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Pippa Middleton Dances the Night Away in Wyoming at the Silver Dollar Grill

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


At one point or another, you probably watched some part, or all, of Pippa's interview with NBC's Matt Lauer. At the time, there was speculation that NBC might be wooing the almost-royal to join their broadcast team as a presenter. It didn't seem entirely out of the realm of the possible, but as the months slipped by, I think most of us forgot about it...until now. The Daily Mail ran a piece in which they renewed the story that Pippa is being courted by NBC and added:
Ms Middleton allegedly has been sent to Utah to do a test piece for Today, and if all goes according to plan, NBC will take her on as a presenter.
Well, the Pipster is currently in...Wyoming. Wyoming, USA, which I want to just tell you, is one of the most beautiful of the continental United States. She sits right up there with Colorado and California. (Although, is there a state I do not love? No...) Wyoming is also relatively close to Utah. Maybe someone at the Daily Mail copy desk mixed up their states? Or, Pippa may have popped on her bicycle and boogied over the state line for a little hoedown. 


Joking aside, the article says that Pippa would likely continue reporting on her current area of journalism: health and fitness. Several of these shots were taken by a local citizen reporter (God bless the West) Angus Thuermer, at the Silver Dollar Grill at the Wort Hotel in Jackson, WY.  Pippa looked to be cutting up the dance floor with Clair Hillman, according to Theurmer, who is 82 years old. That's pretty fit... 

Twitter @AngusThuermer
Update: Mr. Thuermer took a video. Good lord, if there were an award for best citizen journalist, this guy won it and then some. You can view the video best on his Facebook page here

Locals took to Instagram to share snaps of Pippa dancing throughout the evening:


@emilyarbegust Instagram

Jackson, WY is nestled in the Jackson Hole Valley surrounded by the majestic Grand Tetons and the 300,000+ acre Grand Teton National Park.  

Jackson Hole with the Grand Tetons Towering in the Background

Jackson is also very close to Yellowstone National Park, just north. Yellowstone is very cool, and when I say that I vastly understate the facts. The park is actually located over the dormant Yellowstone caldera, the largest super volcano on the North American continent. I know, intense; and yes, it was on my mind when I visited. Because of the volcanic influence, the park is filled with geysers and hot springs. Some parts of the sulfur springs really resemble a Mordor scene from Lord of the Rings. You can move around on platform walkaways that snake their way over sludge and slime to the various pools and geysers. Well worth the trek, though. 

Yellowstone Grand Prismatic Spring photographed by Frank Kovalchek
Although the water would boil you to death, the deep hot springs are incredibly clear and reflect rich hues of blue and sapphire. 

Sapphire Pool at Yellowstone via Peter Rivera

Bison roam unhindered throughout the park, often blocking roadways, and standing sometimes inches from your car window. 

Since the park is over 2 million acres in size, there is ample room for a variety of landscapes, from vast forests and sparkling lakes...

Trout Lake, Yellowstone via Always Shooting crashing waterfalls...

Lower Falls, Yellowstone by AlHikesAZ

It is stunning park and certainly a great location to film the sort of segment with which NBC might be testing Pips. All that being said, Jackson Hole is also a pretty popular ski area with plenty of historic character from the days of the good 'ole west, so she may not have ventured to Yellowstone at all.  Whatever the case may be, I suspect we will know pretty soon what Pippa was doing there and if she will be signing with NBC. Christmas come early, much?

P.S. If you have an iTunes gift card you need to use up, consider Jett Hitt's Yellowstone for violin and orchestra. The piece has three movements: Yellowstone, Dunraven--after Dunraven Pass in the park, and Hoodoos--named for the orange, tall rock formations so closely associated with the American West. Dunraven is my favorite movement--sweeping and majestic, just like Yellowstone. 

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  1. I forgot about this! I would LOVE to watch Pippa on the Today show! :)


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