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James Middleton Joins Prince Harry for Christmas Eve Soccer Match

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Middletons and the Royals are mingling this Christmas! Princes William and Harry have made it a bit of a Christmas Eve tradition to join the Sandringham Estate villagers in a game of soccer against neighboring village Castle Rising. Today, however, the Duke of Cambridge was staying warm and toasty at his newly renovated Anmer Hall, since he has apparently sprained his ankle. Harry was joined on the turf, however, by Kate's brother James Middleton. The Middletons are staying at Anmer Hall with the Cambridges.

These are the first photos displaying what could be the most interesting royal Christmas to-date. Kate's loyalty and intimacy with her family have made Christmas a difficult puzzle to solve. It is important to uphold royal traditions, but with George now old enough to be excited by the gifts and hubbub of the holiday, I can imagine that Carole and Mike are loath to miss their only grandson on this important day. Apparently, they have worked a solution, although how exactly the logistics will have been coordinated, has yet to be fully revealed.

Kate, too, is certain to be excited to host her family at Anmer Hall. With Carole's help, she has been decorating and furnishing the mansion for over a year, and the finished product is no doubt stunning.  The home has more than enough room to host the Cambridges and Middletons comfortably. 

I always put wrapping off to the last minute, so I have to run.  I will be hearing "keep wrapping" a lot today... I wish each and every one of you the happiest of Christmases. See you tomorrow for a Royal Middleton Christmas! 

Oh, and see al the photos from the football game here!


  1. I just love that James joined and all the other players are workers form the estate. Seems like such a wonderful play to work/play. Thank you for the post and looking forward to tomorrow!

  2. Thank you for everything you do! It's always a treat to see a new post, and the upbeat, thoughtful stories you tell never fail to put a smile on my face.

    Happy Christmas, and have a wonderful new year!

  3. Always happy when there's new post! :) Merry Christmas

  4. I am stunned; clearly, the Middletons are at Anmer Hall, god bless them. Now, if only William has the wit to follow through and accompany Kate and George to Mustique, skipping his usual pattern of flying to Spain to kill for the fun of it, with his ex? girlfriend, Jecca Craig, in tow, I would be inclined to give him a second chance--provided of course that the pattern holds forever, and that he and Jecca Craig go their separate ways forever.

    I believe in Kate, but I don't believe in William.

    Sorry that this is a downer of a post on Xmas Eve, but I call it as I see it.


  5. Merry Christmas, Can't wait for tomorrow.!!!

  6. So waiting for the end of year review!!


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