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In the Spotlight: France's Dans le Boudoir de Kate Middleton

Monday, November 3, 2014

America is my country, and Paris is my hometown... Obviously, these are not the words of Jane Barr, but a different (and very famous) American; nevertheless I often share Ms. Stein's sentiment and enthusiasm for the City of Lights.  I am always so happy to see strong numbers coming in from all over France and this post is with all of you in mind. Today I am doing a blog profile, which is not something I have ever done before, but am very excited to introduce you to a website about Kate that is...en français. :)

Dans le Boudoir de Kate Middleton is an Elle France blog dedicated to the Duchess of Cambridge and her style, and it is the predominant blog on Kate in France. While many of my French readers are doubtless familiar with this site already, I wanted to be sure it wasn't slipping by anyone, and introduce it to those of you who may have a touch of the Francophile in you...

When chatting with Le Boudoir's lovely author Lynda, she spoke directly to the strength of Le Boudoir's community of fans. Le Boudoir does not just cover news on Kate's appearances, but also provides resources for fans of the Duchess who want to incorporate a bit of royal grace into their own lives.  In this recent post, some lovely repliKates were up for sale, including the fantastic red ensemble that Kate wore during the 2012 Olympics:

Some posts highlight real women and their Duchess-inspired fashion:

Le Boudoir de Kate Middleton

Le Boudoir even undertakes charitable fundraising for members of the community in need. With the help of Elle editors, Le Boudoir put on a very successful tea party at which readers met and shared an afternoon of fine china delicious treats.

I asked Lynda what inspired the blog, since most bloggers have interesting points of inspiration and action.  After watching William and Kate's wedding, Lynda was very impressed by Kate's impact on women and on fashion and her ability to bring a touch of elegance to a world often saturated with sadness and ugliness. When she noticed there weren't many French websites that featured Kate adequately, Lynda set about to create a space that would fill the void for the French public. Over three years later, French women have certainly accepted Lynda's gift and Le Boudoir has flourished and thrived:
La duchesse cristallise de belles valeurs. Kate parle aux femmes la langue de la féminité. Dans ce 21e siècle où la vulgarité s'est hélas institutionnalisée, ces femmes ne se retrouvent plus dans les magazines. Le monde est devenu hyper violent. Kate leur offre une image rassurante: elle a réussi, elle est belle à regarder, toutes les anciennes petites filles retrouvent la princesse des contes de fées.
It can be hard to follow news about Kate if English is not your native tongue, and working on a second language myself, I have a lot of empathy for those navigating these difficulties. I hope that if you are French you enjoy Dans le Boudoir de Kate Middleton and for those of you who may be working on your Gallic linguistic skills...I can't think of many better ways to practice French than by reading about the luminous Duchess of Cambridge in Lynda's delightful prose.

Kate Wearing French Label Roland Mouret 

Kate unites women across countries, cultures, and languages in a common interest and shared pursuit of beauty. When I find wonderful blogs about her in languages other than English, I am always impressed anew at her magnetism. I certainly enjoy when fans of different nationalities have a common focus.  In the last week as I was thinking about writing this post, British Airways released a fantastic commercial; it celebrates New York and Paris. A British commercial about an American and a French city... I thought their timing was rather perfect given this is a blog about a British princess, written by an American who loves France. Just a a little bonus to end this post:

Hope your Monday is fabulous! 


  1. Dear Jane, unfortunately, I do not speak a word of French, but I always love when you sprinkle this blog with your obvious passion for France and Paris. I also agree that Kate unites women across the globe and I was delighted do read this post and know that Kate has such a lovely gathering place in France.
    All the very best,

    1. Thank you, Joann! I am so glad that you have enjoyed this post! And that you read the blog in general, of course. Hope to "see" you soon!

  2. I speak a little French and will enjoy practicing by trying to read this blog--although, I am sure I would never be able to sort out a comment. :) Thank you, Jane. Your space here is such a delightful pleasure. A bright spot in the day. Happy Monday to you!

    1. Thank you so much! I think you will very much enjoy Le Boudoir and its delightful community of lovely ladies. Thanks for reading here, too, of course. ;)

  3. Dear Jane, here is one of your French readers (currently living in Haiti, if you see me in your stats !) I was so happy when I saw Lynda's post about you, it's so nice to see two of my favourite Kate's blogs interact ! Is that you on the picture in Lynda's post ?
    Well, this my first comment on FBTB, so I will just say that I love your blog. I am currently re-reading it from the beginning with the comments, so I have my Kate fix everyday. It is also really interesting to see how Kate evolves throughout the years !
    Sorry for my poor English (I work on it with your blog) and thank you for all this fabulous work !

    1. Bonjour Mlle Macaron! Oui, c'est moi. :)
      I was very touched to get your message and so happy to hear you enjoy this space. Please forgive any typos you find in earlier posts... I agree; Kate has evolved, sometimes it doesn't seem so, but yes. I look back at pictures from 2004 and I am amazed. Ten years...Hard to believe.
      Your English is awesome! Don't feel shy at all! Thank you for reading and thank you for submitting a comment. It was a delight to receive.
      Warmly, Jane

  4. I took French in school and so can get by in the language. I have to admit, though, that while I may have tried to make my way through French reports, after the French published those incredibly invasive photos of our beautiful princess on holiday in the Luberon, I have never clicked another French link about Kate. What appalling lack of sensitivity. I love the candids you provide for us here, Jane, but those photos went well beyond the mark and it is hard for me to see past that when it comes to the French. I know you love them, as you make frequent and very warm reference to France, but I am still nursing that wound.

    1. Hi Anon. Don't forget, it was the French privacy laws that enabled William and Kate to fight back, and I recall an Italian mag publishing those photos as well, and eventually other countries including Britain followed suit. Gossip rags that publish this stuff are everywhere, not just France. I remember the furor over the bikini photos from their honeymoon that an Australian magazine published. Don't boycott one country for the mistakes of a few. No doubt Kate's French fans are just as indignant as everyone else that her privacy was invaded illegally in their own country.

    2. I guess you are right. I hadn't thought about that. It was just so upsetting, but I see the point that it isn't fair to judge the whole country. :)

    3. Yes, and I think, too, that when you consider the how many people make a nation, I wouldn't blame the French collectively. If you pop by Le Boudoir, you will find all the women very respectful. :) It will change your mind about the French!
      xoxo, Jane

  5. Dear Jane,
    I'm from France and very keen on the articles you regularly publish. As a great fan of the Duchess, I've first started to read blogs dedicated to her in English as there weren't any in French and because I've lived both in the US and in the UK that was a real pleasure to reconcile my love for the language and that of the Duchess... until one day, I came across Lynda's Dans Le Boudoir de Kate Middleton...
    Since then and although at the beginning it wasn't as well developed as it is now (the articles were quite short and not as numerous as they are now), I had a particular crush on that one.
    What I like about it, especially now, is the way Lynda writes and the community which has, step by step, grown and gathered around Lynda's in numbers..
    We interact a lot and we not only talk about the Duchess but share our daily lives, interests and do care for one another.
    On some international blogs such as WKW's Facebook page, you sometimes sense a feeling of competition on who has IDed the first the Duchess's outfit which I particularly don't like at all. Or some girls boast themselves by buying Kate's latest outfit and post a pic of them to seek attention ...
    What I like about both your blogs (FBtB and Champagne and Le Chameau) is your refined way of writing along with the delicate choice of pictures which illustrate each of your articles.
    Although I've never read any of the reader's comments, I'm sure they are polite to one another and interested not just in Kate's fashions.
    Long live "From Berkshire to Buckingham" and "the Boudoir"
    Kindest regards

    1. Lynda has created a remarkable community! I am struck by it every time I visit Le Boudoir. It is very impressive, to say the least! I have been very moved by some of the community fundraisers you all have taken upon yourselves--so kind and generous. Spreading the spirit of the Duchess. :)
      Thank you for coming by here, too. You are always welcome and we love having you royal watch with us!
      Very warmly, Jane

  6. Bonjour Jeanne (or Jane right? :) )
    I'm really happy that you know Lynda's blog, she's a really good writer! Et toi aussi!
    Thank you very much for the time that you put in your blog!
    I'm from Bordeaux, a beautiful city in the South West of France, you should come visit the country :)
    Je t'envoie des bisous de l'autre côté de l'Atlantique!

    1. Mmm, Bordeaux. I have a wonderful French friend who lived in Bordeaux and she had only glowing reports. I still regret that I didn't make it to visit her while she was still there--she has since moved closer to Paris. But, I plan to visit sometime. It is a very historically rich area, as well, as I am sure you know. It is very high on my bucket list. Hopefully this summer I can spend some time there.
      Thank your so much for reading and commenting! France is always in my heart...

  7. Hi Jane,
    This is Shanti writing from Nice. I'm a reader of Le Boudoir, but didn't know your blog until yesterday. Congratulations, it is beautiful and extremely well written and documented. I hope Lynda won't read this, but your blog is even better than hers..;) Anyway, princesses' stories have always been my favourite ones, and Catherine Montbatten-Windsor née Middleton (as I like to call her) is truly a remarkable one.
    If you should come to Nice, be sure to contact me, I'll show you around.
    Have a good day,

  8. As a kate fan who speaks fluent french (i am dutch but have studied in france (avignon) and the country and culture fascinate me but now have some serious competiom with the UK. I also like to read 'Dans le boudoir' to keep up with my french and learn new words and expressions. Such a fun way to studie languanges!

    I have also learnt so much english through following kate and reading blogs! Not only the language but also i learnt so much about history and current uk. Actually i am reading ken follet's 'eye of the needle' and am not even on a third and already 3 places that are named i reckonized through following kate: east anglia, sandhurst and bletchly park! So much fun. It must be that learning with stories and context is so much more meaningful!

    Keep up your great work Jane. I love your writing style.


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