun.

    Really appreciate this site, where comments from left, right and centre are welcome.

    1. I reckon the water must be so cold there that it´s almost unbeareble get in........There is rain all the year and the temperature maximun average 18.8 C degrees in August...........for me it´s imposible to swim there......

  6. I wonder if they are building a wee place for Mr Security to sleepover?

    1. *lol* very funny thought!! That would be so nice! ^^


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