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Kate's Tough 5 Months With George

Friday, May 2, 2014

Sometimes, because we see Kate constantly perfectly polished, I think we can forget that she is human, too. She gets tired and run down and maybe even grumpy. :) Two comments were made on tour Down Under by the royal couple which have gotten a bit mixed up and combined. William said that George was hard work for the first five months, but after that "things got a bit easier" While Kate confided in another young mother that William was away "a lot" when George was young, but that you "just get by." Although, scrambled together as they have been, it gives a false sense that William was not present the first five month, it does give us insight into what was, I believe, a very rough start to Kate's role as a mother. Both these comments finally confirm the picture we were forming from the clues and tid-bits over the last eight months since George was born.

On the steps of the Lindo Wing, William cradled his new son and noted his strong, healthy lungs. That was our first tip-off that George was destined to be a bit of a handful. Even as the Range Rover pulled away from the hospital heading for Kensington Palace, as yet unnamed George could be seen in full, red-faced wail in his car seat next to Kate.

The Cambridges returned to KP where their family was waiting to welcome them home, but the very next morning, they left the palace for the Middleton estate in Berkshire. William had two weeks of paternity leave, and they spent that time with Mike and Carole. The images released that were taken during those two weeks are warm and happy:

But, when William's leave ended, the Cambridges loaded into the car and headed back to Anglesey where he continued working as an RAF search & rescue pilot. Carole accompanied the new little family and helped Kate settle into a routine at her farmhouse before William was spotted dropping his mother-in-law at the train station to return to Bucklebury.  William was working long hours and shifts that could last two days at a time, etc. Apparently, George was a fussy baby and I imagine he was up a lot in the night. You can see he has a forceful personality even now. :) I think that Kate probably bore the brunt of their little prince's early months.

By mid-August it was thoroughly reported that Jessie Web was coming out of retirement to help Kate. Nevertheless, my sense is that she was more of a house helper who may have watched George while Kate napped, or pitched in with household duties, rather than a full-time nanny. Kate is a very hands-on mom and I can tell you it wasn't the 71-year old who was soothing fussy George at 2am.  We saw Kate for the first time at the end of August as the Cambridges prepared to bid farewell to their secluded life in Anglesey. She looked lovely, albeit unusually au natural.

William's last shift was Tuesday, September 10th and the couple left Anglesey not long after to move into their newly finished Kensington Palace apartment. As with all things in life, there was a trade-off. They had left the seclusion of Anglesey and were embarking on a new chapter of more public duties, but at the same time, William would be available more often now that he worked a job with easily scheduled hours.  September 12th was the Tusk Trust gala in London, and as a patron William was obviously going to attend. It was a highly anticipated public appearance from Kate, and everyone was speculating on what she would wear to the glitzy event. She chose Jenny Packham in sparkles from head to toe, but it was not a dazzling appearance. Kate seemed tired. It was also immediately apparent that she had not lost all her baby weight yet, (which would hardly have been reasonable, but in this culture of instant celebrity bounce backs...) and I think because of that she was a little shy. It is important to remember that what you think she looked like has nothing to do with how she felt. We know Kate feels most comfortable and most beautiful at a particular size, since she was that size before pregnancy and has since dropped right back down to her pencil thin frame. No matter how beautiful you may have thought she looked, she was not feeling as beautiful as she wanted to. And I think all women will understand this dichotomy: what you see in the mirror and what others see can be two different things. I think this must have been one of her hardest appearances, and so in some sense one of her finest:

This kicked off a series of up and down engagements. Her next appearance for SportsAid was pretty spectacular as she wowed the world in skinnies and sky high Stuart Weitzmans on the volleyball court. Again, we thought her magnificent and she was the envy of post-pregnant mothers the world over. What Kate saw in the mirror was likely an entirely different thing.

The Tusk Gala seemed but a bump in the road as Kate radiantly held her new son for his baptism. The official photos released are of a deeply happy and content woman.

She immediately followed up on that family event with a glowing engagement at Kensington Palace for 100 Women in Hedge Funds.

While Kate may have been feeling better about her body image, I suspect that the long nights were beginning to really add up. Kate was splashed across every front page when she appeared for Poppy Day looking downright haggard as her roots shimmered down her part. She looked undeniably beat and the royal duo collectively looked drained of energy. As we discussed at the time, the center part she was experimenting with was also a factor as it pulled her whole face down, but even beyond that, she was obviously exhausted. I just think the early months can be very trying on parents and particularly when you are living under a spotlight and have the pressure of public opinion on your back.

Not long after she undertook another joint appearance with William for Only Connect at which she looked improved, but the strain was still visible around her eyes. These few engagements seemed to be rock bottom, and the timing coincides almost exactly with William's estimate of a "tough five months."

But, Kate seemed to have turned a corner when she appeared at a forum for Place2Be toward the end of November in a very daring mixture of blue separates:

Just the next week she was again looking fresh and relaxed at SportsBall's annual gala:

She solidified her comeback at the Mandela Premiere where she sparkled in her Roland Mouret gown and Zara necklace:

 Our beautiful Kate was back, and this time she knew it, too:

We suspected from the photos and hints that Kate was struggling, but we wanted to be wrong. Her confirmation on tour reinforces that as royal watchers we don't ever truly have the full story, and sometimes the situation internally can be a little tense. Kate persevered and "just got by" to be the mother she wants to be, and I think that is to be applauded. She is a strong woman who knows her mind and achieves her goals. Seeing baby George throughout this tour, seeing how welded he obviously is to his mummy, was so heart-warming. I am sure Kate feels that the sleepless nights and off-days in the spotlight were well worth it.


  1. Thank you for this post! I said from the beginning that George is a difficult baby if not collicy because each time William or Kate said something it was about his crying and at the christening they said that he was not always that 'good'. I think it was such a wise move to get help from her mom. Even now you can see that George is a bit hyper...definitely then a handful. But from there talk you can hear that they have learned some skills such as using distraction to change his focus. Great post! Maybe one day we will hear more.

  2. Anna1985, AustriaMay 2, 2014 at 5:03 AM

    My dear jane!
    As a mother of a 3 months old boy: i just had exactly the same thoughts about kate during this time. In the beginning it was my biggest achievment to brush my teeth before lunch. A lunch that was cooked by my mum :)
    being her during these months must have been super hard. She was supposed to look her best but you just can't with a baby...
    but things get better as time goes by!

  3. tough??? oh my god, i simply can't accept it. I admire so much Kate but i don't thing the title should be tough. tough is for a working mother that has to deal with all difficulties such as waiting 4-5 hours to get your baby examined by the doctor on the contrary to all royals that have everything on hand. they even had the opportunity to go for holidays without their baby...i don't know any parents WHO have the privilege to do that...i'm sorry but that's the bitter truth...and again,i don't have anything against her.

    1. Hello Anonymous. I appreciate that you come without any animus toward Kate, nevertheless, I think your comment was quite unfair. It does not seem that you are actually approaching the argument as it stands, but discussing the perks of Kate's life. While no one will deny that Kate has privileges, this was a post that addressed her as a mother, sharing the difficulties she shares with millions, and her privileges do not absolve her from the tribulations of a mother. You say Kate's life isn't tough compared to a working mother who can't get a holiday without her child? I say that working mother's life is easy as cake compared to the mother in Haiti whose roof is tin and whose floor is dirt, struggling to keep food in her children's mouths on rotating days. Do you go to funerals and tell someone whose loved one died of natural causes that they have it lucky, there are people in the world whose family members are brutally murdered? Are people not allowed to undergo human emotion if an example can be found where they have it better than someone else? It gets a little ludicrous. This piece was not a wealth comparison chart, nor was it to find someone whose situation is worse. Dealing with the cards dealt to her, Kate had a tough five months. Her body did not recognize her "royal" status when it had to get up multiple times a night to feed George, their money didn't stop him from spitting up, or crying as he teethed . Her royal status enabled her to take a get-away, but it also forced her in front of cameras for the entire world to then dissect and judge her post baby-body. Again, and again! Can I tell the mother who down because she hasn’t shifted those last 5 pounds of baby weight that she shouldn’t complain since she won’t have her photograph on the front page of People? Just because we can find any number of scenarios in life that are harder than Kate's, does not mean Kate can't still feel these emotions and struggle with the natural trials of early parenthood! I feel hungry and tired, even though there are people starving in third world countries; I cry when I lose a loved one who has lived a long and full life even though there are many families who have lost children to brutal acts of violence, I feel down sometimes even though I live in a 1st world country while others live without many of my conveniences. I shouldn't whine, but I am allowed to experience those things legitimately. Kate hasn’t been whining, and being a royal doesn’t mean she isn’t allowed to be human anymore.

    2. Dear Anonymous,

      I am confused about your post, you state that you admire Kate and don't have anything against her, but your other words say exactly the opposite. It's almost like a reverse prejudice, just because Kate has quicker access to a doctor or a mother who would love to watch her grandson, doesn't mean she didn't struggle or suffer. The average working mom doesn't have to worry about the whole world speculating on her looks (especially when she's dead tired), how quickly can she bounce her body back, how is she raising her child, etc. Being a parent is tough whether you work 9-5 or live at KP.

    3. What a lovely, insightful look at Kate's last nine months. New motherhood is hard no matter who you are. Add in that Kate is followed and crtitcized at every turn and I applaud her for her strength to take on her duties away from George, let alone travel around the world for three weeks on a very public tour.

  4. Brilliant, brilliant post Jane. During Kate's early appearances after George was born, I was pretty appalled by the level of criticism heaped on her by the media and in many blog comments. There was everything from speculation that she was "clearly" suffering from post-natal depression, or that there were marital problems, or just plain critical that she wasn't doing enough about her appearance. Despite all the wealth and privilege that Kate enjoys, she has chosen to be a hands on mother and I stand up and applaud her for that. With William finishing out his RAF duties, those early weeks must have been draining for her and as you say, you can bet it was Kate and not Carole or Jesse Webb who was up with her baby in the wee hours. It was very obvious from the portrait of the Cambridge family that emerged on the Antipodean tour that William is very much a hands on dad as much as he has been able to be and that he and Kate are rock solid as parents and as a couple. Look at that photo of him looking at her as they walk down the red carpet at the Mandela premiere? Isn't that the look of a man who thinks his wife is just stunning?

  5. Wonderful post. One of my children was a bit more challenging as an infant- with some colic and a bit more grumpy than other babies, and it is not easy. Every smile is precious because you don't get many from them. Luckily he is a happy, well adjusted boy now but the early months were tough at times! Thanks for keeping it real with this post. Kate will help other mothers with her experiences.

  6. Having had a challenging baby too, those first five months can be brutal. We are horribly unsupportive of women in general, much less so when they are in the public spotlight. We expect a baby to be born and a mom to bounce right back within minutes, certainly not days. I thought the Jenny Packham was brilliant. It was so busy, it really camouflaged, detracted and brightened her during what is truly, one of the most awkward times in a woman's life... just post-natal.

  7. The first few months of a baby's life is tough on the parents. She hasn't complained but you could see in her eyes she was tired. Obviously "hands on" mothering, same as she was brought up...
    And expectations! The world's press scrambling for every photo and every newspaper, magazine etc, watching and writing about you.
    I think she has and is doing a great job. Prince William chose well.
    Linda C.

  8. Dear Jane,
    Thank you for your understanding blog. At times I have been appalled by critics who seem to have no understanding of caring full time for your child. It is hard work, but I am sure many more would wish to do it, if they could afford to.
    It seemed so very obvious, on her few engagements that Catherine had very little time to get ready. I felt so sorry for the criticism thrown at her.
    I am sure Catherine will feel well rewarded every time George smiles at her.

  9. Love reading your posts. I have a baby two months younger than George (albeit my 3rd) and I cannot imagine having to face crowds of people and have the pressure to look "just so" all the time. With the perks come a lot of pressure that I think many forget. So glad to have come across your blog!

  10. I have known for months that George has been a handful. I am surprised nobody in the press has picked up on this.

  11. Hi, Firstly, I love your blog and I really like HRH, we all do, that's why we read your blog. However, I do think that as difficult a time HRH probably had with Prince George, she still had it easier than many women in the Western world. The reason - her wonderful supportive parents and siblings, not money or wealth. Whenever I feel envious of HRH it is her lovely parents I feel envious of, not her wonderful clothes and jewels. When I was eight months pregnant with my first child my mother unexpectedly died. I run my own company and work had to continue. No maternity leave for me. Husband was away a lot and it was very tough. Granted, I did not have media trying to take my photo all of the time, but it wasn't a nice time and to have just had a mother to have made me lunch or hold the baby for five minutes would have been the most fantastic thing. So, in summary, it probably wasn't the easiest of times for HRH, having a new baby rarely is. The media scrutiny must be hellish at times. However, she is in the most fortunate position of having a loving, supportive family base and a very private escape in Bucklebury when she needs it. Not all new mothers are that fortunate.

    1. I am absolutely willing to agree with that. She had a tough time, but she had her family to help her. It is not about her money or her title, it is about her family. She was lucky in her support system, and Kate would be the first to gush over that blessing, I am sure.

      I am so sorry about your mother. That sounds so very hard on more than one level. :(

    2. I completely agree while she must have had a hard time with George, her body issues, media, lack of apperances but lots of mothers go through the same. Such is life. While I do not want to hurt your feelings Jane but this post needs balancing. I think the prevoius commenter who disagreed with you maybe missing this balance. This is all about poor Kate who had 5tough months as I supposed lots of others had too. By the way how can we help her, what can we do? Nothing, we saw she made it. Should be happy about that.The 2nd will be easier.A.

    3. No worries, I have a thick skin. :) But, I have to say I don't know that I understand your point. When you say it needs balance and that she had a tough time like lots of others and we can do nothing to change that... It seems you are saying the focus is all on Kate and not discussing other mothers and their stories. Which is entirely true! This is not about other mothers. While I have friends who have had hard times, maybe more difficult than Kate's financially, as they hold their families together while having kids, those wonderful women are not the focus of this blog. If you are saying that the post needs perspective by contrasts with other women's stories, that just isn't the mission of this space. This post is about Kate and only Kate, as indeed the entire blog is about Kate and really only Kate. My goal is not to write a piece that carefully tries to figure out where in the hard or easy scale Kate falls compared to other experiences--I'd be here forever and frankly, it isn't relevant. This was simply a presentation of her experience as we witnessed it and now with a peek from the inside as she has intimated in her recent comments on tour. If you are making another point, I would be happy to respond to it, but at the moment it isn't entirely clear to me the whole thrust of your comment. I hope my confusion makes sense. :)

    4. When I started to follow your blog I started because your posts had perspectives what I mean is you wrote your opinion which coinsidentally losts of time was mine also. I thought you dare to say not just good things about her, her fsshion choices. I thought you are somebody at last who does not follow the typical route and make her a saint. So many people here just look at todays post call others by name simply because Anon has a different opinion. Instead jotting down your opinion and leave the others. People cant do this. You are a hater, envy person if you say anything less than good about the Duchess.

      And here comes your todays post. I did not want you to write about others, when I said a perspective I meant that at the end of your post I felt dizzy because of too much sugar. It is a poor Kate post, I felt like crying. I do not know how to put it simply I say this I didnot like it , it is not that Jane Barr I used to read. I hope you are not hurt by my honesty. I still appreciate everything here but it was a bit too much to me from love. A.

    5. Hi Anonymous,

      i'm deeply moved by your story. Chapeau for your strength!! You impressed me!! I hope you can hold on some wonderful moments of that time, too.

      By the way, I totally agree with you. Kate seems to have a close relationship to her family above the ordinary. It's just great.

    6. I don't think this post is too much sugar. I think it is very insightful. It is a major adjustment to give birth and have a new little creature totally dependent on you, while your body is undergoing major changes--I'll spare you the details regarding recovery, nursing, etc... Watching Kate, we realize she struggles with her weight, bad hair days, and fatigue just like the rest of us.
      One of the the things I like about this blog is that it does not seem to delight in destructive gossip about Kate and William. Checking into this blog is fun. I don't feel like I am an ugly person for wanting to read it, since it is even handed and generally positive. But it's not too sugary. Still laughing about the Maleficent hat picture... And it was a nice hat!

  12. Interested CanadianMay 2, 2014 at 10:08 AM

    Absolutely agree with you, Jane. And might I just add that I think that if it had been up to Kate, she would not have put in an appearance at the Tusk Trust event on Sept.12/13. Her body language just screamed, to me at least,...I don't want to be here. This, I think, was one occasion which William insisted upon; he knew her first major appearance, in London, after giving birth, would attract major media attention, and he wanted that for his favourite patronage, Tusk Trust. Badly done, William.

    Aside from that, it is perfectly clear that Kate enjoys a strong bond with George and it would seem that this is something she is unwilling to give up. Not even for a long-weekend in Memphis, where William is currently partying with his brother. Of the three young major British royals, only Kate appears to have achieved adult maturity. Lucky George.

  13. Jane what a great post. I feel for Kate. I had a tough time with my first son who was colicly for the first 6 months. And I can tell any person who have not had children to please give Kate a break. No amount of money can fix a colicly baby. I think now William is trying to make up to Kate for being gone thr first few months of George's life. It was hard on both of them I would think.
    No daddy want's to leave his wife & new baby but he had a job to do.
    It is really nice to see a royal couple be such hands on.

    Again thanks Jane for this great blog. You do such a wonderful job.

  14. I was quite critical of those who criticized Kate for not instantly jumping into appearances at events. Her first and most important job was to be a good wife an mom. In those two jobs she has obviously succeeded thus far. ( Probably these same critics were the ones who complained that she didn't work before her marriage. But if she'd worked, they would complain she took a job away from someone who needed that job. She can't win no matter what she does. ) The envy of people toward those who have any thing that not everyone else has is very distressing. And more distressing is the fact that in the States, at least, the current presidential administration is promoting that class envy by vilifying anyone who is wealthy. I imagine there is some of the same in England as well. Sad.

  15. Firstly - thank you for an outstanding post. You bring clarity and balance to the situation and that makes a change from some of the "fan" blogs.

    Secondly, I am so pleased with your response @ 6.09am to Anonymous. I have no idea where the concept that rich or privileged people don't have the same issues that "ordinary" people do. As you say, her life does not stop pain, tiredness, emotional stress, loneliness, pressure, worry and all those other pulls and pushes of becoming a mother.

    Yes, other women face this but Catherine had a choice. She could have (as all other royal women have done) had nannies, nursery nurses etc from the very beginning but she chose not to. She selected to be a hands on mother, to stay close to her child and not pass him over to others to raise. She should be congratulated for this not condemned as being "lucky". I think that Catherine appreciates the support and love she has from William and her family

    This attitude of being negative towards people who "have more" is just another form of prejudice. Same as the animosity shown towards the Middletons because of their background. As you show in your response, we all have something "more" than others and perhaps we should should be grateful for that.

  16. Wonderful post!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  17. Thank you, Jane, for that great summary.
    To join the discussion I think it is difficult to compare the different lives of mothers. Raising a child is hard for every mum. First of all there are mothers who are less privileged but are stronger than a woman who has more possibilities and vice versa. Every mother feels different about motherhood.
    Respective Kate, I am split. I admire her for her strength to handle the situation under public eyes, handle the pressure, finding herself as a mother and in the her own new family - always aware of the press. But on the other hand having her mum so much time around and later a nanny.... I'm envious. You can achieve so much for you personally if there is someone around to look after your baby regularly. I always think of that when I try to squish my sports programme in 30min while my daughter is asleep. Do this every day, no way! So Kate got into shape within a few months, I have fought for 1,5 years :-(. But this is just personal. In summary you can't evaluate anything, right? Simply because we only have that clues.
    Kate did a great job. I'm glad she obviously looks after George herself - at least most of the time ;-). And I think she is tough because she is that responsible, she got through these hard times ALTHOUGH she is that privileged and could have organized a nanny who got up at nights.

  18. Jane,
    I absolutely love your blog and I love your interpretations on Duchess private life.
    But I got quite a mixed feelings about this post.

    I strongly disagree about the point of view of many readers thinking of Kate as "just like one of us". Because she IS NOT. Being firstly - Middleton (with all the billions) and secondly the wife of the Prince she has all possible help in the world. It's up to you how you use it or how you don't use it. She spent first month after giving birth with her loving family in the luxurious environment. I bet whole Middleton family where fighting trying to decide who's turn to babysit now. It must have been pretty much holiday for Kate.
    The same thing after returning at KP. I don't think she had any duties at all apart from spending time with your baby. No cooking, no cleaning, no laundry. Just being with your baby. Not much to do at this stage (I know..I'm mother ) You can take a nap whenever he is napping and babies at this age are still napping a lot. You can have the best stylists, best trainers, best nannies just by waving your little finger. And it's not about your weight or hair color. I mean if Kate was worried about her pictures in the media that would be a little childish. I don't think she is that kind of person "OMG my sh**iest picture ever is on the cover....OMG ...what should I do..." ... My point is that she is allowed to any possible help in the whole world...and if she didn't take it is her problem.
    Maybe she is a wonderful mother, I don't know...but STOP thinking about her as a "usual mom". She is miles from it.

    1. Hi there! First of all, glad you like the blog, present post excepted. :)

      I think is going to be something we may just have to disagree on. I will agree that Kate has resources others do not, although her chief resource, her family, is one that many, many do. So, I understand this is not universal, but it is not exclusive to her position. We really, though, are not talking here about the kinds of things that can be abrogated by money. I didn't address who cooks or cleans. We know she had help. Antonella and Nanny Webb were brought on board for light help, clearly. I addressed something else--more intimate. Who nurses, who gets up three, four, I don't know how many times in the night to soothe and comfort a fussy child, whose body has to heal and readjust, who has to do those things? It is neither Carole, nor Pippa, nor Nanny Webb, nor Antonella, nor for the most part even William. The answer is Kate. She has made that abundantly clear, and George has proved it so by his obvious strong attachment to his primary caregiver. So, in this, Kate is just like every woman. No one could go through labor for her, as much as I am sure William wished he could, no one can heal for her, no one could face the cameras for her, and she clearly did not let others take those restless nights from her.Who are we to judge how hard that process was? It is different for every person! I am not privy to the privacy of her OB/GYN office and she sure as heck didn't share. I can observe her actions, observe her public appearances, draw on past behavior to make a judgement on what is likely. And lastly, I can listen to what she herself tells us.

      Which brings me to my final question for you. I would only ask what do you say to Kate and William themselves? This post isn't based purely my hypotheses, but on their actual statements. William said the first five months were tough, and Kate said William was away a lot, but you just learn to get by. So. What do you say that? Because as I see you it, you can either agree that Kate is a woman just like every other woman--Her body does not know it is royal, she underwent a major physical ordeal becoming a mother, some women are hardier than others and I have to say Kate looks on the delicate side, and she has made it clear she is a hands-on mom, so late nights, fussy days. I only see option 1: she had a tough five months, or option 2: she is a whining liar. For my part, I believe them. I think we knew it from pictures before she told us, and yes, in the end, I think she is a mom like every other mom. Her circumstances differ, as do all of ours, but she IS just like us in this particularly role shared by millions.

  19. Dear Jane,

    Thanks for this post and for bringing up what is obviously a hot button topic for some. While I agree that Kate is not a saint neither is she a woman who deserves constant criticism for how she lives her life. I think that she is trying her best to be a good mother, wife and future queen.

    In the past I too have been somewhat critical of her, feeling that she could do more with the position that she's in, shop a little less,etc. I found that spending my time being critical of someone that I don't even know wasn't the best thing I could do for myself. Just generating that negative energy feels unhealthy. So while I don't feel bad about stating my opinion about what she wears, I am trying to not pass judgement on the decisions she makes for herself or for her family.

    While I appreciate all the hard work that Jane does on the blog, the researching, finding the photos, the witty writing, finding Mr. Security in a crowd :), we should all remember that this is a fan blog, we are not curing cancer or ending world hunger, so I think we should all try to keep this lighthearted and fun.

  20. What a discussion has sorted out! That means that the original post is effective at spotting a different light on kate's life, so good job!

    That said, I think that you Jane got a little bit carried away in picturing a nappies slaved kate. I am quite sure that she had a tough period from july on .... Just as any new mother of a a first son probably is!

    But why assuming that jesse web was no help? I agree , it is probably kate who gets up at night but in daytime? I cleraly remember she missed a high society wedding in scotland in sept, because of george. Will went to scotland alore and the day of the wed she was pictured doing clothed shopping! I don't mean she had to bury at home but that shows she had at least free time.

    You say she was shy and insecure about her physique at the task gala, but - if so - why wearing a thight glittery number?? A couple of weeks afterwards she proved the worls she was in shape, so why being sad that particular night? I think she didi not care of showing the shape of her body and act accordingly (and got slimmer as soon as she could)

    William was away, but when? He was just doing his flying job and fullfillig his royal agenda , which has always been fuller than kate's.

    On the contrary, chances are that she organized the move to kP, which had to be refurbished, and start doing the same for amner hall, and that prooves she does other things in her daily routine beside nanning george.

    In the end, are we so sure george is that terrible baby? All we have is william jokings on his lungs (which sounds like a cliche to me) but what we saw in the tour was a baby who carried of a all day long air travel and get down the plane perfectly calm. He is growing fast and it will be an hard work with him chasing around but I really don't see that far a so terrible boy.

    They are a good family with their domestic problems under the spotlight but I think they are doing well . Hope to see them as soon as possible


  21. It seems like part of the reason she looked haggard or tired during a couple of those engagements was due quite a bit just to her hair. I don't remember another time when she's let her roots grow out like that. Do you think she was nursing, and didn't color her hair due to the chemicals? Or was she trying a new look? Or did she just not want to spend the time it would take to get it colored? I'm also honestly wondering how her hair looked so good for the Tusk gala but not as good for other engagements around that time. Is there a way for celebrities or other high profile people to the color of their hair touched up for one just evening? I'm sorry that these are kind of silly off-topic questions, but I've been wondering.

  22. I think, regardless of opinions about Kate's privileges, that there is someone we also need to herald here and that is William. He may have been away a lot the first little while but Kate always has his unwavering support and she knows that and must draw strength from it. I can't help but compare this to Diana's situation when, after giving birth and suffering (by her own admission) horrible postpartum depression, she was told to suck it up and carry on with a full schedule of almost daily appearances. Heaven bless Will for not letting "the firm" do that to his Kate. So, privileges aside, criticisms aside, they are a team and they are doing what they feel is best for their new little family. In that - no matter what your "job" is - they are just like all of the rest of us.

    1. I so agree with, William is always shadowed by his wife and son, but he is really growing both from the individual and the public point of view

      gabriella, italy

    2. I think the entire firm learned a painful and valuable lesson from Diana. I would also give kudos to the Queen who very much is respecting this young family's wishes to slowly emerge into the public duties that lay before them the rest of their lives.

  23. I think any new mom that is hands-on has a hard time with their first baby. I know I sure did. My husband was on the road for work and I was left to figure it all out alone. I think Kate had a similar experience, maybe a harder one if George was fussy or colicky. I don't doubt it for a minute.

  24. Your posts always fill in a lot of gaps. Thanks Jane!


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