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Kate's Fashion Help & Color Palette

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

We talked about William yesterday, but today we are getting back to some recent articles about Kate. The news that Kate has a new stylist responsible for her bolder looks has pretty thoroughly made the rounds. Vanity Fair ran a fun piece on Natasha Archer, a personal assistant to Kate.
...Kate’s secret weapon in the wardrobe department [is] her P.A. turned stylist. Natasha Archer, a 27-year-old personal assistant at Kensington Palace, has been helping Kate shop and experiment with some sophisticated new looks, according to sources.
Natasha has been photographed on a number of occasions and each time caused a kerfufle of interest. I remember there was a flurry when she was photographed taking the carseat into the Lindo Wing after George was born, she was on tour with the Cambridges Down Under, and she was the "mystery" blonde of whom so many girls were green with envy as she sat and chatted next to a casual Kate at rugby:

I enjoyed the piece, but I was a little skeptical on certain elements. 
“Initially Kate was a reluctant fashion icon, but now she enjoys it. [Nat]ash helps source some of the clothes. She shops a lot for Kate online, and calls in hundreds of dresses for Kate to try on,” a source close to Tash tells Royal Watch. “She has persuaded Kate to take some more risks. The hemlines are shorter and Kate’s really pushing the boat out in the fashion stakes.”
First of all, much has been made over the years about Kate's resistance to stylists and staff; she has slowly incorporated the core team that now surrounds her, but because of this reluctance, and because as of right now Kate has never placed anyone formally in the role, claiming that Kate has a stylist, is always a bit of a headline home-run.  And not really actual.

We had an almost identical story a year ago this month, when many papers ran the story that Kate's close friend, and godmother to George, Emilia Jardine-Paterson, was picking Kate's clothes for her. While I am sure that as friends with similar taste, these two might shop, chat, and swap inspiration, suggesting that Emilia was the style-star behind the Duchess was more than a bit of a stretch.

I feel the same way about Natasha. She may order in any number of clothes, and I am sure that Kate takes input and appreciates affirmation from all manner of sources, as many women do, but I don't think we have to take the extra mental leap and conclude that Kate isn't making the calls herself.

While the blue Packham and the Superwoman Temperley were a little out of the norm, they were not so revolutionary that they must have been suggested by a third party. They aren't actually out of Kate's comfort zone at all, just not entirely within her style profile in the last three years. Given Kate's fashion preferences, both these pieces were actually safely within her zone, although expressed unusually, giving them zing. 

Story 2. Color analyst Melissa Nicholson has looked at Kate's clothes to determine which shades suit the Duchess and which are not flattering. I think most women are aware what color category they generally fall into, although it has been my experience that you can usually step outside your color box at times.  Melissa Nicholson says that Kate is summer, which makes sense:
‘I would say her best shades are French navy, airforce blue, aubergine, plum, burgundy, soft berry and grey (anything from silver to slate).
I think we would all heartily agree with all those colors. The Daily Mail has an article on this with great pictures, which you should see--they are great examples. Blue is fabulous on Kate, but I am surprised the Whistles from the NPG got a bad mark. I thought it  was a very jewel-toned red and looked striking on Kate. 

Most jewel-tones are great on Kate against her dark hair, including the green Hobbs that also did not pass the color analysis.

 I have also always considered white against Kate's fabulous tan to be pretty breathtaking, again, a color that wasn't considered so hot.

My bias may be speaking here, but I am often surprised by the range of colors I think she can pull off. While she shines in some more than others, I don't know that I have seen a color that really clashed on her. Let me know what you think. Is there a color you think really washes her out? 

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