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Kate & William Attend Eton Friend Alexander Vaulkhard's Wedding in Batcombe, Dorset

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Yesterday, Kate and William were at the wedding of Alexander Vaulkhard and Sarah Nicholson in Batcombe, Dorset. (Early photos available here) Mr. Security was on hand as well, just in case you have been wondering how well he pulls off morning dress... you get one guess on the answer to that. I have a sense his private motto is: "Keeping Wills & Kate Safe; Keeping Harry Humble."  I don't know for sure, I just have this sense...  Back to the lady of the blog! I would say I have no idea what dress she is wearing, except for what appears to be the same sleeve as the dress she wore to Santa Barbara polo.  

Polo 2011

I love almost every element of the dress. Its floaty and feminine and flatters Kate's perfect figure. But I'll tell you, Jenny P--and we love her--must have been a little too far into a bottle of red the night she chose this print. Really. It is dull, and far too old for Kate. This is not fun, this boring. This...has dust on it. And it doesn't get better with age. 

Polo 2011

It seems that Kate likes it, though, because this is the second wedding to which she has worn it. She wore it in 2012 to Emily McCorquodale's wedding. (If you can spell McCorquodale without Googling it, message me and I will give you a prize. I jest, but...) At that time, Kate paired the polo dress with the stunning Catherine Hooker coat that took our breath away at the Order of the Garter. Unfortunately, pairing that luminously beautiful coat with this dress was like asking a chorus member to sing the lead in an opera even though you have Placido Domingo standing by. It doesn't do anyone any favors.

Kate Wearing the Katherine Hooker

That being said, she was still radiantly beautiful on that occasion. I love this picture below. The row of fans snapping away. Harry and William (a smile just perceptible along the side of his face) waiting while Kate walks to join them. You can see she is aware. She sees the hubbub, she feels it, she is even twisting her ring a little, but she has a serene and confident smile on her face. Her presence is commanding. Anyone concerned that the media attention is too much for her need only examine her expression here. Kate the Great, folks. Kate. The. Great. 

It is also possible this dress has subtle magic powers of PDA, since on every occasion we have some sweet little moments between our favorite love-birds. I am forced to approve. What I really am waiting to see is if this wear is THE ONE where she transforms "blah" into "ahhh." That would be cool. 

Basically, while I can't say I love the print, everything else clicks for me. None of this chit chat changes the fact we still have no pictures from yesterday. You can view the first few here, as mentioned earlier, but nothing super hi-res, much to my disappointment. I will update if/when those are available. 


  1. Great post, as usual, Jane. I too am amazed by how everything about this dress is so right and the print is so wrong. It looks really good on her and as you allude to on Facebook it seems she must wear it because she loves it. That she is comfortable in it. Too bad the print isn't a little livelier. Looking forward to her engagements this week.

    1. Thank you! So glad you liked it. :)

  2. The dress just has something off about it, and you may be right that it is the print, but I am not convinced that is all. I don't love the neckline, myself. But, I agree she still looks marvelous.
    On an unrelated note, Jane, just saw you gave C&C an update and I really like it. Loved today's post, too. They were all fun links. Thanks for putting time into both these blogs.

  3. Hi Jane,

    How do you manage to get your information so quickly?? I am in the minority here but I really liked this dress on her, I liked the cut and the soft colors. The only thing I would have changed would be to add a belt but other than that, love it. I do agree however that it did not go well with the Catherine Hooker coat, which I love. To me both pieces are beautiful just not together. You would think that being in the same color family, they would go together but the textures, cut, style and fabrics are too different. I too am guilty of putting together outfits that should work but just don't, usually I figure that out mid-way through the day. :) lol

    I wonder who took these photos? We discussed in a prior post the ban on royal photographers who also take photos of W&K on their off time. Maybe it was a person in the crowd or fellow wedding guest.

  4. I too must agree with you that this dress seems a bit off. Im not too keen on the neckline and the pattern reminds me of my grandmothers old linen tablecloth. However, sometimes things look better in person than they do in pictures. I think Kate dresses a little too conservatively and this dress is just a bit too old for her. I wouldn't wear it in my 40's let alone 30's.


  5. I wasn't crazy about the dress the first time she wore it either, but I keep reminding myself that she was a "normal" person growing up, and six out of ten times she picks something wonderful to wear.
    It is the very rare person who has impeccable flair and style almost every time like Diana and Jacqueline Kennedy did.

    She & William appear to have great chemistry, and it's nice that they are so affectionate with one another.
    I'd bet there are lots of women who wish their husbands treated them like that after 10 years together!

  6. Can you explain why you think security officers are needed to keep Harry humble?

    1. Longtime readers of Jane's blog are very familiar with Mr. Security, as Jane has named him. It is a bit of a running joke. He is one of Kate and William's protection officers and distinguishes himself with his tough looks, but we suspect he is a softy underneath. I doubt I have to explain the rest... :) Maria

    2. I was hoping that it didn't mean what I thought it did. Yes, Harry has had personal failings and mishaps but it's incredibly naive to pretend that William and Kate haven't as well. And Harry, aside from being an asset to the royal family, is a soldier who has served in active war zones and someone who's charity work has been awarded internationally. To reduce him to a joke because of some embarrassing incidents (just as William and Kate have experienced) seems petty and disrespectful.

    3. Woah, woah, Danielle, this is certainly taking a significant liberty of interpretation. I really have no idea how you came to this conclusion. There is no reference or judgment in this post to Harry’s wild-child antics. Certainly no disparaging remark was made on his service or his charity work, nor was any comparison made between him and Cambridges. The comment was simply lightly teasing Prince Harry about his very, very enthusiastic fan base who have bestowed on him a reputation as a bit of a lady-killer. You may be a member of this contingent, but even if you are not, there was no disrespect in this comment, to either party. I don't know how long you have been reading this blog, but I write it with a significant sprinkling of tongue-in-cheek humor. Nothing is ever said in a spirit of ill-will, and I can assure were I to undertake the kind of critique you are describing you would be in no doubt as to my position and opinion. I write this blog because I love Kate and I love her fashion, I assume most readers come because they, too, love Kate and love to follow her fabulous fashion. Along the way we have some fun.

      Harry in general, and his indiscretions in particular, are not the subject of my daily musings and rarely mentioned in this space. For clarification's sake, I do not spend my quiet private hours dwelling on Mr. Security, either. You will not find me curating a Tumblr of his every expression. We all think he is a dude, particularly after his work Down Under. I am a fan, most of my readers are fans. And he usually gets a mention on the blog when I spot him. Everything is said in a spirit of fun.

      I think this should sufficiently cover your concerns.

    4. My apologies - without an explanation, I guess I assumed the worst - that Harry needed something akin to a babysitter.

    5. Please don't worry about. This stuff happens. I am glad you brought it up so we could clear it up rather than just thinking it and wandering off. :)

  7. I love how you post so quickly
    I also love how you input your personal voice/opinion into your posts, you're not just simply reporting...
    Fabulous blog, I have been following since the beginning, but this is my first post ;)
    Thank you, please keep it up! xo

  8. Thank you Jane for this post! I LOVE wedding appearances and I hope for better photos, but these are better than nothing.
    I like the dress. Also the print although it's definitivly no wow. I think we are used to Kate wearing dresses that are a too old for her but it could be worse than this dress (Think of the "green" (sorry, I don't know the right word for this colour in english) Libélula dress she wore at the polo at Coworth Park in May 2012 or the smaragd one she wore in November 2011 and rewore in November 2012 - sigh.....)
    I was disappointed by the combination with the Hooker coat, too. The colours matched but the rest..... Well, Lauri is right: I also made experiences with putting things together and thought it would work. It often looks good in the mirror and then.....especially on photos you see the truth. As we could see, it can also happen to Kate - no drama :-)

    I'm looking forward to today's engagement!! See you, then!


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