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Kate Kicks Off the Tour de France in Green Erdem from New Zealand

Saturday, July 5, 2014

William, Kate, and Harry had a busy day as the 101st Tour de France got rolling this morning in Yorkshire, England. Apparently, the Tour de France can begin from countries other than France, and this year, riders are to race from Leeds to Harrogate, York to Sheffield, and finally from Cambridge to London before the televised landscape tour of France gets well and truly started. 

The riders biked from Leeds city center to Harewood House where the royals were waiting to preside over the ceremonial start. Harewood House looks like it could sub in as Pemberley in a pinch:

Flanked by her princely counterparts, Kate cut the ribbon to officially begin the race. 

As the bikers raced off, the royal trio boarded their helicopter to zoom to West Tanfield, a town along the course, to cheer on the racers and meet with locals. This stop had not been announced until today, presumably for security and crowd control reasons. Not to get too obsessive over this, but West Tanfield is a village quite close to Ripon--just a few more months, Downton fans, hang in there.

Kate was recycling her entire ensemble from Cambridge and Hamilton, New Zealand. This green Erdem again has the Suzannah tea dress peaking out from underneath, which Kate most recently wore to the Natural History Museum to see the butterflies. When Kate wore this coat in New Zealand,  she was also at a bike themed event as she opened a velodrome and received a little biker jacket for Baby George, so I do like that connection: 

Today, William was wearing his French Boy pants from his Blue Mountains visit. Harry appears to have taken a cue from his big brother and opted for colorful chinos as well.  

The last stop was Harrogate, where Kate was due to award the winner of Stage 1 with a yellow jersey. The Wales/Cambridges are all fairly sporty, and they seemed pretty enthused as they waited at the finish line. This might be my favorite picture of the day. 

Fashion verdict: when I saw Kate was recycling the green Erdem, my first thought was, "Oh no!" I don't know if it was because I wanted something new, or thought we would get something a little less formal for a bike race--although, it is the Tour de France, so--:) I loved this coat on its first wear and I still really like it. We have talked about this before, but on recycles I like to see something switched up just a little. Given it is July and this coat has a decidedly sturdy air about it, I think she should have worn her hair up. That would have given the ensemble a fresh pizazz and relieved a little of the weighty feeling. Despite the slight drawbacks, I thought this coat worked very well. It is very flattering on Kate, and I loved the nude accessories she paired with it. It is a win for me. Not a SuperStar look or a a massive home run, but I solidly approve. It was lovely. 

Last year I was in Paris and I stumbled upon the end of the Tour de France and the celebration by the Champs Elysées. 2013's winner was Brit Chris Froome. In the heart of Paris, the Union Jack was waving, crowds were gustily singing God Save the Queen...for a brief moment I was concerned that the end of the world was on us all. Then I realized it was the Tour de France and the winner was British--phew. Still, I scuttled out of there before an international incident was sparked among some of the lightly inebriated revelers. I am sure that Wills and Kate are secretly hoping for a similar Brit win this year. 


  1. Hated the coat before--same verdict. Who wears a heavy coat in July?

  2. Based on comments from other sites, I know that I will be among the minority opinion...I truly like this look today. I think HRH looks bright and vibrant. I also think the haircut gives her a nice life. While, this look is on the more conservative side and one she has recently worn, I think it is important to note that she has received a large amount of criticism regarding her look recently. As a result, I think she looks professional and in line with the way the rest of the British royals dress. I imagine it must be difficult to be in the public eye and criticized no matter how one dresses. Overall, I give this look, appearance, and her interactions a thumbs up.

    1. Hi Amy, I wasn't aware of criticism regarding her look. Who is being critical and what are they critical about? Just curious. Thanks!

  3. Hi Jane, thanks for such a great post! It's great when the three royals get together, they seem to really enjoy each others company. Seeing Harry with W&K just makes me think how great it will be when he finds someone to settle down with, it'll be fun to double date! I have mentioned to my daughter that Harry is single and available and that I wouldn't mind being a mother-in-law to a British royal but she's not interested. Darn!

    I wasn't a fan of this coat the first time she wore and I still don't like it this time. For me having it zipped all the way up is too severe, there are too many zippers and the stitching at the bodice is just too much, also when she bends it bunches up very oddly. Also, I thought is was out of place, with Will and Harry wearing casual clothes and everyone else in short sleeves. I was hoping that when she awarded the shirt at the end of the day she would have ditched the coat and just went with the dress. Even though we haven't really seen this dress on her I think it might have been more appropriate for this event.

    On another blog someone wrote (and I agree) that Kate seems to be at a fashion crossroads. Wanting to update her look to reflect the fact that she is a mom now, in her 30's and has been in her position in the royal family for 3+ years. But, not wanting to look too matronly or older than her years but maybe ditch some of the young-ish clothes such as the white dress she wore to Wimbledon and the tired skinny jeans. I sure with the advice of her mom and sister as well as her own great fashion sense she will make some great choices. Personally, I would like to see her wear some trousers, nice pant suits, pencil skirts and cardigans such as Letizia and Mary wear. I am currently loving Letizia's fashion choices and feel that Kate would look just as lovely in some of these styles.

    All that being said, I love her hair today!! It appears that she has returned to the pre-wedding length, which is my favorite! It's still long, which I'm sure William loves, but has more bounce and volume to it. And no more sausage curls, hip hip hooray!

    1. Hi Lauri,

      funny anecdote about about your daughter. maybe she changes her mind ;-)

      I totally agree with what you said about the coat. It would have been better she had taken it off later. It's a pity!

      Interesting what you said about her fashion choices. I'm curious which way she will choose ;-) I have also thought about her wearing trousers and pant suits. It would be so nice and more youthful. Letizia and Mary are great fashion ideals. I'm a fan of Letizia's style. I mostly see her in elegant and feminine, sometimes brave, clothes but they seldom look old on her but exciting.

    2. Lauri and Vicky I totally agree with you! The coat was a little bit heavy and I definitely think she should try some trouser suits! Maybe she does need a dresser after all just to help her make some more interesting choices. Love her hair today though so shiny and bouncy nobody has hair like Kate it's her trademark! :)

  4. Bicycling is not my favourite sport, but today my husband and I were both sitting excitedly in front of the TV when the race came to an end. He, because he loves the tour, me, because of Kate :-) (couldn't watch the start and wanted to see her on TV at least at the end).
    When I first saw her I also thought "Oh no" and I had to keep that. I'm sorry but I have been very disappointed. I didn't like the coat the first time and although I warm a bit towards it, to me it was the wrong choice for today. MUCH too heavy and too conservative for the event in my opinion - despite it is the Tour de France - and even with her hair up. But I'm glad some of you liked it ;-)! Your mention, Jane, of the connection to the velodrome in New Zealand made me feel a bit more graciously ;-). It's nice! I also liked the nude accessories but they don't enhance the whole thing that much. Sorry, dear Kate: That was a miss to me :-(
    Although her outfit was no win to me, it has been a successful day anyway because german Marcel Kittel won today's stage and got his yellow tricot from Kate - lucky guy ;-)

  5. The dress has the structure of a sleeping bag...or sofa's so unflattering (sorry). But her hair looks nice. At a certain point, the constant fiddling with it seems like a bad habit that needs to be broken (and weari it down when widy!! Why!!!). I think recycling clothes is great, but I what there was something new added to look

  6. The color and cut of this coat suits Kate very much. I would have added a new pair of shoe to this ensemble because I am weary of Kate's shoes! I say this not as criticism, but merely my opinion. - not that is matters. :) While Kate's style is evolving, I find that I prefer her hair and her fashion choices the first couple of years she was married. I can't help but wonder if Queen Elizabeth has a huge influence of her fashion choices. I know she requested for her hem lines to be lowered, but I wonder how much other "advice" the Queen has given.

    Love your sense of humor, Jane, and I enjoy your blog. Becks, North Carolina

  7. I love the coat. The sporty lines are perfect for the event. The only downside was that is is clearly a piece for cooler weather.

  8. I detest Erdem, period, and hated this coat when it made its first appearance, Down Under. Yet, for some reason, perhaps Kate's hair which looked great today, I found I could stomach the coat. As well, the presence of Kate, William and Harry (the eternal triangle?--and yes, I disapprove when they act as a trio; call me crazy, but this is a) lazy, on the part of their office staff; b) tends to lend all three a juvenile air, which I think would suit Prince Charles as it leaves to him, or so he may think, the part of older, wiser statesman--NOT; c) it interferes with a marriage, and the building of a team, not a trio;) was redundant; clearly, not all three were required to fulfil these official duties. It should have been given solely to William and Kate; god knows, Harry has already spent far too many hours on sports-related activities this year (Is he ever in his military office?). And having said that, I would be delighted to see both William and Kate, or just Kate, with a companion of her choosing, at Wimbledon tomorrow.--Kate has a genuine love for the game, unlike, insofar as I know, Princess Eugenie, who has been to Wimbledon twice this year, I think. Or did the other Yorkie go once? I mix them up. ( But do either play tennis? Has anyone ever seen them swing a tennis racket or heard had they had an interest in this sport? I have not.) Eugenie probably attended in order to increase her public profile, now that it seems that she no longer has a job.

    Re the rather wretched Erdem coat Kate wore today, she didn't have a lot of choice. The trio travelled by helicopter, and I think we all now know the danger of wearing a lightweight summer dress anywhere near moving helicopter blades. Maybe Kate could have chosen to wear a dress with a pencil skirt, but...and I am clueless here...surely that would depend upon the height of the steps, and how much the skirt might have riden up, assuming that helicopters have steps for entry and departure.

    I did love Kate's hair today, and her hair, when well done, makes up for a lot, even Erdem.

    1. Dear Anon,

      I think Will, Kate and Harry really just enjoy each others company and with the various things they have going on in their lives they might not get to see each other much and that's why they enjoy doing these types of engagements together.

  9. I didn't like this coat when I saw Kate in person in Cambridge, and I still don't now. It didn't fit well then, it still doesn't now. She needs something to give her a bit of definitiion or she just looks straight up and down. Love the hair. So much better slightly shorter. I like the layering at the front which adds a bit of interest. Harry always looks like the extra when they do an event together. Poor lad.


  10. I thought Kate looked happy and relaxed and as beautiful as ever. I love this shade of green on her. That said, I don't like the coat. The cut looks wrong on her and there are far too many zippers (even on the sleeves!). I don't think we have seen a closeup of her in the Suzannah dress without a coat, have we? It's a beautiful dress and she would look lovely in it. She probably wore a coat today due to the helicopter ride.

  11. Don't like that dree at all :( She is very thin and that outfit is not flattering. Didn't anybody notice that she trimmed her hair?

  12. I like the coat but it is too heavy for July. However, this seems to be the same type of outfit the Queen always wears. She almost always wears a very straight lined coat over a matching dress for almost every event other than the formal ones. A while back someone suggested that the Queen had her dresser work with Kate before the Aus./NZ tour and while I didn't see evidence of that then, perhaps this is the result of that advice (assuming it was ever given.) And having a coat on certainly prevents the "wardrobe malfunctions" that have occurred in the past. Personally, I never thought Kate needed advice on fashion but perhaps she needs to be more aware of the climate before she chooses her outfit for the day.

  13. I do like this coat but I was disappointed to see her wear it for this engagement. She seemed so out of sync with PW and PH. Perhaps if it had been unzipped with a nice
    floral skirt and white blouse showing underneath as in the designer's photos it
    would have seemed more summery. I have to agree with other commentators that the zipped up coat is the result of all the blowing up skirt photos. Shame to the paps!!

  14. This is my favorite of Kate's coats. I love to see her in emerald green, and this coat walks the line between regal and down-to-earth. Fantastic.


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