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WWI Centenary in Belgium: Afternoon at Mons Town Hall and at Symphorien Military Cemetery

Monday, August 4, 2014

As scheduled, William, Kate, and Harry all arrived at the Mons Town Hall around 5:30pm.

They signed the guest book...Kate is now a pro at this little royal duty.

Remember when she had to have direction from William? :)

Before you ask me about this photo...don't. I have no idea. Selfies are not in my purview. I post it because of our favorite royal couple chatting together in the if, you know, they are the only two people on planet earth.

This photo, though, might be the best. Kate found some flowers---per usual--William is watching Kate, and Harry is in the background doing one of the many things he does very well. ;)

They made a balcony appearance to a happily cheering crowd below. This very cool photo was taken by PA photographer Tom Pugh:

Oh, Harry: :)

The royals and dignitaries made their way to Symphorien Military Cemetery, where they attended a reception, before the evening's program got under way. Clarence House tweeted these lovely photos of the Duke, the Duchess and Prince Harry arriving accompanied by David Cameron:

Harry walks with Kate while William chats with UK PM Cameron:

The always ebullient couple interacting as an onlooker smiles in the background...I love this one:

The royals greeted one another again after spending the afternoon apart:

 Guests at the reception included relatives of those buried on the grounds:

The ceremony began as streaks of light from the setting sun cut through the trees.

@MonarchieBe on twitter

The evening ended i the darkening twilight with a moment of silence:

Fashion verdict round up: So, as you presumably read on the first post or heard through myriad of other sources, Kate is indeed wearing McQueen today, as she almost always does for these very formal events.  I really, really like it. I think the entire ensemble is pretty fantastic. It has so many almost competing elements--it is quite bold--but Kate makes it work. When I saw it from the back I was not entirely in love because the pleats almost looked to thick and heavy, but when I saw it in motion, I softened.

I am really fascinated by the Jane Taylor hat. The pink and salmon ruffles did not look that great to me online and I probably would have passed it by had I been shopping myself. Kate snagged it, though, and as usual was right. It looks wonderful as it adds color, complementing her brunette tresses, and even lightly echoing, in a paler shade, the poppies that commemorate this solemn event.

All around, I would say this is a stunning success. Particularly when you consider that Kate met her first reigning Queen on the job today, wedding excepted, and that must have been just the smallest bit intimidating. She was marvelous.  

A headline running tomorrow:

Again, tomorrow we have another event with William and Kate as they visit the poppy installation at the London Tower:

@UKinUSA Tiwtter


  1. HI Jane,

    Darn, I must have misunderstood the event lineup for today, I was hoping for a different outfit for the evening, but I can see that the day just ran into the evening. So curious that Kate and Will had to do the bowing/curtesy routine again. Thanks for explaining that on the last post. I just don't understand all the protocol I guess.

    1. Oh, like we would get an evening dress? That would have been awesome. We need an evening event--we really do.

    2. I so agree!! A really dressy evening event and a tiara event too!!!!

  2. I'm excited for the installation of the Poppy in London Tower.

    1. Hope you enjoyed the post on it today! What a beautiful project!

  3. A lot of work for you these days, ha?! Thank you for your effort and this funny and lovely post!
    The poppy idea of the hat didn't come into my mind. It's great and it's even lovlier against this background!
    Looking forward to read your post of the London event!

    1. Thanks Vicky. :) Yesterday was a long day, but it is certainly fun to see her and get a good dose of the Duchess in. The day flew by. :)

  4. Missed this post--almost. Jane, any clue as to who the gentlemen wearing the orange and yellow ribbons were? They seem to share a great sense of humour. Speaking of humour, what better way to honour the dead? What better way to show the world that the death of so many young men was not in vain?

    1. Uh oh, I need to tweet it more. :) I don't know who all of them are, but the one who really finds Harry a scream is the mayor of Mons, I think. His name is Nicolas Martin. He reminded me of American actor Joshua Gomez. :)

  5. Re: the selfie....I think that's probably a Reverse Photo Bomb.

  6. That selfie posted above is a Reverse Photo Bomb, no?


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