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Kate is Pregnant: What Can We Expect These Next Few Months?

Monday, September 8, 2014

First of all, good morning. I have consumed a cup of coffee and can get down to real business here. (BTW, if you are just now tuning in, what have you been doing? AND, get caught up at the earlier post here.) I have to be honest that as excited as I am, and am I excited--I backed my car into the lawn furniture and was still smiling--I am bummed we missed out on Kate's appearance today and more than likely the rest of the week. This is going to significantly impact her calendar for the next three months. Oh, the selfish considerations... Below we see the proud daddy arriving in Oxford today, sans Catherine:

Currently, as noted earlier, Kate is being privately treated at her Kensington Palace home by Dr. Alan Farthing.  When Kate was pregnant with George, you may recall that the doctor who headed her team was Marcus Setchell, but he was assisted by Farthing (both pictured below). Of course, it was clear that Dr. Farthing would take over the mantle and it appears that he now has. It is nice for Kate to have a physician with whom she is already familiar.

William said this morning, "She's feeling OK, thanks. It's been a tricky few days - week or so - but obviously we're basically thrilled, it's great news, and early days...We're hoping things settle down and she feels a bit better." As I hypothesized earlier, she has been ill for a short while, and by that timeline, almost as soon as she got back from Anmer Hall. Frankly, it is their bad luck that this week was so packed with engagements. Things have been so quiet recently, had this happened in August, she may have been able to keep it private for some weeks. It was only today's engagement at Oxford that forced their hand to announce. Oxford got the cancellation call within an hour of the statement being released. 

What can we expect these next weeks and months?

This pregnancy will proceed much the same as the first in terms of protocol. The Palace has already said that Kate's engagements will be "decided on a case by case basis," translation: don't be angry if she cancels last minute. Kate will probably try to make as many events as she is physically able, but obviously everyone has to be empathetic to her condition. I imagine she will be pretty under the radar for the next month, but that she will rally a little for a few events despite the difficulty of her first trimester.

Still very sick a fortnight after her hospitalization, Kate presented at BBC Sports Personality of the Year
Via Instagram @es_small

If her pregnancy proceeds as George's, then we can predict to a certain extent the next eight months, or so. While she has tough weeks ahead, she isn't entirely down for the count. Remember she was spotted popping into a petrol station in December of 2012 in Berkshire after traveling back to her parents' from a visit to the Queen's Sandringham Estate. Indeed, today, William hypothesized that Kate would be over the worst of the morning sickness in a few weeks time, which seems to correlate well with what we saw during her last pregnancy.

Kate at Berkshire petrol station in December of 2012
@jade_sinclair via Twitter
Shortly after the New Year, she was sighted shopping at Waitrose by an excited fan. Although she was unwell, she was still mobile and proceeding with life as best as possible.  

January 2013 Kate sighting via Twitter
Kate celebrated her birthday with her family at a Cirque du Soleil performance. William was still working in Anglesey at this time, Kate stayed relatively close to London during her first trimester, sometimes in the capital, other times in Bucklebury.

Kate's Birthday in January of 2013
On January 11th, the Duchess was at the National Portrait Gallery for a viewing of her first official painting. This was not considered a public engagement. The Duchess viewed her painting in private, met the artist, and was on her way. 

On January 14th, the Palace announced that the royal baby was due in July, and George was born a little over six months later. The Palace gave no specific due date at that time. Again, with this pregnancy, they will announce the due-month when Kate has reached her 12-week mark, but no actual due-date will be released.

Kate undertook her first public engagement (excepting the brief appearance at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards) in February of 2013. She visited Hope House and was just barely showing a discreet bump in her grey MaxMara wrap dress. She was beaming and looked the picture of health. 

This means that we could be seeing Kate in public, looking well and hopefully feeling well, by mid-December. Nevertheless, she could conceivably be out sooner, since it appears she was doing reasonably well before the February debut. She was even well enough to fly to Mustique to holiday with her family, which I was particularly pleased she did not miss. 

January 2013

In the near future, all eyes are on Malta. To my mind, it has got to be off the books. This is pure speculation on my part, but given how sick she was during her first trimester, I cannot see her taking on the stress of travel and the multiple events that have been planned. If we lined up this announcement with the last announcement, Christmas 2012 would coincide fairly well with her planned trip to Malta. She looked happy, but still fairly delicate at that time:

Technically, it is possible that given what a big event it is, and the excitement, planning, and preparation that have already gone into the two-day tour, both by the Brits and the Maltese government, that she will go. I imagine this is a major point under discussion at the moment, and I am sure they will put off their decision as long as is feasible to see if she feels well enough to fulfill that commitment. But, Harry said today that when he saw Kate she was "feeling pretty poorly" which is probably classic British understatement. I just can't see Malta happening, much to my own disappointment and thousands of others, but life happens. Literally, as is the case in this instance. :)

So, that's the skinny for the moment. It is Kate's and William's cross to bear that they are forced to announce her pregnancies so early. Of all people, the Cambridges are a couple who would most like to keep this intimate news private for as long as possible, but the nature of hyperemesis gravidarum is such that the entire world is privy to their news almost as soon as they are. I hope that Kate can get some rest over these next weeks. As mentioned, we know from the last time how very miserable she must be now and how relief is still weeks in the future. Nevertheless, as William said, they are very excited, and certainly we all join them today in their expectant joy. 


  1. Thank you for this Jane. I agree that this one will likely mirror the first one in many respects. I have no insider knowledge of course, but the only possible saving grace this time is that they might have been prepared and Kate may have obtained medical intervention sooner this time. If so, it may be that she will have a slightly easier time and perhaps recover more quickly. If that's the case, a simpler version of the Malta trip may be possible, possibly with another Royal along with her to fill in the gaps. A trip with Sophie would be an interesting engagement! In any event, they will do what's best for Kate and her baby and we will all just have to wait until things settle down. My very hearty congratulations to the Royal couple and their son.

    1. Hi Jane,

      I don't think Kate will go to Malta but I don't think they have a replacement lined up yet which is why the palace is still saying she might be able to make it. The royals diaries are booked so far in advance that there might not be someone available to cover on such short notice. But I agree with you, Sophie would be an excellant replacement and as she has done solo trips before she could easily do this.

    2. Hi Jane & Lauri!

      I think knowing what was up definitely gave them a head start and staved off hospitalization, certainly. It would be nice if that also lessoned the time she was ill, but I am not sure that is how it will work. I just hope it isn't worse this time, as one article noted it could be.

      I agree they are probably scrambling for alternatives for Malta, but gosh, what a let-down for Malta. I would just be having a meltdown. It is very unfortunate timing. Kate owes them another visit if she pulls out. :) You can't really send someone to fully replace the Duchess of Cmabridge, eh?

      Anyhow, I hope she gets better quickly. For her sake and ours!

    3. As it is a weekend, may be easier for someone to fill in,
      Delighted about the baby, but so sorry she is unwell. I am sure Malta will be disappointed, but perhaps she can go later and take the new baby and George with her.
      At least her problems highlight the fact that pregnancy is often not straightforward and possibly make employers more understanding.

  2. Thank you for your posts, Jane. I would agree that Malta is likely off for Kate.

    I can't imagine anything more awful than being the centre of attention while feeling very nauseated! I'm not familiar with the condition of such extreme morning sickness. I was lucky to dodge that bullet when I was pregnant (for which I'm very grateful.) Kate's condition sounds bad enough that I even wonder if she could safely stand and move about when feeling ill. The last thing she needs would be to faint or become very dizzy and fall down, hurting herself...

    I wonder if her condition, HG, is made worse and/or better by the gender of the expected child? Some women say such sickness was worse when expecting a girl because of the increased estrogen in the mother's system. Since every pregnancy is different, I hope Kate still follows a pattern of feeling better after the first trimester.

    Exciting news!! I hope she can still rock on at Harry's Birthday Bash!

    1. Well, I had it with a boy ;) so I think that is an old wives tale. I was told that it was more in relation to sensitivity to the pregnancy hormones released.

    2. Well, they said last time that Kate was likely having a girl because of the HG, but then along came George. I am certainly not a medical expert...I am assuming nothing, frankly.
      Sheri, you had it? Ugh, sounds awful--I hope you got better after the 1st trimester! I am sorry.
      Hoping Kate recovers quickly.

    3. I am no expert, but I am a critical care RN. Actually, the hormone which makes the expectant mother so nauseated, also aids in a healthy pregnancy. Given her early intervention of medication and IV fluids, I hope she has an easier time than her first pregnancy. She looked so fragile when she left the hospital that December. I felt so sorry for her.

    4. Yes! One of the worst thing I've ever been through. Around 20 weeks, it just disappeared. Made everyone around me terribly uncomfortable ;D. I feel badly for her, it's miserable and debilitating.

    5. Hi, I can confirm it is really awful! I didn't have it with my first child, but with the second I was sick for nearly 5 months. Now I am in the 7th month and I feel tired but much better than before. All this means also having a lot of trouble at work. At least Catherine doesn't have that problem...

  3. Jane

    You really need to put your talent to good use and apply for a job a with the Royal family. Be the Cambridges press secretary. You would be amazing. But then again you won't be able to share all the extra juicy bits we find on your blog.

    N xx

    1. You are very sweet, thank you so much! I am so glad you all come and read the blog. That's half the fun. :)
      Can't wait for the next exciting months to unfold!

  4. As usual, Jane, awesome, awesome, awesome. Thanks for this great post on this royal news. I know I can count on your blog to provide fantastic coverage. Keep up the wonderful work!

    1. Thank you! No worries on that score, FBTB will have all the fun updates in the lead-up to the GreatkateWait2. ;)
      xoxo, jane

  5. Hi Jane,

    Thanks for the great post!!! How exciting for the family. I have to say that I was kind of bummed out the first hour or so after hearing this news as we wouldn't be seeing the Duchess today or most likely, the rest of the week/month either. But my self pity was soon replaced with happiness for the Royal and Middleton families.

    I wonder how this will affect their move to Anmer Hall? Since it so far from London and with Kate being so sick, it might be put off for a while or possibly until after she gives birth. My understanding is that William won't be starting his helicopter training until sometime next spring, if so then waiting until the baby's born to move makes sense. Does anyone have any other thoughts on this?

    1. It was interesting emotional profile this morning, yes. :) I just wish she got sick one week later... Haha, oh well.

      I don't think it will effect the move. I think that just like she joined William in Anglesey after the worst of her illness was over last time, I think she will join him in norfolk quickly as well. There is space for George to play and for her to get into the fresh air a bit, but with privacy. Carole may come out sometimes if William has a long shift and Kate isn't feeling well. But, I see no reason this should be different than when she went back to Anglesey, in fact, more reason to head to Anmer thanks to George. I suspect plans will move ahead fairly unchanged.

    2. Hi Lauri, hi Jane,

      I think she will stay in London near her doctor as long as it is necessary and then will move to Anmer Hall when she feels safe. Maybe William will go alone first when he has to start his new job (and Kate feels better) and Kate, George and Maria will join him after a few weeks. I think it depends on what is possible concerning his job!

      P.S. Language barrier here: Could anyone explain to me what 'bummed' means? I can't find it in my dictionary... :-/

    3. Hi Vicki, It means sad, upset or depressed.

    4. Hi Vicky,

      The word "bummed" means sad and/or disappointed.

    5. Hi Erika, Hi Lauri,

      I thought it had to mean something like that but have been curious about the exact meaning. Now I know! ;-) Thank you for your help!!

    6. Sorry Vicky! Haha, the subtitle of this blog is secretly: Learn Slang with Jane. ;)
      Looks like these ladies cleared it up, though. :)

  6. I am very excited that there will be another royal baby! I have been reading your blog for some time now, Jane, and take this moment to tell you that I love it. Very wonderful blog. Warm wishes from Paris, Sophie

    1. Merci. :) This is very appreciated. Hope you continue to follow the blog! Give my love to beautiful Paris! xoxo, Jane

  7. Thanks for this amazing article Jane! Great way to process all this new info! So exciting news! Bummer though about the Malta visit and all the treats of this week we were looking forward to. Who will they sent to Malta? William?

    Kate is definetely raising awareness (and anxiety in my case ;)) about HG, hopefully this will contribute to the understanding about the seriousness of the condition. Maybe she can become patron of this association after her family is complete. Women who suffer from it but don't have full time nanny's and total financial security to be able to not work for months on end need all the support and social understanding they can get it seems to me. Let's start with calling it pregnancy sickness instead of morning sickness!

    1. You're right. This could be at least one positive thing in this misery. It must be horrible to make it through and even worse if you have to look after your money, household and/or another child.

  8. i forgot my name in the comment i made 10 sec's ago, sorry!

  9. Dearest Jane,

    what an exciting Monday!! Oh my.... and my husband was the one who informed me :-) There seem to be a lot of pregnancies in my environment currently.. plus Kate now... ^^

    Thank you for all the information about it! I'm so happy for them and their families. The following months will be quite exciting ones.
    I too hope very much she will feel better soon and then can enjoy her pregnancy!

    I'm so sorry I haven't commented for a long time. I have been too busy! I hope you enjoyed your time in Paris. It's a pity your C&LC got off! I loved it very much!!! I hope you will create another one!

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Vicky!
      Great to hear from you! Please no apologies necessary. Gosh, this summer was a whirlwind. I completely understand being a little on the swamped side. :) I am really hoping we start to see more of Kate mid-autumn. I was so excited for this week...oh well, a baby is going to make for busy months ahead.
      Welcome back!
      Xoxo, Jane

  10. Very exciting for them both.... and all of us!

    1. Yes, it is certainly news we can all get excited about!

  11. I really don't expect to see much of Kate in the near-to-middling future. Everything I have read on HG suggests otherwise; that is, each recurrence of HG tends to start earlier, last longer, and be more severe than previous bouts. Malta would be out of the question; Kate will be lucky to recover by Xmas.

    HG is Hell. For those interested, two websites: This is an American website, an extension of the Hyperemesis Education & Research Foundation Based in the UK.


  12. Hi Jane,

    I just saw pictures of Will, Harry, Charles and Camilla at the opening of the Invitcus games and while I mean no disrepect to Kate it was nice seeing the four of them together. Apparently Will, who was sitting next to Camilla, is a pretty funny guy because Camilla was wiping tears of laughter from her eyes. If Kate was able to attend this event all eyes and of course all of Will's attention would have been on her, but it was great to see how well the four of them get along and how comfortable the boys are with Camilla.


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