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Kate Attends The 1851 Trust Board Meeting and Reception at The Goring Hotel

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Good evening to you all! We are mere days from William and Kate's visit to New York City (and Washington, D.C. for William) and I know excitement is high! Obviously, Kate has no public engagements scheduled and you can expect to see her next as she takes in the Big Apple.

Sunday Express via My Small Obsessions

That being said, The Court Circular announced that Kate attended a board meeting and reception for the 1851 Trust this evening.
The Duchess of Cambridge, Patron, the 1851 Trust, this evening attended a Board Meeting and Reception at the Goring Hotel, 15 Beeston Place, London SW1.
Kate wore the black McQueen coat she debuted at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday. She was only able to button one button, as her pregnancy advances.

Kate attended the launch of Ben Ainslie's bid to reclaim The America's Cup back in June of this year. The Duchess, sporty and already a keen sailor, was all smiles on that occasion.  

As you probably remember, Kate and William raced  New Zealand's America's Cup yachts while on tour in New Zealand and I don't need to remind you who won that little test of talent. (Off-topic, but Kate is also the superior skier.)

It was while she was still out of action due to extreme hyperemsiss gravidarum that the Duchess was forced to miss the launch of The 1851 Trust in Portsmouth (post here) and the announcement that she had agreed to be patron of the charity that encourages sport in youngsters. (Youngsters... I am starting to write like an old fogie.) Kids! Youth! The charity encourages the youth, a company of which I just barely count myself a member, to take up sailing. It is the charitable arm of Ainslie's push to win The America's Cup and a more perfect match for the Duchess could not be found. 

That was the raison d'ĂȘtre. The scene of the action tonight was The Goring. First and foremost, The Goring is famous as Excitement Central since The Middletons and their friends booked the entire hotel for Kate's April 29th nuptials. The beaming bride waved to screaming crowds as she arrived the day before her wedding:

Of course, the hotel was the focus of everyone's attention the next morning as we all waited for that moment...the first flash of white, the veiled, bent head, and then, the peek at the wedding dress of the decade. 

It wasn't many months later the Middletons were again photographed at The Goring. Basil Charles was in London for the opening of a "limited-time" tropical bar modeled after the establishment he runs on Carole and Mike's favorite tropical retreat: Mustique. (Details on that here)

What did Kate wear? Anyone's guess. Unfortunately, at the moment there are no photos. If that changes, or we get even the slightest whiff of a hint, I will update.  I imagine she is in town for some last minute shopping and prepping for the tour. The family will probably stay at Kensington Palace until they head to Heathrow for the flight across the pond. Carole is either coming to Kensington Palace, or more likely, they will drop George in Bucklebury. 

Well, rest up, because we have a very busy Monday and Tuesday on the horizon.  Keep an eye out for an Anglophile Gift-Giving Guide, though, which I will post before the Cambridges touch down in New York. A little online Christmas-shopping never hurt anyone... 

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  1. That picture of her and George at George's christening is still one of my all time favorites. :)


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