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A Christmas Surprise for Scouts as Kate Pops in "Unannounced"

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

It was only announced yesterday that The Duchess of Cambridge would be making a surprise visit to scouts in East London this evening. As the members of the 23rd Poplar Beaver Scout Colony arrived for their evening meeting at Old Ford Primary School in Bow, they were looking forward to earning a new badge, but none suspected they would receive it from Princess Kate in person. 

Not even all the parents were in the loop, as one tweeted shortly before Kate's arrival:

She went on to remark that her daughter's picture was all over Twitter and it was a good thing they brushed her hair... Apparently, #BetterPrepared truly was the lesson of the night. 

Scouts UK Facebook

Kate has been very involved with the scouts since becoming a royal. From formal events, such as her trip to Nottingham in 2012 when the ducal couple (attending the Queen) partook in scout activities including games and tent building. (I don't think flirting was an official activity, but I am sure they got brownie points.) more rugged and woodsy activties such as her visit to Cumbria for a leaders' training session while pregnant with George... 

...Kate has really been a faithful patron and role model to Britain's scouts. Bear Grylls penned a piece in The Telegraph just this year paying tribute to Kate, and gave a us a little peek into more of the work she has done, including a beach party during her tenure as a volunteer leader in Anglesey!
During the time she lived in north Wales, she would help out a couple of times a term with her local Cub Scouts. She would run games, leader activities and even threw a party on the beach for the young girls and boys in her pack. Despite her travels and commitments, she still adjusted her diary to make time regularly to help young people grow and develop.

Tonight, the Beavers were learning about life with disabilities, and educational activities included icing cakes blindfolded, learning the Scout Promise in sign language, and cutting up chocolate with a boxing glove!  

I think we say it every time, but, Kate was just glowing this evening. She couldn't be more natural and charming with children. These kids were all relatively young, and you are assured a variety experiences when working with kids in this age-group. During the guided cake decorating, apparently one of the children just wandered off leaving the good-humored Kate blindfolded. As she arrived, one beaver caught sight of the royal visitor and shouted, "Oh my gosh, it's Princess Kate!" according to Rebecca English. Suffice it to say the children were delighted by the evening and so was the princess. 

Kate dressed in what I imagine is par for her course when volunteering with the scouts. An iScout hoodie from Scout Shops, the Beavers' neckerchief, and her Russell & Bromley ChargeIt boots. Kate was wearing black skinnies, and given her frugal attitude toward maternity wear, I rather suspect they are the J. Crew toothpicks from the Nets game in New York. 


We should be seeing Kate shortly for the Queen's annual family lunch at Buckingham Palace. Expect a car shot or two, before the royals then decamp to Norfolk for the holiday. 


  1. Incluso con ropa deportiva se ve genial

  2. That little boy in blue is precious. I hope his mom gets these photos framed!

    1. I can't imagine those photos not making the wall...or even the Christmas card! :)

  3. Gotta love Kate with kids, especially the financially disadvantaged working hard to understand the lives of disabled kids. Talk about a win/win!

    I do wish the very best to this new initiative of the UK scouts. Their desire to reach out and embrace the remaining 200 underserved, underprivileged areas of the UK is commendable, as is Kate's participation in same. So where are the rest of the volunteers needed?


    1. Agree! My bet is that Kate's example is very helpful for the scouts. It is an initiative easy to embrace and get involved with in your own community, so hopefully they have really been seeing great results.

  4. Hi Jane!
    It's great fun to see the photos from today with all her cheerful expressions...she was so spontaneous and interacts perfectly with the children. She seems like any other volunteer and so friendly. I think that when she wears a hoodie ( I've learned this new English word right now and I love it!) or something else sporty and is without heels she seems more confident, at ease and in her element! For me it's exactly the opposite as I gain confidence when I'm in "elegant" attire in particular for working or interacting with more adult people, so that's funny..everyone is different!hihi I like the fact that she keeps showing two sides of herself in the different appearances..from the very elegant Duchess she is with long dresses to the pretty normal girl she is in situation like today. I love the fact that she was sitting cross-legged on the ground at one point! I don't particularly like the total black ensemble and the match between the hoodie and the boots, but she seems to be so comfortable in it that, sure, it was the right choice!
    I would have liked to see some video..but at the moment I don't find much of them.
    I was just wondering how it could have been if she had brought George with her today to play with the other children,hihi..I suppose funny for us but difficult for her to manage the little tot in front of the cameras while interacting with all the other people...maybe one day! I think George will be with the Scout at some point of his life! LOL She seems to really appreciate their work...

    Thanks for your posts about the New York's tour..I have loved reading them during my holidays abroad!

    1. Hi Cinzy!! I didn't love the all black either, but I am sure the kids didn't care. Breaking up the colors would have been better... Next time I hope we get an outdoor activity and see the olive greens of Barbour and le Chameau!
      So glad you have been reading; and I hope your holidays are delightful! Sounds great to have a break!
      xoxo, Jane

  5. I agree with you Jane, I don't love the all black either but this event was certainly one where what Kate wore was secondary. She looked like she had a great time with the kids, the pictures of her wearing the blindfold on her head were very sweet and natural. It was great to see that she is still involved with the scouting association, it is such a worthwhile cause that has a direct impact on so many young people.


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