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Kate Debuts New Goat Coat for Visit to Harlem Child Development Center & British Consulate Luncheon

Monday, December 8, 2014

The first full day of William and Kate's whirlwind trip to the United States is underway! William flew to Washington, D.C. first thing this morning to promote United For Wildlife at the World Bank. Meanwhile, at The Carlyle, Kate was prepping for her visit to The Northside Center for Child Development. While William was given a private tour of the White House by Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, the NYC media gathered in Harlem to wait for Kate. As Chirlane McCray took her position on the curb to welcome the Duchess, Kate was pictured leaving The Caryle in a black coat, stockings, and heels:

It didn't take Kate long to arrive, and as she stepped out of her SUV and waved to crowds, her coat was positively confirmed as Goat Fashion's Washington Coat. It's another Goat Coat!! 

Fun fact: Fan @RoyallyKate, who was outside the center, pointed out that the girl in the blue coat who is standing so close to Kate takes pictures for Clarence House's social media, as the snap on the right quickly showed up on their official Instagram.

@RoyallyKate Twitter / @ClarenceHouse Instagram

The First Lady of New York City, Chirlane McCray was wearing a lovely, vibrant purple coat, with stockings and booties, making these women sartorial soul-sisters, after Kate's similar ensemble last night:

Kate seemed at one point to be remarking on Mrs. McCray's shoes. Kate was wearing the same type last night for her arrival. The additional support that a bootie provides, as opposed to a regular heel, make them far easier to walk in, and thus very comfortable. Frankly, Kate's coat would have been nicely complemented by booties, too. 

Kate has obviously had a significant panel added to lengthen today's coat so she can wear it simply with a dress and opaque stockings. 

Goat Fashion's Washington Coat
She carried her Mulberry Bayswater  and wore her Episode Angel pumps, and finished it all with her Annoushka pearl drops:

Kate got some advanced practice by wrapping a few Christmas presents at the center. I think George will have really beautifully made up packages to tear into on the 25th...

As hoped, Kate threw in a brief little walkabout afterward, greeting children and, of course, was presented with flowers. I think even the grumpier New Yorkers must be warming to Kate now. Her thoughtfulness and genuine joy in seeing the children who had waited in the frosty temperatures was delightful.

Let's not short-shrift Kate's Prince Charming. He flew into DC on an early flight and headed straight for the 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

@HayleyDoverJC Twitter Feed

He was given a tour of the White House by Vice President and Jill Biden, then had a meeting with President Obama in the Oval Office. The press were packed in, and eagerly extending their boom-microphones to catch every word that passed William's lips. I think the comment that got the most excitement was when the Duke remarked to the President that Kate and he were so excited by George's birth they entirely forgot at first to even ask the sex of the baby. Mark Knoller, the CBS White House Correspondent, shared this snap of the star-struck press pool:

William was then off to The World Bank, where after brief introduction, he took the podium to deliver a live-streamed address against poaching and the illegal wild-life trade. A chief point he made was the connections to terrorism that these activities have, and the need for all countries to fight, both for the preservation of endangered species and for everyone's security and peace.

Live Feed
The essential elements of William's remarks have also been published in blog form, and you can read that piece here at The Huffington Post. William stayed in DC for a working lunch before flying back to New York City.  

The British Consul General's residence has a busy day. After she left Harlem, Kate had lunch at the home, where she met with members of the British/creative community in New York. Shortly, it will serve as the venue for a reception honoring Tusk Trust and United for Wildlife, to which only William was scheduled. Kate has had a very full day already, and the Palace made clear they framed the schedule to give the pregnant Duchess ample time to rest. She has returned to The Carlyle, but has announced she will accompany William to the reception. I suspect it was always a maybe, but they wanted to be sure she had the option to stay at the hotel and rest.  

Today's ensemble was very classic Kate maternity wear, which means I wasn't in love, but I didn't hate it. She likes short, and she likes loose, which is one reason I really was excited by yesterday's Séraphine--it was a little more tailored, a little more form fitting. Today was fine. I am going to call it the second generation Goat Coat. The Goat Coat 2.0; and as all upgrades are, (supposedly) it is a step-up. The black was elegant and wintry, the oversized piping gave it some sass that I liked, but for me it is too loose. Particularly from the back. There it is. All the accessories worked well together and she look radiant. It was not a miss, but not a home-run.

First Generation Goat Coat

Two reflections: As we chatted about during the tour Down Under, Kate has swung back to shorter hemlines. I think this is both because hemlines can be a little shorter in winter when you can pair it with opaque stockings, but also because Kate seems to gravitate to shorter while pregnant to balance her bump, and finally, simply because personal style is cyclical. 

Second, point. I predicted that Kate would wear very little American labels on this visit. While she favors many U.S. designers, it is my belief she will stick closer to home for these two days and fly the flag for the UK. Hopefully, we will get at least some, but thus far the trip is off to the pattern I expected. British brands. We will se what her closet holds for use for the remaining events. 

Let's rest up with Kate, as we all have a busy evening ahead. Kate and William will head to Barclay Center to watch Lebron James court-side.

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  1. I agree with you about the coat. It's rather boring, and it sort of just looks like a black bag to me. I don't like it at all, really. Especially compared to that beautiful purple coat last night. Oh well. She did look lovely anyway.


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