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The Middleton Medals: Week 3 Results

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Well, it is time to tie-off The Middleton Medals: Down Under 2014 with the announcement of the final week's Readers' Choice and the winning hat of the tour.  As usual, I was so interested to see what everyone liked and why. I announced earlier that my choices for this third and final week were the pink McQueen and the grey Jane Taylor hat from Easter Sunday, and it was fun to find we reached a happy harmony as both these choices win in their categories for Readers' Choice! The only week this happened! 

The winner for best ensemble for Week 3 goes to the pink McQueen:

You chose the grey Jane Taylor as your favorite hat of the tour! So, so elegant:

It has been suggested this hat might work with the pink McQueen--actually, I think I suggested that--but then an even more interesting idea was raised, What about the pink McQueen with the pink Jane Corbett from the Buckingham Palace garden party, pictured below in a recycle for Trooping. Wow! I would love that. 

Back to The Middleton Medals...Runners up? In ensemble the Michael Kors look she closed the tour with came in second, which is certainly my second choice as well. What a strong finish to a fabulous tour that was!! 

Third place was snagged by the Roksanda Ilincic that debuted upon her arrival in Uluru. Beautiful dress:

Runners up for best hat are, the turquoise Jane Taylor from Palm Sunday:

While, third place falls to the beautiful Gina Foster pillbox:

Honorable mention should go to the Jonathan Howard that took so much good-natured ribbing with such lovely grace. :)

Tour wrap-up still to come in the next week! 

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  1. So glad to see that my favorites won! McQueen, Jane Taylor, and the Duchess are a terrific trio! The Michael Kors coat was lovely, but the hat just makes me giggle and wonder when Kate will break out into a run ala the Flash!


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