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Prince George Photographed Toddling Through Kensington Gardens

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Happy news. Master Georgie Cutie-Pants of Cambridge was spotted taking a stroll in Kensington Gardens, with the helping hand of Nanny Maria. This isn't What George Wore, but...what is he wearing? It looks like a snow-suit. Perhaps it is a rain-suit? I am unfamiliar with the more intricate pieces of a toddlers wardrobe. Whatever it is, just like his mother, George has that quality of taking a piece that would be awful on mere mortals and transforming it into the height of royal cuteness. I only half jest:

Sooo, George is still cute. Meanwhile, I think that we are at last at the end of Annual Royal Drought. I suppose we all need a break from time to time, both royals and readers. As August comes to a close and we move into (wonderful, beautiful) fall, Kate has added another date to her calendar and I expect more engagements will be announced. The Duke and Duchess will both be appearing on September 8th at St. Hugh's College--just a little over a week to wait.

St. Hugh's College, Oxford Wikipedia

Kate was spotted shopping at the Clarins boutique at Harvey Nichols. Apparently, the lovely Duchess was purchasing the Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate, which is described as "A powerful triple action--lifts, de-puffs, and replenishes, leaving skin soft and renewed." I am sold! You can snag this at Sephora. 

My mom never let us watch the Simpsons--yep, I was THAT kid--, but I have seen a few clips in my majority and have found them to be pretty clever all around. Perhaps, the ladies of series are not the most aesthetically pleasing, but recently the beautiful Kate has been "Simpsonized" and the results are...hilarious. I bet you Kate decorates her bathroom with these. I really love them. The artist has recreated so many of her ensembles. Be sure to see them here. I particularly like the sketches of Kate with the Queen:

Speaking of royal droughts...I have returned from holidays and will be more attentive to the blog. I planned to have so many posts while away, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. :) Apologies, but Paris was too beguiling. 


  1. Jane, you deserved the vacation! Glad you got away for a while, but I am happy you are back. :-) I hope you had a wonderful time in Paris!
    I am surprised that Kate is already buying products marketed to middle age. She is still so young!

  2. Puffy eyes are my biggest beauty issue. lol I bet sales goes up 100%!

  3. I hope you will update your blog some more on Paris! Glad we are all back to royal watching together. The summer has been too long without them!

  4. Regarding George. My best guess is that he is wearing a rain suit, if such exists. Note that nanny has on rain boots, and hasn't it been wet in England lately? And I must say that the neon pink zipper running down the front lends this suit a certain panache. JC

    1. it looks like a flight suit like his daddy has

  5. Welcome back, Jane, and thank you for the post. I love the Simpsonized Kate. I guess an appearance on the Simpsons for Kate would be too much to hope for :-)
    I am fascinated by George's outfit!

  6. Welcome back Jane! I hope you enjoyed your time in Europe. I keep reading your two blogs and I always love your writing!
    George is so sweet and cute as always..he looks like he points to the photographer..or simply he is pointing to something else as babies always do! Probably that is a rain suit, as you said, and probably it is comfortable for that weather. I think he spends much time in the countryside and in his garden, so I suppose a suit like that is useful.. He looks like William at the same beautiful!
    In Italy it's still summer, so it's strange to see even the nanny with a shirt, a sweater and a jacket!!!!

  7. Hi Jane,

    I love George's new nickname, Master Georgie Cutie-pants, I think we should refer to he in that way all the time:). Well we know that Kate's hit the big time, she's been Simpsonized!!! I guess if she were around 20+ years ago Andy Warhol would have painted her picture.

    Glad to have you back and really glad that you enjoyed your time in Paris.

  8. Where did the photos come from? It looks like like a filter has been applied.

  9. That is definitely a waterproof suit. I had them for my children - keeps them dry all over in wet grass. Very useful especially if you live in rural areas.

  10. My son, also a George had one like this almost 50 years ago---same colour too, but no pink zip. He looks ready to walk 500 miles.
    It was very cold in the UK last week and very wet--but we are told summer will be back next week.

  11. Hi Jane,

    Thanks so much for the new pics and great info. George is getting so big -- he's getting to the age where he looks like a miniature adult (this is the age where I start to like kids). He's going to be quite a looker -- I can't wait 'til they have another!

    I am all over the Clarins product. I will try anything to help with lines around the eyes. One note though -- it's super pricey ($83), but I found it at for $55....

  12. Wonder who the arm in blue belongs to in the last picture. It looks like George is pointing to {her} and making a mad dash to that person. Must not be Kate or the photographer would surely have gotten a picture of her also.

  13. Hi Jane,
    What is the source of these pictures? To me, it doesn't look like George at all. Could it be Maria in her previous job?

    1. Oh, that's definitely Cheeks Cambridge! No doubt.

      My boys had these rain suits when they were kids 30 years ago. Sure need them here is rainy Vancouver!

      Welcome back Jane. Glad you had a good break.

  14. Haha. My mom also wouldnt allow me to watch The Simpsons!!!

  15. Agree Stephanie, that child is nothing like george. Hair blonde and not dark, too slim, too young, too short. most facial features totally different. Also not thinking it is george in August, I know UK can have rain in August but to muffle up in a suit like that? Plus nanny muffled up in shirt, cardigan and thick coat plus the wellies, and her face is more full than of recent times, nanny is much thinner in the face as evidenced in the Oz/NZ photos. Could this be nanny with a previous charge, it certainly looks like it.

  16. Anon 1:36
    You were obviously not in England last week. The weather was very cold--my CH came on 3 mornins, despite temperature gauge turned down to zero! It was also extremely wet.
    Being the UK things are more normal today


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