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Kate Wears Goat Sheath Dress For Visit to Blessed Sacrament School in Aid of M-PACT Plus

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

One of the first headlines that I saw reporting on today's royal visit was "Duchess of Cambridge Delights School Children" but seeing the accompanying photo all I could think was, Duchess of Cambridge delights all of us! Kate was at Blessed Sacrament School in Islington, London, viewing the progress of M-PACT Plus, an Action on Addiction and Place2Be initiative that helps children to break the cycle of addiction.

Kate was joined by comedian John Bishop. He successfully kept Kate in giggles and had her blushing when he publicly referred to her style icon status. The Mirror reported:
He appealed to the press not to focus on what the 'style icon' was wearing, where the clothes were from or what hairstyle was in place - but to focus on the project.
"Basically, don't make the story about me," he said.

Kate launched this M-PACT Plus project last year with Bishop at Willows Primary School. She was pregnant with George at the time and that event, too, was a fashion success as she glowed in an Erdem print.

Today, Kate chose a dress from the category she has been heavily favoring: structured sheath. This Goat dress is in the same style as the Sydney Roksanda Ilincic, the blue poppy LK Bennett, and to me most reminiscent of the snorkel blue LK Bennett she wore to Northolt Highschool in February of this year. for From Berkshire to Buckingham
Although I consider this a debut wear, if we were to be sticklers I would have to say this is a recycle. It is almost certain that this dress is the dress Kate wore underneath her Jonathan Saunders while visiting Strathearn last month. Since we only saw a few glimpses, today's wear was very much a surprise and a "first wear."

So, this is the second, or third, Goat appearance depending on your perspective. It has certainly been a solid positive trajectory for the Goat label. It was a rocky start when last year she wore the white "Goat Coat" that I found very unflattering, but today is an absolutely delightful success.

We see Kate in greens and blues more than we do in any other color, so it makes these bright pinks and reds all the more striking when she does wear them. This piece was a classic Kate dress: a simple concept with fun details. The artful darts and pleating along the front added dimension without sacrificing the very streamlined and flattering silhouette. 

I loved the belt and the nude accessories, her Natalie clutch from LK Bennett and Jimmy Choo pumps, and enjoyed seeing her earrings again. These Effervescence Bubble Stiletto earrings from Links of London have long been in her jewelry box, but don't get taken out as often as some others. She wore them a lot just after her marriage, beginning at the ARK gala, then along on her trip to Canada, and sporadically since.

Today was a very solid win. There were remarks that the dress was too loose, and while I did notice that it was on the roomier side I think we are seeing Kate implementing elements into her style that allow her to function best while on a public engagement. She loves to connect with the children on their level...literally, and to do that she needs a little extra room and she needs a little extra length. I didn't think this dress was too loose or too long, it was very flattering while also being practical.

I would be remiss if I did not briefly mention that today would have been the late Princess of Wales' 53rd birthday. Diana remains the predominant fashion icon of my lifetime (although as time moves forward I think her daughter-in-law will join her in that title) and the woman who began this crazy royal fever to begin with... Obviously without Diana there would be no William, but without Diana's magnetism, it is unlikely public fascination for Kate would be so high. It is amazing how one person's life can alter so many others... May she rest in peace.


  1. Oh, she looks so lovely in this color and I love her hairstyle. Nice nod to Diana, too. May she rest in peace.

    1. It was such a wonderful outfit. Glad you liked it, too! :)

  2. I agree that this dress was most definitely a win. And, while it wasn't overly fitted, I definitely don't think it is too big on her. And obviously everything is custom tailored for her, so any perceived "roominess" is, as you pointed out, likely purposeful in order to more fully fulfill her engagements.

    Something about her hair today was not my favorite - I think it was the way it was pulled down towards her crown instead of up with a little lift. It felt a bit flat to me. Of course, she looked stunning, it just wasn't my favorite style on her.

    1. I think that her hair had some flat angles in pictures, but I actually really liked it overall! I definitely heard others comment on it, though, so you are not the only one for whom this fell flat. No pun intended... ;)

      Thanks for reading!! xoxo, Jane

  3. Great photos of Kate. She looked amazing today. Thanks for the post, JB! I love your blog!

    1. Hahaha, hey thanks! I am always excited to hear from blog groupies. :) Hope you stop by often!!

  4. I loved this colour on Kate, so nice to see something a bit different. Liked the dress style too as I think it gave her a little more shape with the pleating under the bust. I don't like ringlets though on adult women. Something is a bit off with it for me but I do like her hair off her face. Overall, a really nice fresh look for her


  5. Hi Jane,

    Thanks for a great post! I love this color on Kate, it is so summery and fresh. I was really getting tired of the coats! While I love the color of this dress, I'm not wild about the pleating in the bodice, I don't think it did any favors for Kate's figure. I did like her hairstyle today, the half up/half down look is by far my favorite. It allows the crowd to get a better view of her face and prevents her near constant fidgeting with her hair. But I don't know if I'm a fan of the sausage curls, but them seemed to relax as the day went on and looked nice by the end. I'm thinking she needs to trim her hair a bit. I really like the length that she had at the time of her engagement photos, it gave her hair much more bounce and volume.

    The pictures and videos of her interacting with the children are priceless. The kids look so thrilled to be meeting a real life princesss! I wonder if her interest in substance abuse and addicition stem from her Uncle Gary's drug use? It's great to see her foundation working closely with her other charities to address this growing problem and offer support to the children affected by it.

  6. I liked this dress, thought it fit rather well, and positively loved the colour on Kate. I can't say the same for her hair, which I found unflattering. Just don't like those sausage ringlets at all; happily, they fell out over the course of her visit and she looked much better.

    This is a great cause and I wish it every success. Kate seems to really connect with young children--it appears as though a good time was had by all (I watched a few videos), despite the seriousness of the subject.

    Jane, do you think Kate will put in an appearance at Wimbledon this year?

  7. Any one think she might be pregnant? She looks different in the face in these photos. She also looks thinner (morning sickness?). I guess we will see in a few months!

    1. You know, I thought she looked different at Trooping of the Colour, too. I kind of doubt it but as you say, we'll see soon enough!

  8. Oh please can we stop with the pregnancy talk?

  9. Great post! Did you catch the Tori Burch dress on 6/30?

  10. Kate's look took us back to the 1960's. I thought she came right out of the Mad Men set. The dress, shoes, clutch, and hair style look very retro. But of course, very elegant! Kate is definitely inspiring women how to dress better. She is bringing "classy" back!


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