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Kate Takes On Royal Patronage of The 1851 Trust, Mulberry's Kensington Bag Makes Waves, Singapore Visit Set, Etc...

Monday, October 13, 2014

Good morning!  If you are in the United States, a very happy Columbus Day to you. Kate should have been with Sir Ben Ainslie today in Portsmouth for an event promoting the America's Cup. Had she, she would have been on hand for Sir Ben's launching of The 1851 Trust, of which it was announced Kate is Royal Patron. The 1851 Trust is the charitable branch of the effort to bring the America's Cup back to Britain; it is her 8th patronage.

The America's Cup left Britain in 1851 and has not been back. Sir Ben Ainslie is putting together a formidable effort to recapture the trophy, which should appeal to Kate's love of sport, patriotism, children, and...competition. In the press release, Kate said:
I am delighted to be Royal Patron of The 1851 Trust. I feel very fortunate to have enjoyed sailing from a young age and I know it is a great way of providing young people with the opportunity to develop skills and confidence.

"It is a hugely exciting time for sailing as the British challenger bids to bring the America's Cup back to Britain. I am looking forward to being part of this journey and I hope that through the 1851 Trust we can engage and inspire a new generation into sailing along the way.
Again, the Duchess has shown significant reflection in taking on a charity that is so closely aligned with her personal interests and hobbies. We have discussed in the past what a keen sailor Kate is, in addition to her interest in finding ways to help young people grow. It really is a shame that Kate was not able to make this event, but having accepted being the Royal Patron, we will be seeing her at 1851 Trust events in the future.

While the Duchess continues to convalesce, one report claims she has returned to London after spending time with her family. This has not been widely confirmed. I read in some article that Kate's health has been "up and down." I do not know enough about hyperemesis gravidarum to know if it is possible that she could have good days and bad days. I hope that since it is triggered by hormones, that they fluctuate, and some days she is indeed feeling better, despite her obvious continued illness. Since she is probably around 12 weeks, the real hope is that she will pass the worst entirely within the next week. 

Heading to Canada: Kate carrying a Mulberry bag at Heathrow 

Onto tangential news...Kate has been a Mulberry fan for some years, both carrying their bags and wearing their clothes. Fashionista reported on a Mulberry ad campaign that got a little too close to the royals for their comfort. Mulberry were working on promoting their new Kensington bag:
 ...a chic bucket bag named for the neighborhood in which the brand's headquarters are located. It's also the home of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their progeny, Prince George.
Mulberry Facebook

After they hung some of the bags on the iconic gates of Kensington Palace and tweeted the shots, the brand got a call from officials, Fashionista reported:
"The image was taken without our permission and we requested that it be removed," a spokesperson for the Palace told the paper. Mulberry responded that the photo had been taken "in error."
While you may think this was a pretty small infraction for the palace to take issue with, aides to the Duke and Duchess have been taking measures for some time to ensure William and Kate are not used for commercial purposes.  When Kate got pregnant with George, the Cambridges and Harry all formed corporations whose purposes, among other things, are to protect intellectual property rights and the use of their names. Some details on the formation of these corporation, and the names they chose here

Precautions have been taken for more than just the Cambridges. In February of this year, the Telegraph reported that Buckingham Palace had gone on a web-domain buying spree, buying up domains for other members of the royal family, such as the Duke of York and Countess of Wessex. Whether they will use them in the future, or just hold them, is not clear. 
A spokesman for Buckingham Palace said: “We have purchased a number of URLs as a precautionary measure to stop others using them and in case we want to use them in the future.” 

As was quickly reported late last week, the schedule for the Singapore State visit was released and William and Kate were included. They will help to welcome the President and his wife to London. Richard Palmer of the Daily Express reported more details:
The second in line to the throne and his wife will be expected to greet the visiting couple at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington and then travel with them by car to Horse Guards Parade to make their first appearance at a ceremonial welcome for a visiting head of state...If she takes part in the ceremonial welcome at Horse Guards, she would normally be expected to travel there by car but return to Buckingham Palace in a carriage procession along The Mall before attending a palace lunch for the visitors.
William and Kate turn into the Horse Guards 

Palmer reports that a decision about how much, if at all, the Duchess partakes in this welcome will be determined closer to the date, obviously taking her health into account. While we have been very much hoping that Kate and William might also attend the State banquet, Buckingham Palace has quietly told two royal reporters that the Duke and Duchess will not be at the State banquet in the evening. This means we will not see Kate in a formal gown and no tiaras will be sparkling. 

I am disappointed, but on reflection, not entirely shocked. William and Kate will have already taken a very prominent role in welcoming the President and his wife. This duty was diplomatically chosen, since they have already met and socialized with the two and so are the perfect choices to welcome the visitors. Still, I believe there is an ongoing and appropriate effort to maintain the hierarchy in the royal family. To keep the larger spotlight on the Queen and on the heir to the throne, while at the same time allowing William and Kate to stay more private while they are not the pivotal senior royals. They will play their part, but not dominate the headlines. 

Also making the news last week, as we kick about waiting to see Kate, was that the royal duo were elected lifelong members of the Marylebone cricket club. To be entirely candid, I think the only reason this caught my eye is because William and Kate played a little of the game while on tour. Kate cut quite a figure in her reworked Luisa Spagnoli and heels. Her expressive faces all came out to play, too, and pictures made the papers accompanied by all number of funny tag-lines. 

Secretly, though, anytime cricket is mentioned I think of my other favorite couple of all time and their little idyllic cricket moment before Julian Fellowes broke all our hearts. 

Back to royalty... The Queen made Angelina Jolie an honorary Dame Commander. I mention this only because Angelina wore the most beautiful suit to accept the honor at Buckingham Palace. Kate would look innn-credible in this stunning ensemble. Angelina is also spot on with this year's longer hemline trend. Love it:

And just for fun to close the post, @theduchesslife shared this photo on Twitter that made me laugh out loud. We haven't seen Kate out and about, but my gosh it is good to see that someone else loves William's trainers.

Have a wonderful Monday...


  1. I've met Dan Stevens randomly at a store and he is a very handsome man, very thin and seemed to be about my height (5'9" ish). I still cannot believe he didn't stay on the show and waiting for those BIG roles he left it for. :(((((

    1. I know. :( A tv show needs drama, so had he stayed, I suspect Fellowes would have had Matthew and Mary at odds with some regularity, not something I would have enjoyed, but losing him like that...I mourn it still. :) (Very cool that you met him, by the way!!)

  2. Thank you for the post Jane! You are working so hard to keep us entertained when no Kate news is forthcoming. Aren't you American? Why do you use the term trainers instead of sneakers?

    1. I am American, but I deal very closely in British media and culture and have adapted to certain modes of expression and vocabulary. Additionally, we never had a fixed term for those shoes in my house anyhow. I was more bookish than sporty, and so I denominate athletic shoes based on their shoes, running shoes, tennis shoes...could all very well be the same pair of shoes. I wasn't breaking with any set tradition when I began to call them trainers, which also seems to be a more universal and inclusive term than anything I ever used. :)

      Thanks for reading. Hopefully, we will have a real live Kate appearance sooner rather than later!

  3. I am absolutely delighted, for Kate's sake, that she has become Royal Patron of The 1851 Trust. I do think that she has a genuine interest in sailing; apparently, her paternal grandfather, Peter, who seems to have been something of an adventurer--during WWII, he was one of those pilots of small planes used to tip incoming German rockets/bombs off-course; later in life, it was he who taught Kate to sail, and who apparently was shipwrecked with his wife on their attempt to sail round the world.

    As far as I know, Kate was the only one of her siblings to carry his interest in sailing forward; one summer Kate crewed in the Cowes area--the word Solent jumps to mind. However, it would seem that neither Mike nor Carole Middleton had a particular interest in sailing nor did William include Kate on any sailing venture, so it has been a while since Kate has had the opportunity to sail--altho she certainly out-did William in their New Zealand sailing competition, winning two of two races. This might be a personal interest Kate would like to revive, and yet another reason why Mike and Carole should not have ditched their daughter at the gates of Buckingham Palace without making proper financial provision for her. Penniless women lack choices, nor does William seem inclined to spend money on his wife; he strikes me as quite mean.


    1. Goodness. You had me captivated about your knowledge of Kate's sailing history. But you totally lost me in your last two sentences. I don't think there is a definition anywhere that would include Kate as penniless. And I don't think there is any evidence anywhere that suggests that William doesn't support his wife in whatever pursuits she is interested in. But perhaps you have more intimate knowledge of their relationship than I.

  4. I love Angelina's hair, and wish Kate would style hers similarly some time.

  5. @ Jane in Canada Hello, fellow citizen, and well met. Regarding my last two sentences, no, I have no intimate knowledge, but I have an interest in Kate and a long love of British history. I read--everything from the tabs (because they have a history of breaking big stories that the established press would never touch, betwixt much garbage) to the most informative books I can find ( here, I look for trends; if two or three respected authors say the same thing, I sit up and take note).

    One thing that comes through, loud and clear, is that William is a user; he used Kate in university--she knew how to cook and clean whereas he either did not or would not, and he uses her to this day. I will hazard an opinion and state that Kate will not go to NYC with William this year--but, it certainly is good PR for William to pretend that Kate might accompany him. This is just an example, a small sample of the many times William has used people; for example, he has enjoyed, via Kate, many freebie vacations to Mustique, Ibiza, France (skiing); her parents invited him and he accepted. He has also used Jecca Craig and her parents--they own a private jet which permits William to fly under the radar to Kenya and, perhaps, elsewhere. The list doesn't stop there, however. It goes on and on. William, it would seem, is a taker as opposed to a giver. And he is obviously not inclined to give his wife much of anything; my son, for gods sake, has a history of spoiling his girlfriends, and now his wife, with more jewellery than William can be bothered to give Kate.

    As for my remark concerning Mike and Carole Middleton, and their failure to provide adequate financial provision for Kate, that is an observation of my own making, based on their past history and current. (I mean, come ON--At Kate's very first speech at EACH, Kate was reduced to wearing one of Carole's dresses. A dual failure, I suppose, shared equally by William and Kate's parents.)

    It has long been a particular bee in my bonnet that, financially, Mike and Carole have let Kate down. Badly. Would it kill them to set up a trust fund for Kate--which could form part of her inheritance, and which could be kept apart from assets considered in the case of a divorce? And in the meantime, income from said asset, would be most helpful to Kate, who is being starved of cash.

    Kate, IMO, is truly penniless. What does she own? Nothing. What assets does she possess? Again, apparently nothing. She has a roof over her head, food on the table, often, cheap clothing on her back, and beyond that, nothing.

    Well, I have tried my best to clarify my position, without writing a treatise.


    1. I sincerely doubt that you are in a position to know anything about the Middletons or about Prince William for that matter. I am curious as to why you think that Kate's parents owe her a trust fund. Sounds like an unfortunate sense of entitlement to me. Kate made her choice. True she is not in a position to earn her own money but why should it now become her parents' responsibility? I don't think that Kate wants for much, except maybe to have the haters back off. You are certainly entitled to your opinion but this comment would be more at home in the Daily Mail than this blog. Personally, I come here to escape (yes, this is my form of escapism) the negative and the nasty.

    2. Do we know if the Middletons have set up a trust fund for Kate? We don't have access to their personal finance statements. For all we know, she has a very generous trust fund. Even if she does not, who do you suppose inherits their estate? In all politeness, I disagree entirely that William does not care for Kate well and I also don't think there is any evidence to suggest he does not dote upon her entirely. they seem as infatuated as the day they met. Kate is married to William. His money is her money and nothing makes it seem that she does not have what she wants when she wants. She is naturally thrifty, that's all.

    3. Oh my. *sigh*

      I don't completely disagree with this 'Anonymous'. Penniless is harsh, but she hasn't earned an income in years. Other than her job at jigsaw, since dating William she has probably worked no more than part time. I believe she went from her parents largely supporting her, to William supporting her. But that is between them, and Kate had a long time to decide if she wanted to be in that relationship. Maybe she is perfectly happy with no financial "independence" :-) As for divorce, Charles gave Diana his personal fortune, but partially knowing he collects about $20 million a year from his title. If their marriage ever ends, Kate will be taken care of.

      Kate gives Kate gifts, I just suspect many are so private we don't see. Every Christmas she seems to debut a new piece of jewelry (even at Sandringham). I'm sure some of the expensive purses, watches, etc could be from William.

      As for what the Middleton's do with their fortune is up to them, and honestly is probably a hard decision when you know one child and their children are provided for through the royal family and tax payer money. And the Middleton's provided plenty. I suspect when Kate and George went to Mustique, that the Middleton's paid their way. Many sources said the Middletons paid for Kate's 2 wedding dresses & accessories, all Goring expenses, etc. Plus, just because parents are rich does not mean they have to continue providing for her. Plenty of rich people, with more money than the Middletons, provide their adult children with no more than a post-secondary education.

      While we may not agree with how Kate or the Middletons present themselves, we can stick to comments and not be harsh :-)


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