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Dress Like The Duchess: Girl Fabulosity Made to Order RepliKate Hats

Monday, November 24, 2014

I have been waiting over a month to share this Dress Like the Duchess edition with you, and I am so very excited to at last be able to publish! Hats can make or break Kate's outfit and I know we all are often awestruck by the beautiful creations that she debuts. RepliKating them, however, can prove tricky, since the milliners the Duchess patronizes often sell a single hat for hundreds and hundreds  of pounds. For those who will not get much wear out of a hat, but are often buying for a single special occasion, the money can be hard to justify. Brandi at Girl Fabulosity loves making hats and is inspired by Kate's style; a winning combination! She makes striking repliKates of a broad range of Kate's best loved hats.

Brandi sent me what she terms the Dulwich hat, shown below in deep teal. I love this hat for it understated elegance and its versatile style. I asked Brandi to make it for me in black, as seen on Kate, and when it arrived I was so, so pleased. The hat attaches with an elastic band, and the care and time that Brandi puts into the development is clear. You can order this hat in teal, back...or, any color you like. 

You will recognize the hat as a pretty authentic repliKate of the Whiteley Kate first debuted in 2010 when she paired it with Libélula's Dulwich coat for Harry Aubrey-Fletcher's wedding. She wore this gorgeous chapeau again in 2013 while pregnant with George, when she visited the Baker Street tube station with HM and the DoE.

Girl Fabulosity will repliKate a number of the Duchess's hats, including the Jane Corbett from her first Remembrance Day ceremony in 2011:

Kate's striking Rachel Trevor-Morgan from the Order of the Garter comes in a lovely repliKate, and I have just been told that Girl Fabulosity now has the matching "waffle" material in which the original was made:

Kate's Gina Foster topper that she wore Christmas morning is available in a beautiful deep green, but again, you can order any of these hats in the color you prefer, or to match the rest of your ensemble:

The Jane Taylor sequined cocktail hat worn for The Queen's Thanksgiving service in 2012 is available in repliKate form:

Brandi also makes the hat that first made headlines: the Vivien Sheriff from Anglesey, in addition to the brown Locke & Co. hat she wore to Aldershot. 

Brandi was one of the thousands of women who were immediately struck by Kate's fascinator on the morning she christened the small life-boat in Anglesey. She began making hats not long after, and the Anglesey fascinator was her first creation.  Brandi orders the supplies from Engalnd and Australia to make the most beautiful repliKates she can, for the best price. I love my Dulwich. It really is a very beautiful rendition of Kate's hat and is sure to complement multiple outfits and occasions. Girl Fabulosity ships internationally and will work with you to make the hat of your dreams. See Brandi's Etsy store here, if you are in the market for a royally inspired chapeau!  

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