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Kate Shops For Kitchen Odds & Ends at John Lewis's Peter Jones

Friday, November 7, 2014

Peter Jones Department Store

We expected a possible sighting of the Duchess attending the Prince's Charity Forum today, but barring that, I thought we would have to wait until tomorrow for some news. But, Kate popped over to Peter Jones, a John Lewis department store, to shop for "utensils, bits & bobs" according to a fan who graciously shared the information:

Kate shops at the Sloane Square Peter Jones with regularity. She was spotted browsing there for carseats while pregnant with George, and has been photographed frequently leaving with full bags. Anouska A reported that Kate was wearing her sheepskin Temperley "Odele" coat, a knee length patterned red dress, and black boots. Sounds pretty classic-Kate, eh? :)

Temperley "Odele"

Most of you should recognize this coat pretty quickly. Kate has worn it on numerous casual occasions: out shopping, Starbucks runs, and more recently to her night out with William and close friend Emilia, her husband, & Co at Bunga Bunga on March 1st, as reported by the Daily Mail:

Without a picture, it isn't clear what red patterned dress she might have been wearing today, but it is obviously entirely possible it is a casual dress that we have not seen. Without knowing if her boots were flats or heels, again, a little bit of a guess, but more a more precise, certainly. They could have been her Aquatalia Rumbas or her Stuart Weitzmans...They could have been her Russell & Bromley ChargeIt boots if she was going with flat boots, etc.

Perhaps Kate was lured in on this occasion thanks to John Lewis's recently released Christmas advertisement that has many getting misty-eyed. I am really excited that she was shopping there today because it gives me a chance to tell you a quick and hilarious story. First, this is the highly touted advert (which I love).

To the story: John Lewis department store's Twitter handle (i.e., username) is @johnlewisretail. A man in Virginia, USA whose actual name is John Lewis, has the simple handle @johnlewis. Every year, around Christmas, this poor man is absolutely flooded with tweets from those mistaking him for the UK department store. He gets tweets of congratulations, complaints, etc, etc. Thankfully, he has a fantastic sense of humor and volleys back witty response after witty response. 



Oh gosh:

This next one is my absolute favorite: 

Ok, last one.

I am almost crying with laughter. Hilarious, and great PR for John Lewis retail, too. Ouf, ok. Thank you for indulging me. Now you know my quirky sense of humor even better, which may or may not be a good thing. Back to Kate... If there are more updates on today's shopping excursion, I will let you know. Otherwise, we are going to see her officially tomorrow as she and William spend "An Away Day" in Wales. Two engagements, lots of fun. See you then!

P.S. If you are having trouble commenting, see some troubleshooting tips here, and if you are having trouble keeping track of all her events, don't forget Kate's Calendar can always get you straightened out. 

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