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Kate Recycles White Zimmerman to Cheer Andy Murray at Wimbledon

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Right up with her annual family vacation, one of the sure-fire non-official events that we can really bet on Kate attending is Wimbledon, and more specifically when British star Andy Murray is on court. I was nervous this year given the bad press the Cambridges garnered over their recent rehab of Kensington Palace, but I am thrilled to say that Kate and William didn't let the naysayers rain on their parade. The lovely Duchess and her husband were in the front row of the Royal Box today to cheer on Murray:

Kate always wears white. In 2011, shortly after her marriage, Kate was radiant in a white ruffled Temperley to see Murray battle Richard Gasquet:

She was twice in the royal box in 2012, first with William when she recycled her white McQueen from her tour of Canada:

Again a few days later for the final match, accompanied by Pips, she recycled her white Joseph dress from Canada and the cream tweed jacket, also by Joseph, that she so successfully debuted at the Epsom Derby in 2011.

To the disappointment, but not surprise, of many, Kate was missing from Wimbledon 2013. Thanks, George. George: "Sorry, not sorry."

Today, Kate wore white again, this time recycling the Zimmerman from the Easter Show and Manly Beach on tour Down Under.

This dress is very summery and feminine, but with just an edge of sporty to it, I think, thanks to the detailing along the back. Kate has already taken it to a sporting event when she visited the swimmers at Manly Beach:

Today Kate was carrying the fan clutch by Anya Hindmarch, a red shawl, and wearing her LK Bennett Sledge heels. We haven't seen this clutch in some time--I don't actually remembering seeing it any other time than on Canada Day in 2011.

I can't say I love it, but it adds a splash of color to her white ensemble today, and the relaxed raffia style is in keeping with eyelets laid back vibe.

Kate and her family are avid tennis fans, and Kate plays regularly herself. Kate won her largest privacy suit when she objected to long lens photos taken of her playing against James while on Christmas holiday. It is always fun to see all the Middletons show up at Wimbledon and today Mama and Papa Middleton were also on hand. They were looking pretty dapper, and I particularly like Mike's light suit. If you are in the party that wishes William would branch out more, he has to look no farther than his father-in-law:

William and Kate can clearly amuse each other despite the circumstances. Cute award goes to William in this picture:

They were having fun:

Kate's very expressive face came out to play, which is one of the best parts of Kate attending sports matches:

Despite Kate's obvious moral support, Murray wasn't able to pull it out. Nevertheless, he reminded his victorious opponent to bow to William and Kate in the Royal Box at the end of the match, so protocol was maintained. ;) William and Kate looked pretty disappointed to have seen the UK's favorite so summarily defeated.

Fashion verdict: score! Murray might have failed, but Kate was winning in what was already a very popular dress from the first wear, and that seamlessly transitioned to this event. It is hard to mess up white at Wimbledon, but she has a lot of white, and this was a perfect choice for the tennis match. Her hair was looking particularly fabulous to me. Big, graceful waves without the sausage curls that have been diving public opinion should make this popular all around...I hope. :) 

If you missed George's trip to see the butterflies this morning, pop on over to this post...

We will be seeing Kate again in just a few days!!


  1. Thank you for this great post! I thought Kate looked wonderful and so nice that she and William can get out to watch a sport they both seem to enjoy so much. Feel bad for Andy.... but not too bad! Canada has two great players in the mix still - Eugenie Bouchard and Milos Raonic, so I'm hoping the best for them. Been a long time since Canada did so well in tennis....

    Thanks again Jane. Wonderful two posts today.

    1. Thank you, jane!! Glad you enjoyed them both. It was such a fun surprise to see the Cambridges twice today.

      Kate clearly LOVES tennis and is always so involved in the games, so I was very pleased to see they made to time to come out, and even better, to come together. Date day!! :)

  2. Loved this dress the first time H.R.H. Kate wore it, and still love it. At first, I wondered why she paired the dress with the taupe patent L.K. Bennett heels, but after seeing William's formal look with his suit and madcomplete sense.

    I think they looked wonderful together. With August in the near future, I wonder if July is the last month we will be seeing the Cambridges for some time?

  3. She's been wearing dresses that are very loose around the stomach lately (today's dress, the one at the butterfly place, the Goat from yesterday that was very roomy). And I noticed she's been holding her clutches to the side or at her waist instead of down by her hips.

    Maybe she's pregnant again?...

    1. Anything is possible, but I doubt it. I don't think the Goat dress was so, so loose, I think it was more to accommodate the bending. I have the uncomfortable feeling that Kate will struggled with her second pregnancy as well, although I hope I am wrong. I guess what I think in this case is that none of the elements here are enough to suggest anything abnormal. She could be pregnant, but for myself, I feel it is pure speculation at this point. One of these days though, the speculation will be right, but most likely from luck. ;)

  4. Oh Jane, thank you again for your excellent job. I like that you are referring to incidents in the past. It's so interesting! I didn't know about the tennis photos with James.
    Turning to today: I think her outfit was nice. I didn't like the dress the first time but I warm to it. I love her wearing white and I adore her hair. It looked perfect today! It's difficult to copy these curls ;-)
    Jane, you brought up something in your last post (when you mentioned Diana. Yes, I read them all but often haven't enough time to comment ;-) ) I have recently thought I should ask you. Maybe you would like to write a post about what you think is so special and popular about Kate. Why are her fashion choices so in demand? As some mentioned in comments before, there are so many other royals in Europe who have a great, maybe greater, style, especially Queen Letizia. I remember your answer about Kate beeing known in the world. But why this enormous hype? Is it charisma, being down-to-earth, being friendly? Is it her beauty, her youth, the feeling we "know" her (contrary to Letizia of whom little is known)? What's your opinion? I would be very interested in that! :-)

    1. Jane, awesome coverage today, as usual. Thank you! I agree that the clutch seems to have been last seen in Canada, and it brings together the beige shoes with white and the red Pashmina in a creative, interesting look typical of Kate. I like the way she follows protocol with court shoes and day dresses and also makes a creative statement with her accessories. Yes, too, about Mike Middleton's great look in a light colored/light weight suit. Any ideas about Carole's dress label? Katherine USA

    2. Thank you, Katherine! So happy you enjoyed the post! Carole's dress is Jaeger--their Dogtoooth Shift Dress. The Middletons always look so lovely. :) Not hard to see where Kate gets it.

    3. Hey Vicky! That is a very interesting idea. I am willing to pull my thoughts together on that! It might be a few weeks--life is a little swamped Chez Barr right now--but it is an interesting topic and I would enjoy given my perspective. Thanks for the idea!!

    4. Victoria, OregonJuly 2, 2014 at 11:54 PM

      I'm curious, like Vicky from Germany, and would love to hear your thoughts on the topic of Kate's popularity, too, Jane. Love your blog!

  5. We have been spoiled this week with something every day and twice today.
    Loved the broderie Anglaise dress the first time round and it was perfect for a hot day at Wimbledon. Could tell what was happening in the match just from looking at her expressions.
    Thought her hair looked lovely--but then it usually does,. It is obvious that William likes it long or she would probably had it cut ages ago and from pics seems George does too, so there really is no point on some blogs, demanding that she cuts it.
    She would scarcely recognize her with short hair.
    Thanks for all your work this week.

  6. I loved Kate's hair today; this is the way I like it best: long, loose, styled and flowing and if it blows around a bit, so what? ( I sometimes wonder if the Queen wears a wig as I have never seen her hair move; it puts me in mind of a helmet.) I was also glad to see the LK Bennett shoes--they are very flattering, much more so than the new, more expensive pair by Jimmy Choo. And although less-tha-crazy about her dress, (broderie anglaise strikes me as a juvenile material, something a 10-year-old might wear to a birthday party) it was occasion appropriate; it breathes.

    I occasionally watch Wimbledon tennis on TV, and have noticed that those not in the Royal Box are often much more casually dressed--t-shirts, small sun hats or visors,etc. I actually feel quite sorry for those in the Royal Box, especially the men in their suits,often dark, and ties. Isn't it time to relax the dress code a bit? Even a light-coloured, light-weight suit and tie must be very uncomfortable on a hot day.

    You posted some great pictures today, Jane. Thanks.

    1. I agree that the dress borders on child-like. Maybe if she had worn a blazer to change things up a bit. I wonder what the temperature was. I am also noticing that Kate is aging very fast, she has wrinkles on her face and neck. I wonder if it is because she is so skinny. She looks so much better with fuller cheeks.

  7. I'm pretty sure she's wearing white and carrying red for the English flag (St George's cross), even though Andy Murray is Scottish.

    1. from Canada...
      Maybe Kate remembers that July 1st is Canada Day, and chose to wear red and white - just a thought!

    2. That's exactly what she was doing. She had a maple leaf hat on and everything, But when she goes to Wimbledon, she wears red and white for England.

  8. She wore that clutch on Canada Day last time and wasn't this tennis game on Canada Day again?? Maybe not such a coincidence?

  9. Jane! Love your blogs, Have you seen this yet?

    The Duke and Duchesses Wax figures have received a makeover! I enjoyed the gallery and thought you would too!


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