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Happy Birthday Harry: Kate & Harry's Friendship Over the Years

Monday, September 15, 2014

Prince Harry turns 30 today and as was reported yesterday, the (rumored) birthday party being thrown by the Duchess of Cambridge has (again allegedly) been post-poned for obvious reasons. We can still give a moment to focus on the birthday boy.

Harry and William are very close brothers, and so as inevitably happens, William's girlfriend got to know Harry very well over the years, and he had a front row seat to watch the romance of their generation develop and blossom. Here, the trio watch a game of football in early 2007:

More than likely Harry was drafted for an advisory role during his brother's headline grabbing break-up in 2007. Chelsy accompanied Harry in the front row at the Diana concert that July and the prince was obviously aware of the dynamics as Kate sat just a few rows behind her ex-prince. Harry was probably already in on the secret that the couple were on the mend.

By the spring of the next year, they were all back to partying at polo together:

Harry kept Kate company as she attended her first Order of the Garter ceremony in 2008 as William was being inducted. It was a big signal that Kate was on the scene to stay and Harry was there to keep her comfortable and laughing as she navigated one of her first major royal moments before her marriage.

Here in 2009 Kate chats with friends and then closely (or is she bored) follows the game from the comfort of her Audi before Harry and William join her at the car.

Kate, William, and Harry were also quite the close trio on the London night scene partying together into the early hours of dawn at night spots like Boujis, Raffles, Whiskey Mist, Mahiki and more. They would trickle out separately to the flashing of the paparazzi bulbs and the shouting of cameramen. Below the three try to sneak out of the London premiere of Sherlock Holmes:

For the majority of these early years, Harry was also dating the stunning South African Chelsy Davy, and while it doesn't seem that Kate and Chelsy were best pals, they certainly seemed to get along well. When Peter and Autumn married, they sold the picture rights to Hello! magazine--unbeknownst to the other members of the royal family. When the spread hit the stands, filled with photos of the royals (and royal girlfriends) chatting and relaxing, it caused quite the royal kerfuffle. Included in that photo-set were sweet pictures of Chelsy and Kate happily laughing over cocktails together and taking to the dance floor later in the evening.

William, Kate, Zara, and Chesly at polo

When the news broke that William had proposed to Kate and the two would be married, Harry had some very sweet remarks. He said he was, "delighted that my brother has popped the question! It means I get a sister, which I have always wanted." He was wreathed in smiles on the morning of the Royal Wedding, as he stood up to support his brother. Harry even did a little recon for the groom, checking the aisle several times and then informing William that Kate was on her way up.

The trio remain very close. Maintaining much the same routines as they did in their twenties, sans super early mornings on the London night scene. They continue at polo games where the two princes either compete together, or at times play on opposing teams:

Weddings both near and far:

Family events:

Public engagements:

Kate and Harry are clearly good chums and their senses of humor click well. I don't know that there are any pictures of the two together where Kate isn't laughing at one point or another as her brother-in-law keeps her in stitches.

It is nice to see Kate has a warm rapport with her husband's family and particularly his close brother and only sibling. It was always possible that Harry might not get on well with his brother's girlfriend, certainly these things are never guaranteed. The fact that the two click well also probably played a part in the ultimate success of William and Kate's relationship.

When Kate and William moved from the small Nottingham Cottage on the grounds of Kensington Palace into 1A, Harry moved into the cottage. It must be nice to have him close by, particularly this past year with Prince George's exciting arrival. As the Cambridges essentially relocate to Norfolk, Uncle Harry will have to start driving to spend relaxing evenings hanging with his best friends and favorite nephew, and I am sure he will.

A very happy birthday to HRH Prince Henry of Wales. Many more to come... And a royal wedding one of these days, buddy. We can all use some extra pomp and circumstance in our lives now and again.


  1. Thank you, Jane. It is always a treat to read your posts!

    1. I really appreciate it, Peggy! Thank you for coming by and reading them. :)

  2. Thank you for doing this post, Jane. It can't be easy to be William or Harry, but Harry certainly comes across as the more vulnerable of the two. A very happy birthday to the Prince.

    1. Yes, I think he got Diana's outward vulnerability. That being said I rather think William is quite sensitive, too, but i think he got more of his father's guarded reserve. I think with the Invictus Games he has had a very successful birthday thus far. :)

  3. Hey Jane,

    excellent post, Jane! You are so talented in writing these roundups! I love them!!!
    I enjoyed all the cute and funny pictures. And I have to say (and probably I have already said that) that I LOVE the pre-engagement pictures. I know it has been a very difficult period with the photographers but Kate is much more natural (I'm glad she kept a lot of that) and I love her style at that time (I would like to note at this point that I would be interested in the date of those pictures. Unfortunately no blogger subtitles the pictures with a date and I'm so curious about that, especially of the less familiar ones. I don't expect anything from you. I just wanted to let you know :-) )

    1. Hey there, Vicky:

      Thank you for your message. As always, you are so kind!
      I love all the old photos of Kate. Those were very happy days, despite the rough patches. Its weird how that works. :)
      I thought I tried to incorporate dates on all the photos. If I missed any, or you are confused on one of them, let me know. I know the dates on all of these.
      xoxo, Jane

    2. So, we've got something in common here ;-)
      Yes, you always post at least the year and sometimes the month, I think. Probably scarcely anybody is interested in the exact date - except me :-) But I think it's so interesting. You definitely remember when in July 2007 Kate went out at Mahiki Nightclub and trained with the Sisterhood the morning after that. When things like that turn out, it's exciting. Apart from that it's interesting concerning the re-wearing.
      Thank you for your offer. I will ask if I'm not satisfied with the date indication ;-)
      (and right now I remember the photo of the black and white patterned dress you posted on twitter. I have never seen that one. It's great!!! When and where was it taken? ;-) )

  4. I keep telling my daughter that Harry is single again and that I wouldn't mind having to attend her wedding at Westminister Abbey but, can you believe it she's not at all interested!!! Darn. I wonder if maybe I brought the wrong daughter home from the hosptial :)lol

    Any how, Happy Birthday to Harry and I hope his 30th year will bring him much laughter and love.

    1. Hi Lauri,

      maybe she changes her mind some day :-).
      Well, maybe I'm not my parents' daughter, either. They always smile when I'm talking about Kate and I know what they think. They shrug their shoulders, raise an eyebrow and then a "Aha". They are not interested at all XD

  5. Awesome post, thank you! I love Harry. When I was a little girl, I always thought that if I was to marry one of the Wales boys, it would be Harry. He is just so cheerful and laid back. :)
    I LOVE the chemistry he and Kate have. The pics of the two of them together are so joyful. -Zoe (sorry, had to post anonymously, not sure why it wont lot me log in)

    1. Google has been a little weird this week. Sorry you had trouble with the login. :(
      I love Harry and Kate together, too. They always look like they are having so much fun!

  6. Is that Mr. Security in the Sherlock Holmes date photo? I spent a lot of time staring at him during the Down Under tour - that hairline looks awfully familiar.....

    1. I had the same thought, too, and I think it is him, too! There was another shot in an earlier photo that I also thought, hmmm. He has clearly been on the circuit for some years, as you would expect to get to his position.

  7. I'm a day late (yesterday I was swamped at work, LOL), but great post!

    Honestly? I teared up a bit! Mostly at the wedding photo and remembering how Harry & William interacted that day. On top of seeing all the other photos. Those two are thick as thieves, and that is a great way for them to turn out despite how rocky their childhood was, let alone the passing of Diana. Thankfully Kate has nicely rounded out the siblings, and hopefully Harry finds an equally complimentary wife.

    And oh how I miss Chelsy & Harry together!!!


    1. I miss Harry and Chelsy, too!! They were the cutest couple...after Wills and Kate, of course. But, no, I am Team Chelsy for the long haul. She will be hard to replace.

    2. I agree.. she should have stayed. As long as she doesn't get engaged, there is a chance she may come back.. She was good for Harry.


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