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Dress Like the Duchess: Banana Republic's Roland Mouret Collaboration Available Today

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Red Alert, Fashionistas. This is a Dress Like the Duchess special reminder! Today is the day. Banana Republic is releasing their Roland Mouret line. Someone over there is one smart cookie, that is all I can say. I already love Banana Republic in general, but who can resist a little royal Repli-Kate every now and again?  I made a special trip to check out their Issa special last year. She might not be publicly in favor anymore, but we all know that even if Kate doesn't wear Issa in public, she is totally sipping iced-teas with Carole on the veranda in Bucklebury wearing those gorgeous wrap dresses. I am perhaps even more excited for this collection.

I don't know how many in this company were with me and with William as we swooned over Kate's recycle of the white Roland Mouret evening gown, but it certainly made me a lifelong disciple of the label:

While there are no specific Kate creations in this BR line, I am very excited for several of the dresses that are utilizing longer hemlines.

Victoria Beckham, who attended the Royal Wedding and certainly rubs shoulders with the Duchess here and there, has highlighted these knee-length and below-the-knee hemlines.

Victoria Beckham Facebook

Although you all know me to love a little mini, this longer length can add a certain sophistication that is really stunning We have chatted about the difference a lengthened hemline made to the Luisa Spagnoli. I frankly thought the re-working on that dress was sensational.

Carolina Herrera, a creator of goddess worthy apparel, was promoting a stunning LBD and if Kate hadn't already sold me, this would have been the final push:

Carolina Herrera Facebook
All this is a convoluted way of saying that I am pretty stoked for the Banana Republic/Roland Mouret collaboration, and you should be too! Don't put off your shopping spree too long, either, I have a sense these will go quickly...


  1. I bought the black strappy sheath like they show in the black and white picture of the collection. Very excited for its arrival to my door!

  2. I am far from a fashionista, but I can read and it would appear that our favourite Duchess has scored, big-time, at Vanity Fair; she has been inducted into its fashion Hall of Fame, not to be confused with its best-dressed list. Apparently, Kate was selected for this international fashion honour based, at least in part, upon the number of times she has appeared on the best-dressed list--and probably (just my supposition) because of the impact some of her high street choices have had on the bottom line of designers/stores.

    Interestingly,The Daily Mail, or at least its on-line version, has ignored the story.

  3. Hi Jane,

    Thanks for letting us know about this collaboration between Banana Republic and Roland Mouret. I so wish I could wear these body con fashions but seeing as how I am pushing 50 these dresses won't look as good on me as they do the Duchess. :) I absolutely love the Carolina Herrera LBD!!! I am a fan of the less is more in fashion, to me a bare collar bone is much more attractive than miles of cleavage so I think the lace top is so sexy. I would love to see Kate in this dress (I'm sure William would too!).


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