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William: We Agreed the Heat Would Be Too Much For Her

Sunday, September 21, 2014

This afternoon, Prince William wrapped up what was a very successful two-day trip to Malta. When Kate was forced to pull-out, everyone expected William to go in her stead, and indeed there is no other royal with the requisite star power to stand in for the duchess. 

As many probably remember, (personally or from the study of history) Diana far eclipsed Charles in popularity, which while not the cause of their marriage's disintegration, certainly did not help matters. Kate is clearly massively popular and seems to draw a very dedicated fan base, (hey, all y'all) at the same time, though, William remains such a popular royal. It is a mistake to apply the Wales dynamic to the Cambridges. They are a far more balanced couple and this trip is proof of that reality. Everyone was disappointed that Kate didn't come, but everyone was also so very excited to see her handsome prince.

Royal watchers were interested, although certainly not surprised, to see that Rebecca Deacon was in Malta with William. As the decision was put off to the very last minute, the entire tour had been planned for Kate and obviously Ms. Deacon was entirely informed on every detail. It only highlighted the last minute nature of the change, but also how flawlessly the royal household was able to accommodate the change. The plans were not altered by a Duke rather than his Duchess flying to Malta, and of course, thanks Rebecca worked closely with William before his engagement to Kate, so it was old-home week all around. 

It was a weekend with a debut, as well: William attended his first public Mass this morning in Valletta at St. John's Co-Cathedral. The Cathedral is widely considered one of the finest examples of baroque architecture in Europe and houses a stunning Caravaggio. Aides remarked that although William may have been to a private requiem, it was his first public Catholic ceremony.

There has been a certain ennui with William's wardrobe, so excitement was high when he debuted his Frenchman pants earlier this year. Women being the fickle creatures that we are (that's a blessing, by the way) need more variety in fashion, but it seems that men do not. Day 2 saw the Frenchman pants return with a vengeance. Someone needs to tell him these come in a variety of colors...In any case, these really could be just a tad more fitted, and a little darker. Right now it requires a double take to ascertain that they are indeed his Frenchboy pants and not just a pair of faded jeans. Kate, this is your department.

I still very firmly believe that the long hesitation in announcing Kate's decision on Malta speaks to her continuing recovery. William is always the thoughtful gentleman and the disappointment that was inevitable after the Duchess's withdrawal was often the subject of his remarks. He told fans on a Saturday walkabout that Kate was "feeling so-so" and that it was up and down at the moment, and at a garden party today he said that he had spoken to her on the phone this morning and that she was feeling "a little bit better." People reported William's remark:
He was very happy to be here. William told me that Catherine was sad to have missed the trip, but we both agreed that the hot weather would have been too much for her. I asked how she was doing and he said he spoke to her this morning and she was feeling a little better.
So, I think that we can very safely assume that she will be feeling markedly better in the relatively near future and we may even see her add an engagement to the calendar before long. I suspect she could be back on the job by mid-October. 

William gave fans a quick update on George as well, saying that the baby prince was "very busy" and that "they are very hectic at that age." I can just imagine what a rambunctious tot he must be, as every sighting of him as indicated quite an independent spirit. I am sure he is darling.

Valletta, Malta

William read a statement from the Queen, who has many happy memories of Malta. Between 1949 and 1951 then Princess Elizabeth lived intermittently in Malta with Prince Philip who was serving in the Royal Navy at the time. Prince Charles and Princess Anne remained in Britain. William said he had just been asking her about her time in Malta last week...possibly while he visited her in Scotland as they anxiously awaited Scotland's vote for independence or unity. This trip to Malta was, after all, commemorating Malta's break from the UK. William read a message from the Queen:
We have such fond memories of your country at different stages of our lives," it read. "First as a young married couple when we lived in Malta, and then again when we returned at the time of our 60th wedding anniversary in 2007. Prince Philip and I are grateful to the people of Malta for always making us, and our family, feel so welcome."

It is a shame that Kate was unable to come, since the beautiful, warm island would have been right up her alley. Hopefully, we will get a chance to see her visit in the future. In any event,w e know what Kate is doing right this second. She is curled up on her couch--hopefully George is in bed--she has some tea and something to settle her stomach and she is watching the season premiere of Downton Abbey! Oh September, you truly are the most wonderful time of the year.


  1. Wouldn'tit have been aamazing if the Palace had released photos of the outfits she would have worn? Just kidding but a lovely dream :-)

    1. HI Faith,

      I would have loved to see what Kate selected, just as long as it wasn't a coat dress. I got soooo tired of those during the Aussie tour and the few engagements Kate did earlier this year. I'd like to see her in that great pale blue/gray suit she wore for the Trooping of the Colors.

    2. Agree with you one hundred percent about those coat dresses Lauri. I think we've seen enough of them but, unfortunately, II'm sure, we will see many more in the future. I would love to see the grey McQueen again as well. I keep hoping she'll recycle the lavender McQueen gown that she wore to the BAFTAs too. We will have to wait until post pregnancy for those sightings!

  2. Thanks for the great post Jane!! Even though this site is dedicated to Kate I'm glad you decided to cover William's trip to Malta. For a royal stand in he's not a bad choice! lol Sadly though he could have done better on the fashion front. I agree with you, does he only own one pair of blue pants? Kate shops often enough which makes me think he is the typical stubborn man who will only wear his old, comfortable clothes. Maybe while he's gone this weekend she could go through his closet and toss all the old stuff :) I saw some pictures of him yesterday and it was quite a hoot, all the men were wearing the almost identical blue suit with baby blue ties!! I realize that men are somewhat limited by the colors available for their suits but the color selection for their shirts and ties is almost unlimited. I would love to see Will break out his style rut and try some new colors.

    Anyhow, it was great to see Rebecca there, I thought she looked lovely. I wonder what it be like to work for someone who is known so well for their taste in clothes. Does it make it difficult to get dressed in the morning or does it provide inspiration? Any thoughts on this??

  3. Hi Jane. Excellent question! I learned a great deal from yahoo answers to your question about the language spoken in Malta. The post today is fantastic. Fabulous photos. Even in the photograph, the painting of the beheading of St. John is stunning in the co-cathedral where William attended Mass. Must say how thoroughly happy the Duke appears during this tour. Katherine USA

    MALTESE is the mother tongue.
    MALTESE AND ENGLISH are the official tongues.
    ITALIAN is spoken by a fairly large percentage of the population.
    FRENCH is probably the next common language.
    SPANISH and GERMAN come next.
    and ARABIC may be known by a small percentage of the population as once it was mandatory to learn that language.

  4. I beg to differ with you in one respect. There is indeed another royal with enough star power to stand in for Kate. Harry. I think he's got more than William.

    1. Perhaps I should have been more precise. There are other royals with star-power, the Queen comes to mind...but I don't think anyone but William could fill in for Kate. Because, William could tell people little things like that he chatted with her and she is doing ok, George is running all over, etc, etc. He has a proximity to Kate that Harry doesn't have and when you do a last minute switch-a-roo with a royal as popular as Kate, you need the closest thing to Kate...her spouse. But, we can certainly agree to disagree.

    2. I agree. Wholeheartedly. I love Harry, but the Duke is part of a team that shines very brightly together and apart-- especially when filling in, as a caring husband would. The sheer joy, happiness and contentment shines through when he's out there. It radiates, and unfortunately Harry doesn't have that yet. When he finds his mate, he too, will be irrepressible in a senior royal way

    3. I thought Harry would have been great in Malta. He is the most popular royal - especially with the ladies, being a bachelor ;) - he always seems to love doing his engagements and has a blast too. I thought that would have allowed William to stay and care for Kate (I'm sure she wanted him beside her) but I also understand why he had to "step in for his wife" .

      I guess if I had been in Malta, Harry for me would have been better :P lol but I am really happy that William appeared to have a good time.

  5. Frenchman's pants? I don't understand the reference....

    1. Jane has been calling Prince William's blue trousers "Frenchman" pants since he started wearing them. I think they remind her of the preppy look the French favor. Colored trousers being a hallmark. I think he wore them in Australia first if you want to see the original reference. Heather

  6. I travelled to a hot climate during the early stages of my pregnancy. The heat magnified my misery 100-fold. They definitely made a wise decision.

  7. Love the post! I've been following the BRF for years (like most everyone!) and have been wondering about something. Since Kate and William are so conscientious and careful about planning every last detail, I'm surprised that Kate got pregnant during a time when so much was going on. Since they are so private, I would think they'd try and get pregnant when they wouldn't have to share the news so quickly (esp. since the odds were, unfortunately, that she was going to get sick again). Do you think that perhaps baby #2 came a little sooner than expected? I obviously understand that even the best laid plans can go awry when trying to get pregnant, but I'm just been wondering that ever since they had to share the news so early and Kate had to pull out of so many events. Thanks and I love your blog!

  8. Interesting article from Newsweek on the Duchess - the title belies the subject matter, actually reflective, scholarly, and positive about her burgeoning role and future:


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