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Kate Sets Heads Spinning in DVF For Royal Variety Performance

Thursday, November 13, 2014

I have to start this entire post by saying: WOW! Wow, wow, wow. I was going to begin by discussing the Royal Variety Performance, but this dress has wiped all thoughts beyond it out of my head. Kate stepped out of the car tonight in a brand new Diane von F├╝rstenberg evening gown and her hair pulled back in a glamorous up-do. I think the members of the Kate-world went briefly out of their heads before erupting into lavish praise. Which is pretty much what this blog post will be...

It seemed very, very likely that Kate would wear a new dress for tonight's performance.  The event is quite important. William and Kate were attending the annual performance as representatives of the Monarch. Elizabeth II is the usual guest, but at times a senior royal will represent her. She has traded off with the Prince of Wales in recent years. This should have been a year she attended, but instead sent the Duke and Duchess in her stead. It is quite an honor. So, a new dress is an appropriate tribute to this royal nod.

My socks are knocked off, as I have already amply expressed. Frankly, (considering formal wear since her wedding) an evening gown has not solidly stunned me like this since she attended the "Our Greatest Team Rises" in that unendingly glamorous Jenny Packham. That was her best royal evening gown of all time. Tonight is certainly a strong contender and easily makes my SuperStar-Look list.

Everything about this ensemble is picture-perfect. Her hair is luxuriously coiffed in a soft chignon., make-up and jewelry are flawlessly chosen. Hair really shouldn't be underestimated in the dynamics of this evening's appearance. Sometimes, leaving her hair loose is perfect with an evening dress, but tonight, this up-do added the needed finishing touch to make the entire ensemble gloriously explode. It also enabled us a clear view of the additional elements that give the look polish: namely these striking Kiki McDonough earrings:

Habibah Haque was outside the Palladium to see William and Kate. She told me: "Kate is so beautiful in person! No photograph has ever done her cheekbones justice. Her skin was glowing and her dress was phenomenally elegant! Her dress had a V-cut in the back and her back was so perfect! Her hair was so sleek. And William is so tall too!" Those cheek bones ar pretty fabulous in pictures, so i can only imagine! This was a pretty good appearance to enjoy live!

Reader Dawn M pointed out the similarity in style between this dress and the white McQueen we only got a hint of when Kate was driven the the diplomats' reception. Tonight's dress looked navy in the glare of camera flashes when she first emerged from the car, but is quite clearly black now that the hi-res photos are examined. I think I would have loved this even more in navy, but William and Kate are quite striking in matching black. 

As mentioned, Kate was wearing the striking DVF "Zarita" dress, which is sold out in almost all venues by now, but originally retailed at around $800.

Ok, quickly to the event. The Royal Variety Performance is an annual gala event that benefits the Entertainment Artistes' Benevolent Fund. The Monarch or a senior member of the royal family, is always in attendance. It has been taking place since King George V and Queen Mary attended the original performance in 1912, a fundraiser to build a home for aged performers. In 1919, the Royal Variety Performance, billed as such, took place as a "'celebration of peace' and, as the official announcement expressed it, 'had been commanded by the King to show his appreciation of the generous manner in which artistes of the variety stage had helped the numerous funds connected with the War'", according to the EABF's website.  It is a staple of the royal calendar.

Victoria Murphy from The Mirror shared a snap of Andrew Lloyd Webber and his wife waiting on the steps of the Palladium, waiting to greet William and Kate:

In the foyer, William and Kate met some of the performers, including boy band sensation One Direction. This /is probably the first and last time I will have a Harry Styles picture on my blog...or my computer, for that matter, but..royal-watching is broadening. :)

As always, there is usually a joke about the attending royal incorporated into the performance. Tonight, Kate was ribbed lightly be a former schoolmate, comedian Jack Whitehall. The laughs-man made reference to his mother's disappointment that he had not married Kate himself, calling her the "one that got away." Speaking of the man who didn't let her get away, Prince William was looking pretty. darn. good. And yes, those are his velvet slippers loafers, which cause much disagreement in the fashion community. I stand with the fans. I love them.

Our favorite Parents-of-the-Princess were also on hand to watch their daughter's debut at The Royal Variety Performance. It seems Kate and Carole were in cahoots on the dress code. Flanked by the ever dapper Mike, Carole was also sporting a flattering black dress with lace embellishment.

This was an incredible appearance. William and Kate are junior/senior royals, because the Queen's longevity (for which we are all thankful) means that there is a slightly odd situation. William and Kate are pivotal senior members of the BRF, but also remain still a ways down the line of royal succession. Tonight, Kate looked every inch the princess that she is. Nights like these are a little peek into the future when they will have truly become the two most prestigious royals in the world: the King and Queen of England. Stunning, entirely stunning. A hearty round of applause to HRH the Duchess of Cambridge.


Don't forget, one of the Dress Like the Duchess specials, Centime, is still offering the discount to FBTB readers with code HRHKate. The 20% discount is good through this Saturday, the 15th. 

Centime repliKates

The delicate silver jewelry makers have several repliKates including Kate's cipher bracelet and her Asprey charm necklace. The cipher bracelet is fantastic...but, make sure you order the lobster clasp, as my T-clasp sometimes slips off.


  1. What a boring choice of dress! I'm sorry, but she has so many options and she chooses this? It's like she's recycling a dress she has never worn.

  2. Hey there! I've been following your blog for a long time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Humble Tx!

    Just wanted to mention keep up the great job!


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