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George's Farmers' Market Dates with Granny Carole

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year! It is January, and so begins one of the slowest months in the royal calendar. January spars with August as the "Dead News Month" and I am never sure which one is worse. August is worse... The Cambridges tend to hibernate this month--often they ring in the New Year in Bucklebury and then prep for their week to ten days in Mustique. We are left largely to speculate about their activities. Thankfully, speculation is woman's prerogative, so we won't waste a moment jumping in... 

Hello! Magazine
In January of 2013, Kate was relatively early in her pregnancy and barely showed in her Vix bikini when she holidayed in the West Indies with William and the Middletons. This year, however, she is a little farther along and it isn't unreasonable to wonder if she will make the long-haul flight all the way to the Caribbean. I think it is still a very safe bet that she will go. By this time in the winter, everyone would love a warm sandy rest, and anyone who is able sneaks away somewhere. I really hope she goes this year so I can see sunny pictures and live vicariously. We should know by the end of January! 

While William and Kate charmed New York City, we knew that Georgie was home in Bucklebury with Carole and Mike, but People gave us some adorable details on their little Granny-Grandson dates.  Carole took Mr. George to the farmers' market all dressed in a smart tweed jacket:
Dressed in a little tweed jacket, George toured the stalls of organic vegetables and crafts and was "trying all the food," a villager tells PEOPLE. He even "went back for a second helping of Christmas pudding from one of the stalls. It was wonderful for the girl who makes them. It will make her year won't it?"

"It was just really, really sweet. He was just being like a normal toddler is, running around and exploring – he is such a sweetie. He's lovely. A real bundle of fun," the villager adds.
It certainly paints a warm picture of the two and I am sure that Carole and Michael have absolutely treasured the times George has been left in their care, which is several since his parents first relinquished him to the Middletons for the Maldives get-away last year. Kate's intimacy with her parents would be a happy scenario no matter where life had taken her, but it has really turned out to be a blessing given how things have turned out. 

Kate's birthday is just over a week away, and we will have to see what news surfaces on how and where she celebrates. Last year it was an intimate dinner with family and close friends, but the year before the Cambridges celebrated with a trip to Kooza (Cirque du Soleil). I am sure we will have some details on whatever the Duchess decides to do!


  1. Carole turns 60 this year so I would think that we will see the whole Cambridge family-Wills, Kate and George in Mustique. Maybe the go mid Jan instead of late Jan/early Feb.

  2. Hi Jane Thanks for another great post. Short but full of information. Just wondering what are the chances of William & Kate joining her parents on their yearly trip to Mustique. Kate would be what 7 months along and William getting ready for the big trips to China & Japan. I don't think it would look good if Kate went this year. And I only say this because she is not joining William on the China & Japan trip and she was also invited to go.
    But maybe thye both will go and have a family outing beore William is gone for 6 days.

    1. Huge. I really see no reason why they won't all go. I don't know William's work schedule given he will be going to China, which would be the only thing holding him back, but I think we will see them all there.

      China is not Kate's problem. She isn't going to China, probably for more than one reason, and it shouldn't mean she doesn't join her family on their annual family holiday.

  3. Geez, Jane, you covered so much territory! Where to begin?

    First, I admire the obvious granny devotion of Carole, and her care for Kate when ill with HG, which might well have cost her a loss of income at Party Pieces. Family before Firm; Carole seems to have her emotional priorities straight.

    Re Mustique. It is to be hoped that William, Kate and George all go to Mustique together this year, UNLIKE last year. (And it is to be hoped that William has wised up, and doesn't skip Mustique again in order to go big game hunting in Spain with....I sometimes think that born and bred Royals are brain-dead; another fiasco, such as that of last year, and I will be convinced. But, if William is stupid/brain-dead enough to go hunting in Spain this year, or in any future year, I hope he is caught out by many, many of the paps, and I hope that you would publish every pic.)

    I wish you would address the royal/media intention to put Kate down, re her so-called lack of royal engagements in 2014; I would have a definite opinion on same.

    Wishing everyone a very merry, prosperous and safe New Year--especially you, Kate.


    1. And not forget he was with his old girlfriend Jessca Craig. Said he could not join his wife and son n their trip because of his studies but then he went hunting with his ex flame. Not smart on Williams part.

    2. Well, I don't think we agree on the hunting trip to Spain, which is fine. :) I see your perspective and know it is shared by many, but they weren't overlapping trips. Kate left for a week vacation, William, took a long weekend away from his studies, not really the same thing to my mind. This year, though, I really think they will all go, so, that will be good. :)

      You know, much was made of the number of her engagements, as it is every year, and I just really see it as making a story where there is no story. I feel like it is topic that has been covered and people's attitudes on it are almost always directly connected to their opinion on whether she should work more or not. Obviously, that is topic that has caused significant tension on this blog, and I didn't feel like anything was unusual enough in the numbers this year to warrant reopening the discussion. For those reasons, I steered clear of it. I really don't like falling for a faux media hoopla. It doesn't bother me that much is made of the numbers, since it is a news item, but... I am rambling. You see my point, I suspect. :)

      Happy New Year All!!

  4. I agree with Pauline that Kate shouldn't go to Mustique unless she also plans to go to Asia with William. It would look bad to use her pregnancy as an excuse not to go to Asia if she can fly just as far away for a vacation in the Carribean.

    1. The flight time from London to Mustique is just over 7 hours---it's about 12.5 hours to Japan and then on to China., with a great number of engagements in both places. Besides which Catherine will be almost a month further in her pregnancy---the two things are just not comparable.
      Catherine is listed for engagement on Jan 15th and 16th and fror three on the 19th.

    2. I disagree on this one. A private family vacation that she takes every single year should not be tied to a politically and diplomatically charged visit. I think that Maggie puts it very succinctly and I would agree, they are not comparable.

    3. I rarely comment on non fashion topics but I think the comments about the family vacation aren't fair. The fact that Kate comes from
      such a close knit family is one of
      the things that we love about her,
      and it is one of the things that
      makes her the wonderfull person
      she has become. How special for
      her to be able to share that
      experience wirh her husband and
      child. Families need time together to flourish. I would hate to think we begrudge the chance to do that.

  5. Yes, after a bit of time has passed, I do take your point, Jane, re ignoring the crass innuendoes put forth by Rebecca English of The Daily Mail, suggesting that Kate isn't pulling her weight within the RF. But....

    According to a Mr. O*Donovan, who keeps track of the number of engagements each member of TRF undertakes annually, and whose numbers are published in The Times annually, Kate undertook 91 engagements in 2014. I, too, have kept track, and I disagree with Mr. O*Donovan--I put Kate's numbers at 100. (The press office at Buckingham Palace was in complete disarray in 2014, when an effort was made to amalgamate the two press offices of the Queen and Prince Charles, an effort which seemingly caused much infighting, and which ended in utter failure. This may account for some of the inaccuracies in officially published engagement numbers.

    Most royal watchers are probably aware of the fact that BRF is not a progressive family and that patterns tend to repeat themselves over the generations, regardless of larger change in society. Easy example: William and Kate's 2014 tour of Australia closely resembled that of Charles and Diana, right down to taking the son-and-heir along. But more to the point, a reputable website,, has pointed out the number of engagements undertaken by Princess Diana in the years 1982, 1983, and 1983, her second, third and fourth years in the BRF, during which time she gave birth to William and Harry. Her numbers, as calculated by Mr. O*Donovan during those years were: 66, 110, 77.

    All of this nonsense suggesting that Kate isn't pulling her weight is just that--nonsense. Clearly, the number of engagements Kate undertakes is not up to her; she is forced by convention to follow some idiotic template apparently set in stone by the equally idiotic BRF--or their advisors/dinosaurs.

    Sorry, Jane, just couldn't help myself.


  6. Agree JC. "Quality not quantity" is my motto, and I think that certainly applies to Kate. She is doing a fantastic job wherever she goes and she is engaged and interested. Would people really like to see the Duchess of Cambridge hopping from engagement to engagement and just end up stressed and exhausted? I think not. What Kate does is perfect as far as I am concerned. Rant of the Day :-)


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