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Kate Has Been Enjoying a Quiet August: Playdates with George & Discount Shopping

Monday, August 11, 2014

While the Cambridges seem to be taking some quiet time during August, Kate has been using it to spend quality time with her little man. She was spotted in Kensington Gardens playing in a little children's beach. The Express reports:
Last week she was spotted playing with the spirited toddler on the "beach" in the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground in Kensington Gardens, a few yards from Kensington Palace where she and William have an apartment.
"It was lovely seeing them play together in the sand. They stayed for about 15 minutes," I am told.
"They had three protection officers with them but Kate seemed oblivious to anyone except her gorgeous baby enjoying himself."
I cannot speak to the significance of the park's name in Kate's mind when she popped by. I suspect as a royal there are a great number of streets, and statues, and places that carry the names of family members, old and new. Certainly, though, Kate is following in Diana's spirit by not shrinking from a public outing with her child.

Kate also likes a bargain--that's a sentence we have heard a million and one times--and was indulging in a little retail therapy yesterday as she was spotted at the oft frequented Bicetser Village. Bicester Village is a designer outlet mall. As any good shopper knows, not every "designer outlet mall" is created equal, but this one gets the royal nod of approval, and small wonder. Bicester boasts outlet stores from a significant number of the labels that Kate wears today, and is universally recognized as the best designer outlet mall in the UK. 

E! reported last year that Kate is often at Bicester Village.  (Not entirely relevant, but I notice the quote says, "with the same two friends.")
"She said: 'Oh, it's Kate Middleton—she's in here all the time. You look up and there'll be Kate and her same two friends going through the 60 percent off rack. You have no idea she's there and security must be outside, but she comes in all the time.'
I have the sense this is probably a habit that goes a ways back.   In addition to many of the labels Kate wears today, brands that she hasn't been seen in for some time are also available at Bicester. French Connection, Armani, Diesel are all past-favorites. Kate wore French Connection with regularity as a single girl, and chose one of their blouses when it came time for her first portrait to be painted--although sleeves were added in the final production:

Now Kate almost exclusively favors, JBrand, Paige, or Zara, but she used to run around London in Diesel jeans:

Until she recycled it while pregnant with George, we hadn't seen Kate's Armani red in a while:

On yesterday's visit, it was reported that Kate was shopping at Ralph Lauren, a label of which she is very, very fond, in addition to popping into Reiss and Gucci. 

It is hard to know for certain what Kate actually bought, as often the reported items never surface, although that does not mean that she did not simply wear them in private. Nevertheless, perhaps we can expect to see a lovely Reiss, or a stunning RL in the near future. 

I am currently on holiday, so I apologize if I am slow to respond to all your lovely comments, but I am reading them and enjoying them all. I will be back with a post on Wednesday...see you then! 


  1. Thank you, Jane, for taking the time during your holiday to write this post! It's nice to hear a little bit about our favourite Duchess! There's no better amusement than shopping and enjoying time with your family!

    I hope, you enjoy your trip to Paris! Have fun!

  2. Well, Kate has certainly changed and come a long way since her days of Diesel jeans and unironed shirt although she looked great even then ! Have a wonderful holiday, dear Jane ! p.s. : I have changed the title of my blog and as you have so kindly put it on your sidebar, this is my new url : We all need a change from time to time ! xoxo

  3. Hi Jane,

    Thanks for thinking us while you are away!!! I hope you have a relaxing and fun holiday!

  4. kate should be seen more and why do we see so little of george!?

  5. I don't often post or comment but that floral shirt she wore to dinner screamed Gap to me and I might be right.....


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