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Kate Recycles Favorite DVF For Treehouse Hospice Visit in Support of Children's Hospice Week

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Kate made a little private visit to Treehouse Hospice in Ipswich to mark Children's Hospice Week. Treehouse is an EACH hospice, of which Kate is a royal patron. Whether you realize it or not, if you follow Kate, you have witnessed a number of EACH events. 

EACH Facebook

Kate has marked two milestones in her public life on behalf of EACH and Children's Hospice Week. She gave her first speech in 2012 at the Treehouse Hospice:

EACH Facebook

And she again reinforced her commitment to her cause when she delivered her first video plea last year in support of Children's Hospice Week and East Anglia Children's Hospices (EACH).

A statement announcing the Duchess's visit was released on the Children's Hospice Week website, but the actual date of her visit was not mentioned. I really doubt the visit was today, but suspect it was in the past two or so weeks. 
The Duchess of Cambridge recently visited EACH’s Treehouse hospice to learn more about the services that are required for families with seriously ill children, and especially the role that volunteers can play for children's hospices, which is an issue she is exploring further with her Foundation.
Kate was wearing a recycle, her pink and navy DVF. This is longtime inhabitant of The Kate Closet, dating back to 2002, I believe. She was photographed in it twice as Miss Middleton and twice as an HRH.

Kate on Tour 2012
This is not the first time that Kate has turned to DVF and she never fails when she does. Every single DVF wear has been a stunning success. The green shift in LA and recycle at Zara's rehearsal dinner:

The black Remembrance Day coat:

The gorgeous ruffled coat that Kate wore when leaving Edward VII after her hospitalization thanks to the ever troublesome, but always charming, George.

The striking and lovely blue and white wrap for the Blue Mountains visit:

Kate has never done anything less than stun in DVF. It's a win, kiddos. Seriously, can Diane von Furstenberg do wrong? She can't. This isn't cutting edge fashion, this is tried and true, feminine, perfection. Kate has the body of a goddess and Diane caters to just that, so it is a recipe for success. I like that Kate wore something that is such a wardrobe staple. It is so normal. You stand in front of your closet having a meltdown on what you need to buy and suddenly you realize that dress you have had for a million years is perfect. Crisis solved.  Great feeling.

Most of all, it is lovely that Kate is out walking the walk as she throws her weight behind a cause near and dear to her heart. These are the times when Kate reminds us she is determined to make a difference.


  1. She looks beautiful! Love this DVF! Thanks Jane for reporting on this. There have been a lot of appearances recently, and we are not unaware of the work and time you devote to this blog to keep us all up to date. Sending you love and thanks. Get some rest soon!

  2. I love all her DVF looks, too. I think DVF flatters so many body types. Glad Kate feels comfortable recycling and that she keeps the focus on the kids. Great blog, Jane! I love reading.

  3. Out of all the DVF dresses this one I like the least. Just something doesn't do it for me.

    I think it wonderful that Kate has this as one of her charities. Great cause which the world needs a lot more of.


    1. Hi KiwiNic! I I perfectly agree with you! I'm not a great supporter of this dress among others DVF creations, even if it's nice and makes me smile to see she wears the same things for so many years. I like very much the green one and the coat she wore after her hospitalization..but I don't like these kind of dresses with "printed" she sometimes chooses! Anyway this is suitable for the visit, simple and probably comfortable!

    2. Hate the dress--the paisley pattern and pink piping are hideous. It looks like something one would by at Target.

  4. I think it is brilliant she is making these under the radar visits. It must be alot easier to really have a good and informative visit without the media there. Also I think this proves that although we might think Kate does not do enough engagements, there's alot of stuff going on behind the scenes that kate carries out. What a wonderful cause to support and how it must resonate with her so much more now she is a mother herself.

  5. I think she's a really organized lady. Imagine being able to keep a dress wearable for 12 years? That's something. I don't even remember what clothes I had 10 years ago :)

    I like that she stays true to her style - classic, neat and sophisticated. For me fashion come and go but style is eternal and I feel she has the latter.

  6. I think this under the radar visit might help dispel comments that Kate id not doing enough appearances. With the pictures released after the event is complete, it puts the emphasis on the importance of the event and less on Kate's outfits. I think she is doing more than many give her credit for.

  7. Non a fan of that dress but it's appropriate for the visit. I believe it was a while ago, since the billboard behind kate says "april" :-)


  8. I love her voice, it has a twist or tempo that most British speaking people don't have. Thanks for the clip.

  9. Her Sartorial choices of late, for both she and George, go along way to dispelling the tabloid rumour that she had an online shopping addiction and that Carole was worried about it because it would make Kate seem less common. (That's what the tabloid story was). Everything recently has been re-do. Good for her.


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