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Happy Birthday! 33 Times Kate Wowed Us

Friday, January 9, 2015

Good news or bad news first? The good news is that it is the Duchess of Cambridge's birthday. Lovely Kate turns 33 today and it is whispered she is spending it quietly. People reported yesterday that she is not in London, and suspected to be home at Anmer Hall with George, Lupo and William. the Duke is in the midst of examinations for his Norfolk job. It has also been reported that the Middletons have stayed on since Boxing Day and are on hand to toast Kate's years of happiness with her. It feels to me like New Year's was a year ago already, but seriously, that was 9 days ago. My college brother is still loafing around causing trouble. This is not bizarre that they stayed on... So. That's the skinny on that. 

January is usually a very slow month for the royals, but just this week Kate announced multiple engagements. Two this coming week, and three in one day the following Monday. I suspect that she is doing some catch up from her time away, but more importantly logging time before jetting to Mustique for the Middleton holiday. We have chatted about this recently, and I really think that Kate will fly to Mustique with George and William to celebrate Carole's 60th. But, all shall be revealed soon.

To celebrate this auspicious day, I present 33 times Kate Middleton was flawless. Random, and in no particular hierarchy:

33. Kicking off the whole royal engagement parade in a picture perfect Katherine Hooker ensemble:

32. The Cambridges's wedding reception didn't break up until almost 4am, but somehow, Kate still managed to look perfect as she strolled across the Buckingham Palace lawn hand-in-hand with her prince:

31. All in white at the Epsom Derby. This still stands out as one of my favorite ensembles. All hail the Princess of Perfect Pins:

30. Her best Order of the Garter appearance to date:

29. The only thing glittering more than Kate's dress was Kate herself at the ARK gala. She was lit from within:

28. Is this still one of the finest ensembles ever? I submit it is:

27. The Duchess redefined business chic with the help of French label Roland Mouret and a smart Smythe blazer:

26. Strapless, black velvet gown; those luscious, bouncy locks; and, of course, sparkling gems...Kate couldn't have been a more elegant royal:

25. Kate's hair is battling Jane Corbett's genius in this photo, but they all win in the end. Beautiful, even if only getting a half shot added a bit of bitter to the day. 

24. With William deployed in the Falklands, Kate got all the attention in this feminine and flattering coat dress on St. Patrick's Day:

23. From her intricate chignon and and breathtaking teal gown down to her shimmering Jimmy Choos, Kate was the envy of the world at Our Greatest Team Rises:

22. Kate reminded us she would be a stunner in any era as she joined the Queen in retro-styled separates from L.K. Bennett:

21. This gets passed over often, but Kate was an absolute knockout when she added a pricey McQueen belt to this Amanda Wakeley sculpted, felt dress. 

20. Kate looked like she stepped off the set of The Prince of Egypt for the African Cats premiere...and she was drop-dead gorgeous. I'd make her Pharaoh:

19. Recycling (almost) never looked so good when Kate repeated her Roksanda Ilincic. With her hair swept up, and sporting bespoke Lola hoops, she couldn't have improved an iota:

18. This olive and black ensemble was impeccable. The perfect hair didn't hurt:

17. This wasn't supposed to be "33 of Kate's best hair moments", but it is hard not to move in that direction... No mere mortal, this:

16. Seeing the humor in life. Kate. the. Great.

15. That time George was a perfect fashion accessory:

14. Still the reigning recycle:

13. It's a charmed life when Prince Harry is your court jester:

12. Diplomatic dressing with military precision.

11. Winning.

10. Still winning:

9. Always winning:

8. Peachy, pregnant, pink of perfection:

7. Va va voom:

6. Ruling the world, or at least our hearts:

5. Easily winning the Easter parade hat contest:

4. Happy and she knows it..

3. Slipping in a little cardio never hurt anyone...

2. "My mom is Kate Middleton."

1. It was a truth, universally acknowledged, that Kate broke the internet on this one...

Blast-off: Partying like it's her birthday...

Happy Birthday, Your Royal Highness. You are Queen of our world. 

The bad news, is that the surprise I promised you would be unveiled on the 9th is not launching today. Holiday illness and the travails of software bugs have pushed the project back a bit. Hopefully, none of us have too long to wait before I get to share! As it turns out, today would have been entirely inappropriate to launch it anyway, as the events that have unfolded in Paris should take center stage. I was distraught to wake to the news of the hostage crisis. I know we have a very strong French readership here at the blog. My heart is in Paris, and certainly, so much love and prayers to you all this evening! Vive la France.

xoxo, Jane


  1. Merci beaucoup Jane pour ce très joli choix de photo de Kate.
    Un bel hommage pour son anniversaire !
    Je vais désormais venir souvent sur votre site car je suis un vraie fan de la Duchesse de Cambridge.
    See you soon

  2. Oui, Vive la France!!

    Love this post!!! Complete fun!!

  3. Dear Jane,
    Thank you so much for this outstanding article and those lovely words for France and it's countrymen.
    Not much else to say at the moment after these sad sad days which occur here...
    Love to all,
    Sophie xxx

  4. Jane: Thank you so much for putting this perfect tribute to our Kate together. I have been thinking of you this morning, along with the French Nation, during the tragic events of the last few days. It is an imperfect world we live in. Makes me very sad to see such carnage.
    Jane in Canada

  5. Happy Birthday, Kate! A bit sad that we don't get a birthday siting, but I prefer quieter birthdays with family too :-)

    Fun list! All in fun, I disagree with #31, as it is actually one of my least favorite looks. One of my all time favs didn't make your list - Kate's Baker Street Malene Birger outfit. Love, love, love that look!! (I know you weren't crazy about the jacket ;-)).

    Agreed, so sad what is going on in Paris, and how this has been drawn out. Thoughts & prayers with everyone.

  6. I think the peach outfit is my #1. It went so well with her skin tone and hair color. I also love her soft waves! Wish she would do her hair like that more often.

    Jane, this is an unrelated question, but do you think the rumors of her having a falling-out or something of the sort with Camilla are true? She was wearing the cipher bracelet from the Duchess of Cornwall quite often at first, but seems to never wear it now (unless it's because Carole was a bit jealous?). Just curious!

    1. I'm not Jane but I had to Google this. Hmmm...I believe Andrew's girls and Kate don't get along. I haven't seen Camilla and Katr together in a while, but they looked friendly enough at Remembrance Sunday.

      Where I think there might be truth is that I believe Charles is insecure and jealous of his children's popularity (despite his love for them). I also think he isn't very involved in their lives as a dad...they probably have more of a business relationship with Charles. What I'm getting at is Camilla is famous, I believe, for containing Charles' moods and keeping him happy. I think Camilla's loyalty and responsibility (and love) for Charles would prevent her and Kate from ever having a very close relationship/friendship.

      As for the bracelet, I suspect wearing it was just a phase. Just like we rarely see Kare wear the garnet & pearl ring William gave her. I don't think it's jealousy from Carole :-) I'm sure some items we've seen Kate wear are from her parents. I know my parents have bought me great accessories/jewelry that I fondly wear.

      Great question!

  7. I thought you first thing, Jane. I know how much you love France. My heart goes out to you in this painful time. Glad the surprise has been postponed. Chin up, my friend!

  8. Great, great pics selection

    All my thoughts to France in this tragic moment


    Hope your feeling better Jane and All my thoughts & prayers to France in this tragic moment

  10. Thank you, Jane, for your kind words towards French people. I am very upset by these events in my country, and by the fact I can't be with my loved ones during such a hard time. But it is a real comfort to see so many caring persons from everywhere in the world.
    I have to confess I just scrolled very fast yourpost because I am not in the mood for this right now, but will come back when I feel better, and admire.

    1. Praying for your country! XX OO

  11. Like other posters, I very much enjoyed these pics, altho I would have liked to see that great picture taken in New Zealand, and said to be Kate's favourite, included. Personally, I think its a winner.

    Regarding the recent terrorist attacks in France... appalling, but, I fear, this is becoming commonplace--Israel,Palestine, Northern Ireland, the USA, Canada, England...the list goes on, much of it driven by bitter people who latch onto religious extremism as a way to express their dissatisfaction with their lot in life. There is no pill for that; all we can do, IMO, is to erode inequality, increase education, and promote tolerance, which will take time.

    On a more cheerful note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE. (From what little I know of numerology, this should be a very good year for Kate.)


  12. When Kate hits the mark, she truly is stunning. I envy her relationship with her Mother, as I think Carole is an outstanding role model and her daughter has done her very proud. I love that Kate values quality pieces that can be worn again and is always true to herself. She always appears comfortable in her own skin - as if she knows exactly who she is and where she is going. I suspect those disappointed with her work schedule will be pleased as she grows into her tole and becomes an even more visible advocate when her children are older. Thinking of all my fellow readers in France. Much peach and love from Chicago.

  13. Hello Jane,
    I hope you are feeling better.. Nothing like a Holiday cold or flu to put a damper on the festivities. Was becoming concerned as you usually don't go this long between posts, so was very glad to find your post today!!
    Loved the outfits some of which I missed along the way like # 18. Loved that coat dress and don't remember seeing it the first time. Guess just getting a little older :-). Also #8, the peach outfit when she was expecting George was one of my favorites. But it it really hard to pick a most favored!!!!

    Looking forward to your surprise. Continue improving.

  14. Ps Happy Birthday to Dutchess Kate,,

  15. Je suis Charlie!!! Thoughts, prayers and condolences to all in France and may we all be free to soar free with our honest and respectful opinions on the world.

  16. Lovely article---gave us all a birthday gift. Hope Catherine had a lovely birthday and that you are feeling better Jane.
    Yesterday I was glued to the TV, hoping and praying for closure of the situation in France.
    What sort of a man would hold a six months old baby as a hostage?

  17. Hello Jane, thank you for your kind words for french people. I enjoy so much reading your blog! I wish you the best for this new year! (health, hapinness, success, shoes, tartes à la violette...)
    xo Cycy from France

  18. Happy Birthday to our beautiful Kate!!!!!! What a great serie of pictures!!!!
    Thanks for your very kind words about what's happenning Paris, Jane. I have family there, so it's quite stressful. Prayers for all the french people.
    Just a question: Why do you keep calling her Kate Middleton??? Sorry, but I just find it inappropriate.
    Thanks again for this great post and awsome blog!! You're doing an amazing job!!

  19. Excellent selection of choices, Jane. You picked a lot of my favorites. (Although missed a couple of gorgeous dresses from Singapore and Malaysia-- can't have everything.) Don't have time to comment as often as I would like but the beginning of the year, and having just celebrated Kate's birthday, is a good time to say thank you for the time and effort you take.

  20. I noticed Kate wears the stripped blouse very often. Must be really good fabric. I am so saddened by the news from France. I always considered Paris as a romantic city but now, because of the tragic events, it's so miserable. What a horrible beginning of the new year.

  21. I have wondered with some of H.R.H. Kate's repeats, such as shoes or the stripe top, if she buys two of the same item. Not as a criticism, but this would be a good way to wear "the same item" and not look as though you are buying too many clothes.


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