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Kate Wears Plum Vreeland from Goat for Her Visit to SportsAid's Human Performance Lab

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kate has certainly been doing a spot of shopping, since the two star-pieces of her wardrobe today were brand new. The Duchess was in Brentford, London touring one of her charity's facilities which provides training support for young Olympic hopefuls. Kate was at the GSK Human Performance Lab on behalf of SportsAid, and right in her element as she chatted to aspiring athletes.

Apparently, the lab helps test athletes to better target their training, and so increase their performance levels. Most of these sportsmen and sportswomen see Tokyo 2020 as their goal. This is a picture of one of the presentation rooms earlier in the day before Kate arrived, shared by @KeriannePayne, an Olympic Silver Medalist:

Rebecca English shared the amusing story that Kate was trying to chat with one young woman when she realized that the girl, whose face was covered with a large mask, was unable to respond to her. In classic Kate form, the Princess burst into laughter:

The initial pictures made it seem Kate was wearing black from head to toe, but with a little better lighting, it became evident she was wearing Goat's "Vreeland" dress in plum, with stockings and brand new Russell & Bromley Stuart Weitzman "HalfNHalf Stretch It" boots contrasting in black.

I knew Kate wouldn't wear jeans, but I rather imagined her in a coat, so it was a fun surprise to get a dress instead. The Vreeland is right up Kate's alley, and will also remind you of another one of Kate's Goat dresses.

Goat "Vreeland" Dress

It dress had similar design elements to the pinky-coral frock she wore in July to Blessed Sacrament School for M-Pact Plus. Both fabrics are crepes and have the same silver detail at the waist. I have to say that while I got off on the wrong foot with this label thanks to what I affectionately call, The Goat Coat, I have loved both the dresses Kate has worn since, and frankly see lots on their website I am now secretly coveting. It's a fantastic label! 

Kate was carrying her Russell & Bromley (Stuart Weitzman) Muse clutch, and wore her sapphire drops. Her new boots looked at first to be her ChargeIts, but closer inspection revealed they were entirely new.

Russell & Bromley HalfNHalf Boots

I was interested to see that Kate chose flats. Amy C told me on Twitter she thought this might be Kate's first event in flats other than sneakers for the Olympics. I would add the casual outings while on tour to that list of exceptions, but for an event at which she wore a dress, this does seem to be almost without precedent. Comparing this outing to two public engagements of similar style: Kate wore her sky-high Corkswoons to visit with SportsAid athletes while in Scotland, and in 2012 she visited the FA's training center St. George's Park, where she wore her Aquatlia Rumba boots. 

Kate Wearing Heels to Sports Events

Today's boots are very much like her Aquatalia Rumbas, but in flat form. Her Rumbas are unique in that they hug her leg and give her a very sleek finish. You wouldn't really see her wearing her Aquatalias over jeans, because it would ruin the smooth line of the leg. As a result, they are a dressier boot. These R&B Stuart Weitzman are similar in that respect.

This short Instagram video from Clarence House shows Kate trying out some of the testing facilities programs. When I watched this I started to feel just a bit like I needed to settle my stomach. The Duchess seemed all smiles while playing the game, so it appears she was unaffected. Daring on her part... :)

The plum color of this dress was a dusty one, and it really needed the contrast of the black boots and stockings to highlight the color difference. I do love plum, it is such a cozy winter color, and works well with brunettes. A slightly clearer plum would have made me a little more excited, only because the Goat shade was easily overwhelmed by the under-lit conditions. Otherwise, a lovely look from Kate, and I have to say I really was happy to see her in flats. The dressy element of the boots gave her ensemble the needed polish, while also allowing her to remain a little more comfortable on her feet. It was a good mix for a princess visiting a sports center. I can't help also feeling like this dress is a cousin to her Jenny Packham from Singapore. She does gravitate toward certain styles....

This video will give you a nice little overview of the afternoon...and underline the point on lighting and color:

Tomorrow night, will see Kate again as she and William attend the Royal Variety Performance at the London Palladium. A lot of readers have been asking about Kate and William's proposed trip to New York City. It sounds like it will be officially announced very soon...very possible today and that Kate will be going. I think it less likely that George will go, since it is very much a business trip and Kate may still be having ups and downs. I sense Granny Carole is going to have a certain little prince on her hands for a few days. 

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