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William & Kate's Date Night in Norfolk/Sighting at King's Cross

Sunday, August 31, 2014

With September only hours away, we are suddenly awash in royal news. As you probably have heard by now, William and Kate had a relaxed date night on Thursday at the King's Head Hotel restaurant in Great Bircham--just a short distance from Sandringham and the couple's Anmer Hall home. 

The date as described is almost identical to the reports of their quiet nights in the two years they lived privately on Anglesey. Low-key, fish for dinner, Kate sipping a spritzer...  The Express reported:
William...ordered a lime and soda while Kate...sipped on a white wine spritzer as four bodyguards sat at an adjacent table. The couple then ordered the same meal, grilled fillet of black bream with roasted Mediterranean vegetables, baby spinach, marinated olives and oven-dried tomatoes with arrabiata sauce, priced £16.25. William requested two scoops of vanilla ice cream, with two spoons.

An onlooker said: “William was extremely affectionate and considerate towards Kate throughout. She walked in with wet hair. She kept playing with it, twisting it around her fingers while talking to him. They were quite flirtatious and couldn’t keep their hands off each other."
If the whole monarchy thing ever goes south and these two need a job they could easily set-up a relationship counseling service. I don't know what their secret is, but they could charge a fortune for it.  They are the cutest.

I love how gracious they are to locals, as well, and I think this has long-lasting benefits for them and for their privacy. 

“When they had finished their meal, a couple of locals came up to them and said hello. They smiled and were very chatty, very accommodating. My overwhelming feeling was how normal they were. They just seemed happy to mix with the locals.”
In Bucklebury local residents are fiercely protective of the Middletons and the Cambridges, which allows the family freedom of movement and a relatively normal life. In Anglesey, too, the the Cambridges were treated with warmth and thoughtfulness and the royal couple bid a very bittersweet goodbye to the island at an event that felt decidedly more intimate than the usual public engagement. 
Saying goodbye to Anglesey
For her relaxed night out, Kate wore her J Brand skinnies and Pied a Terre wedges, with a cozy sweater over a blouse. The images are rather grainy and it is very hard to tell what blouse it is, but Anna from My Small Obsessions has pointed out that it appears Kate is wearing her Asprey pendant.

William and Kate had spent the past fortnight at Anmer Hall and were then photographed returning to London via King's Cross yesterday. The two made an almost furtive dash through the railway station, apparently trying to avoid notice. Given what a striking couple they are, that was a goal that was bound to fail. 

Kate was dressed in her trademark, gorgeous, casual style: Skinnies, her Plimsolls, checkered blouse that is more than likely the Gap from New Zealand, with a sweater, and what appears to be a Barbour. The beautiful thing about Kate is, that although she wears plenty of new items, when it comes to casual wear, she is quite normal in wearing the same pieces over and over. I would bet that the blouse is the Gap and that this Barbour is the Barbour Defense we have seen her in many times. See all the photos on the Mirror's website here

There is a major Tiara Alert to be announced. This October there will be a State Visit from Singapore. William and Kate visited Singapore on their 2012 tour of Southeast Asia. Martin from The Courtier, a very reliable royal news source, believes that William and Kate could be involved in a state banquet for the visit. You know what state banquets mean...they mean bling. So, keep your fingers crossed on that one. We were royally cheated last December when we only got  a passing glance at Kate wearing the Papyrus tiara to a closed event at Buckingham Palace. Which means, the only other time we had a proper tiara moment was on that happiest of days....

Happy or not, that was far too long ago. We are due for a tiara! It is also being whispered the coupe will undertake their next overseas tour to China. More details to come...

Certainly, we cannot close this post without a comment on today's anniversary. This is a hard weekend for William, I am sure. Everyone knows the story of the traumatic collision in the Pont de l'Alma tunnel. 17 years ago his mother passed away in Paris's Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in the hours just before dawn of August 31st. 


  1. Hi Jane,

    Thanks for such a nice post! I really like Kate's hair when she just lets be natural, wavy and a little undone. There was a picture of her during the Solomon Island tour where her hair was reacting to the heat and humidity and I thought it was the best it's ever looked. While the blow out styling is lovely, I do wish she would wear it natural sometimes.

    I wonder where Master Georgie CutiePants was when Kate and Wills were coming back to London, did they leave him at Anmer Hall with Maria? Kind of odd that they would come back a little over a week before their next engagement without Master GCP, maybe he and Maria are coming back another way to avoid the paps.

    It's hard to believe it's been 17 years since Diana's passing. I was at an arts and crafts fair and walked by a vendor reading the paper and there on the front page, in fact the whole front page, was a picture of Diana with the news of her passing. I just could not believe that she was actually gone, she was far too young, had young boys still to raise and a life to live. Well I was back at the same craft show yesterday and thought of that moment from 17 years ago, it was a little eerie. I hope she is looking down on her sons (and grandson) with a feeling of contentment and pride at how well they have matured.

  2. I absolutely love hearing about these date nights Kate and William have. So normal. And I love seeing the candid snap shots of them, however, I can understand they would prefer to be able to go out for a quiet evening without everyone taking their picture. So nice that they were ok with people coming up to them to chat after their dinner was finished. That is such a small town neighborly thing to do.

  3. Loved this post. Its always nice to see them out together. I too would like to know what that extra little bit of something special they have together. They obviously are so well suited.


  4. I I don't often post but I love the blog! The floral shirt she wore to dinner screamed Gap to me as I have a sweater with a similar print. I might be right.....

  5. I would love for there to be a tiara moment in Singapore, and then a glamorous visit to China. And am I the only one who thinks Prince William looks really handsome in that wedding shot??

  6. I am hoping for a tiara moment in Singapore, and then a glamorous trip to China. And am I the only one who think Prince William looks really handsome in that wedding shot??

  7. It looks and sounds very staged, the details and all. I believe these two enjoy their own company and have romantic dinners but the whole things is as staged as it gets. The palace didn't protest and William didn't throw a tantrum despite the pictures being taken so close (or a nice long lense, but it doubt, too

    1. If pictures get taken on private time and William complains, then he gets criticized and told since he is famous he should be used to it
      If pictures get taken on private time and William doesnt complain, its staged PR.

      They can't win either way

  8. When I first read about W/Ks up-coming event--opening the Dickson Poon University of Oxford China Centre Building--it sounded very interesting altho a bit off-beat. My next thought was...unless...and I began to do a bit of research on China. And here it is; a reasonably well-founded rumour that the Cambridges may undertake a tour to said country in 2015.

    I have been under the impression for some time that if the British govt and the British Royal Family had had their way, William would have taken over where Prince Andrew left off, as a British Trade Rep, but that William refused the job, after observing the mess Andrew had made of it and his consequent fall in the court of public opinion. The constant travel might also have been a turnoff.

    So is this the thin edge of the wedge, something certain parties want William to take on once he leaves EAAA, if the Queen is still alive? Because I feel confident that William and Kate will do a bang-up job if they do proceed to tour China, a much better job than Andrew the Arrogant could do, particularly in the eyes of elder Chinese statesmen, once they have met Will and Kate. Kate doesn't seem to have an arrogant bone in her body and the public William is unfailingly polite. These are qualities the Chinese would appreciate--well, who wouldn't? JC

  9. New pics of Prince G playing with nanny. So cute...but no more "mr wiggles" so sad!!

  10. So excited!!! Clarence House have just tweeted that HRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their second child.
    No further details available at this stage, hoping for some more insight from you, Jane :)


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