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Kate Shopping in Holt, Norfolk/William Heading to China & Japan

Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Thanksgiving Surprise! Kate was spotted shopping today in Holt Norfolk, by Chloe Nelson, the co-owner of an optician store in the town: Nelsons Eye Patch. Kate was out shopping for antiques in her skinnies, boots, and that Zara cape with which she loves to hide her baby-bump.

Kate Shopping in holt, Norfolk
via Chloe Nelson of Nelsons Eye Patch

As mentioned in an earlier post, William and Kate's Anmer Hall home has at last been finished and the couple moved in several weeks ago. Apparently, the house needs a few finishing touches. Local media EDP24 reported:
Chloe Nelson...spotted the Duchess of Cambridge in the town’s High Street just after 1pm. She said: “She looked lovely in a tartan cape as she left the Antiques Emporium and headed up the high street, what a great ambassador for shopping in local independent shops.”
Kate Shopping in Norfolk via Chloe Nelson

In late January of 2013, after recovering from her early and intense morning sickness with George, Kate shopped central London in this same cape, pairing it with her Really Wild Clothing boots. At the time, US Weekly reported the Duchess had been shopping at Boots:

Kate on January 30, 2013
vis US Weekly and Top Star Pictures
Around the same time, she also popped into a Pret A Manger (does it bother anyone else that there are no accents??) in the cape for a little pick-me-up.

I can only imagine the couple's relief at finally moving into Anmer! This has been in production for so long!  Kate was spotted in Holt antique shopping while pregnant with George!  At the time we were relatively certain that she was also in the neighborhood because of Anmer Hall.

Antique Shopping in 2013

What better time to be able to settle in than the holidays, just before the royal family celebrates Christmas at Sandringham. With a rambunctious George ready to pull the house down, and pregnant with her second, it is doubtless a relief to Kate to be able to remain in her own space this year and not have to pack up and be a guest.  Sandringham House is just a few miles down the road, which should make it far easier to balance holidays with little ones and BRF family traditions. 

Anmer Hall has had extensive renovation done. From window replacements to a whole new roof, the property has been given a thorough overhaul and interior design makeover, and it set to be a delightful country house for the Cambridge family for years to come. 

Last year on Thanksgiving Day, we got to see Kate under an official pretext as she attended the SportsBall on behalf of SportsAid in a laser-cut Temperley dress.

SportsAid is putting on their gala again this evening, and while we gave up hope of seeing Kate there at least a week ago, it is fun to see her out and about despite her absence at the London event. 

Nelsons Eye Patch, Holt, Norfolk


Before I leave you for some celebratory turkey, it was also officially announced today that Prince William will undertake a visit to China and Japan in early next year. He will spend three days in each country, leaving the United Kingdom in late February and arriving home in early March. It should not be hard to determine the approximate dates with that window. No mention of Kate is made in the press release whatsoever. At first, it seemed they would keep their options open, but the nature of statement makes me think it has been absolutely ruled out that Her Royal Highness will accompany William. I imagine a number of reasons for that decision, all of which seem wise. 

William opened the Dickson Poon China Centre Building at Oxford in the early fall. Kate was meant to have been present at that engagement, as well, but was prevented from attending due to her debilitating HG. In fact, this event was the one that forced the couple to announce her pregnancy, since the princess had already been ill for over a week when they had to explain her absence in Oxford.

A Happy Thanksgiving to Americans and to all reflecting on their many blessings today! 

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