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Kate Wears Mulberry, Séraphine, and Cartier for Final Day In New York

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

While media and fans were disappointed, not to say inconvenienced, by the torrential downpour that marred this morning's visit to the September 11 Memorial, to my mind there was something fitting about the mood the weather leant the occasion. I am sure most Americans would agree that September 11th still aches in our hearts. Every year, no matter the weather, it is a dark day, certainly nowhere more than in New York City.

The couple arrived in the rain, and as one person pointed out, using The Carlyle's umbrellas. (The Carlyle and Chevy Truck are getting some fantastic product placement miles out of this trip.) They made their way to the reflecting pool and at the panel commemorationg United 93, while William held the umbrella, Kate layed a wreath with an accompanying note:
In sorrowful memory of those who died on 11th September and in admiration of the courage shown to rebuild.
The names of victims are etched into the panels.  Kate remarked on the size of the memorial, and that she particularly liked the ability to trace the names with her fingers.

Because of the rain, they were escorted into the museum quickly, but spent a generous amount of time taking in the artifacts and memorials, including, the walls covered with the pictures of the victims and this mosaic with a quote by the Roman poet Virgil.


2,977 people are killed on September 11th. 12% were foreign nationals, 67 of whom were British. 

@Nickastbury1 via Twitter 
The couple completed their visit to the National 9/11 Memorial and moved to visit The Door to learn about the work this charity undertakes in collaboration with City Kids Foundation. 

Both are youth charities that look for ways to promote achievement. Helping disadvantaged young people is a huge interest of William's, and you may recall in 2009, William made headlines by sleeping a night on London's streets for Centrepoint, in part to shine the spotlight on young homeless. 

Let's talk about what she wore before we move to the afternoon. Kate had hardly stepped from the car before it was announced the princess was wearing Mulberry with a Séraphine dress underneath--both pieces of news were cause for celebration. This is a slightly unusual color for Kate, she wears light pink, and various reds, but this very bright fuchsia--or cerise, as Mulberry terms it--is not as common. Kate contrasted her color with black accessories, and although I usually advise against black and pink, this came across as a crisp combo. I liked it. 

Kate is getting a lot of wear out of her Mulberry clutch, as she carried it again today. She stayed toasty with her Cornelia James gloves, stockings, and suede heels. Kiki McDonough amethysts added some sparkle. Unknown earlier was that she had a lot more sparkle under her coat, but I am getting ahead of myself. 

Kate really scores when she wears Mulberry. Almost every item of clothing she has worn from the label has been lovely.  Perhaps her most successful maternity ensemble, to my mind, was the mint green Mulberry she wore to the scout event at Windsor Castle. 

Today's coat, while not equaling The Mint Mulberry, was GREAT. :) It reminded me of the blue Jonathan Saunders in style. A significant component of the overall sartorial success was the sleek and thick pony in which Kate styled her hair. She wore this same look Down Under, and this morning, as on that occasion, the busy coat was well-served by the lack of distraction:

After watching a performance at The Door, William and Kate made their way to NeauHouse for a GREAT reception. GREAT is a UK government initiative that works to promote Britain in all sectors, from business to art. 

Kate shed her coat at the reception to reveal her black, knit Séraphine dress underneath, and...the $80,000 Cartier necklace we saw in 2012. I was so excited to see this stunning piece make a second appearance! I had begun to worry she had lost it... :) I really wonder why she doesn't wear it more often. The money has been spent, it isn't ludicrously loud... Perhaps it is hard to style.

I do love black in general, and I love it on Kate. Particularly with her hair up. Black intensifies her brunette locks and dark eyebrows and makes her all the more striking. Turtlenecks in general should be shunned by society, but this lovely Séraphine dress takes its place with the Ralph Lauren sheath dress, as one of the genre's major successes...on Kate.

Furthermore, the simple black dress made the stunning Cartier necklace all the more prominent. It truly was the star of the show:

At the reception, Kate met J.Crew creative director Jenna Lyons. Dare we hope this means the Duchess will experiment with one of preppy America's favorite brands? My fingers are crossed!  As I wrote this post, it was revealed that Kate wore J.Crew's toothpick jeans last night! I think this could very well be THE fashion moment for many Americans. 

After the reception, William headed to the Empire State building for a second GREAT reception highlighting technology, but Kate returned to the hotel. Turner Classic Movies was playing An Affair To Remember last night and I caught the tail end while I was finishing up my post. So, I got to cry (everyone does) my way through the closing scene. Maybe William and Kate were snuggled at The Carlyle researching his trip to the top of the iconic edifice, too.

ITV News

Both days, Kate was not scheduled to be at the late afternoon receptions, probably so she had the option to back out if she felt she needed to rest. Happily, she felt well enough yesterday to accompany William, but this afternoon she clearly decided some down-time was in order. Keep in mind that she has significantly more prep than William, too, and in addition to a nap, she needs her hair fully styled and make-up done. 

I hope you are excited for this evening's appearance for the St. Andrew's Gala as I am! My prediction is Jenny Packham or Alexander McQueen. It would be fun if she chose a Scottish label, though! I think it is unlikely Kate will wear American, but time will reveal all. See you in a few hours! 

One other note... It was announced today that Diamond Marshall, the precious little girl who met William and Kate on the tarmac in Calgary, has died. Diamond captured hearts all around the globe when she impulsively hugged Kate, and I am sure this has been particularly sad news to the royal couple. 

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