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Kate Flies American in Tory Burch & J.Crew for NBA Game with Lebron James

Monday, December 8, 2014

The home team scored and the game had not yet even begun! In this case, I am not talking about the the basketball winner, but the American fashion industry. Kate wore her first American label of the trip as she donned a sparkly Tory Burch coat this evening. (And later revealed, J.Crew toothpick jeans!) Although only William was booked to attend a late afternoon reception to honor Tusk Trust and United For Wildlife, Kate announced she would accompany her husband. My guess is that Kate had this on her tentative itinerary all along, but the Palace wanted to be sure she would feel comfortable staying at the hotel and resting if she felt the need. Thankfully, she was not too tired after her morning and lunch commitments, and was able to join William.

There was a lot of speculation on what Kate would wear tonight. The couple started at the reception, and was not going to change, so Kate had a tricky balance to maintain. Interesting to note that William wore a suit to the reception and changed for the game. Maybe life is easier for women... 

I know a lot of you were praying she wouldn't wear her skinnies and blazer combo again, and thankfully she did not. I couldn't imagine her wearing jeans and was convinced she would find another option, but was interested to see how she solved the problem...most people wear jeans to watch a basketball game courtside, after all.

Cambridges with LeBron James via @UKinNewYork Twitter Feed

I suspected Kate would not wear her skinnies because it is clear from her sartorial patterns while pregnant that she does not like to accentuate her "condition." She is very private about her baby-bump, whether that is because she feels a little insecure with the extra weight, or whether she is simply worried about the photos and press, she shies away from exposure.

I think the only time we saw Kate wear jeans at an official event while pregnant was when she visited the scouts. That was early on in her pregnancy and very low-key.  Otherwise, even when she is out and about on her own, she pulls out her voluminous Zara cape and swaths herself in fabric, or finds some other way to cover up.  She was snapped in jeans with her mom shopping for a Moses basket, and she wore a long tunic top-like blouse to add privacy to that ensemble. This is not an exhaustive list, but the point is she has a pattern.

When dressing for public events, she veers toward roomy pieces, like today's Goat Coat 2.0, the Goat Coat First Generation, the Tara Jarmon, the Malene Birger. I will stop before you snooze, but I hope my point has been made. 

What, though, is a girl to do when she doesn't want to wear jeans, but is headed to watch an NBA basketball game in the front row? To show up in a coat dress and stockings would make her look like the backward girl from 3rd grade, but...she really doesn't want to go in jeans. Kate's solution, in all its perfect glory was this chic ensemble. Not only that, she enlisted an American label to pull this off. 

NBA Twitter Feed

Kate and William took their seats late in the game, after the two had had dinner. Beyonce and Jay Z were seated on the opposite side of the court, and during a break are their way across to great the royal couple. A lot of people were excited to see the Queen of Music meet the Queen of Couture.

William and Kate were projected onto the jumbotron multiple times, as was to be expected, and they reacted like a normal couple: delight and light embarrassment.

Fashion verdict: Awesome. Kate really balanced this fashion conundrum with ease. She was cute for the reception and it transitioned well to the court. Was her choice as relaxed as some celebrities who grace the popular paparazzi seats? No, but...she is a princess, friends, she wasn't going to show up in ripped jeans and $2,000 tee. 

Tory Burch "Bettina"
Kate was wearing her Stuart Weitzman power pumps, to dress the whole ensemble up, and earrings we don't have a very good view on. Hopefully, more details on these later.

The post will be updated with more details later...

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